10 Best Little Anime Characters That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Little Anime Characters

Anime characters, whether female or male, that are “little” in stature are rather prevalent. Especially when it comes to characters like Loli’s or Shouta’s.

Typically between 4ft and 5ft tall.

No one can grow to be 6ft tall, just like in the actual world where some people never do.

Anime has a tendency to favor diminutive characters for a variety of reasons (such as the “cute factor,” “Loli,” and so on).

Let’s have a discussion about this.

Small Anime Characters Worth Mentioning:

1. Renge (Non Non Biyori)

Renge (Non Non Biyori)

Renge is Non Non Biyori’s youngest character. He has a weird personality and an adventurous spirit.

In the end, she’s just a kid. Between the ages of six and nine, many children exhibit this behavior.

However, even though Renge is referred to as “Kid” in the Non Non Biyori group, her curiosity and willingness to take “innocent” risks make the show more entertaining than it otherwise would be.

It’s the primary reason Natsumi and Renge get along so well, despite the fact that she is a rebellious adult.

2. Kinue Hayase (Masamune Kun No Revenge)

Kinue Hayase is more than just the mother of the protagonist, Masamune Makabe. She is the very definition of a Loli.

She’s 40 years old, but she appears like a high school student straight out of an anime. What happens if you remove her “mother” role and the way she dresses?…

She has the upbeat, jovial, and endearing personality you’d expect from a character in this genre.

It does make the anime that much funnier because she’s more of a gag character than anything else.

3. Chino (Is The Order A Rabbit)

Chino (Is The Order A Rabbit)

Is The Order A Rabbit’s Chino a real person? Film produced by Studio White Fox, a slice of life/comedy.

Chino is the smallest and most timid character in the entire series.

The socially awkward introvert who gets a little nervous around a lot of people.

She works in a cafe run by the owner’s granddaughter.

4. Mashiro Mitsumine (Engaged To The Unidentified)

This slice-of-life animation with spooky overtones stars the little Mashiro as the title character.

While only 9 or 10 years old, she’s one of the show’s most witty characters. Being able to figure things out without a lot of effort.

The anime loses a lot of its luster if Mashiro isn’t included. Despite the fact that she isn’t the main character.

5. Shinoa Hiiragi (Owari No Seraph)

Shinoa Hiiragi (Owari No Seraph)

In my opinion, Shinoa Hiiragi is the best character in anime history. Some of my personality characteristics can be found in this character.

When she asks, she does so jokingly, as though she doesn’t take herself too seriously. Irrespective of how high she has risen in the Moon Demon Company’s hierarchy.

Even so, that’s really how she deals with life on a daily basis.

6. Toshiro Hitsugaya (Bleach)

Compared to some anime characters like Shinoa, Toshiro Hitsugaya is smaller. He stands at a diminutive height of just over 5 feet.

Because he is one of the tiniest characters in Bleach and among the Soul Reaper captains, his height has no bearing on his abilities.

He can hold his own against Arrancars, but he lacks Kenpachi’s appetite for bloodshed.

7. Sana Kashimura (Alice To Zouroku)

Sana Kashimura (Alice To Zouroku) copy

MC Sana Kashimura has “dreams of alice” powers.

Sana, on the other hand, is able to conjure up anything she can dream up. A picture is worth a thousand words.

A planet, a species, she can handle it all and more.

As a result, she is pursued throughout the series and even manages to escape a laboratory in the first few episodes.

8. Happy (Fairy Tail)

The anime character Happy is well-known throughout the world. It goes without saying that Fairy Tail is a well-known anime.

Naturally, one of the funniest characters on our list is Happy, despite his diminutive stature.

Natsu and other characters in Fairy Tail have comedic and absurd moments due of Happy.

That’s simply how he is.

9. Kudryavka Noumi (Little Busters)

Kudryavka Noumi (Little Busters)

For those who haven’t seen Little Busters, Kudryavka (or “Kud” for short) is the adorable, friendly character. One of the foreigners in the group is Japanese and Russian at the same time!

As a result of her unique personality quirks, she brings something new to the mix of the Little Busters. She’s unique in more ways than one, and it has nothing to do with her stature.

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10. Asirpa (Golden Kamuy)

Despite her diminutive stature, Asirpa is a formidable warrior. But she’s got more courage than most grownups possess.

He can survive in the wild since she knows how to seek for food. Because of her special abilities, she’s much sought after in Golden Kamuy.

One of the best examples of a strong and significant female character in anime.

It’s time to talk about the most capable, strong women in anime.