10 Best Male Anime Characters With Glasses That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Male Anime Characters With Glasses

Some of us have to pay for the glasses DLC while others are able to see the world around them for free.

When you see a guy in glasses in an anime, you’re just waiting for him to push them up and say something amusing under the light shining on them. A “yare yare” at the very least.

For anime girls wearing glasses, we’ve previously ranked a few of the top options. So let’s take a look at some of anime’s top bespectacled bad dudes right now.

10. Kaoru Yamazaki

Kaoru Yamazaki

You’ve arrived at NHK, the world’s largest anime convention.

Finally, a man with a sense of style! Kaoru’s entire room is plastered in anime girls, making him as otaku as it gets. Anime music is also playing nonstop on his computer.

Additionally, he has set himself the lofty ambition of creating an idol game.

At the very least, this was his intention after becoming friendly with Satou.

I doubt even priests talk about the bible as much as this man does about his anime chicks, so he’s clearly passionate about what he does.

There is a valid reason for it all, though. As well as an appreciation of the medium and all that.

To his credit, he proves himself to be more than capable of leading a new life by the end of the show’s run. That desire from the past will remain with him, however.

9. Kazuma

Noragami Aragoto is an anime series.

Kazuma had one of the most distinguishing personalities among the shinki, second only to Yukine.

To say nothing of the fact that his connection with Bishamon was anything but straightforward. For the sake of her well-being, he had to tell her a lie or go around her back.

Furthermore, he was one of the few characters to give Yato the benefit of the doubt, as he was well aware that his reputation had been ruined. He’s not extremely powerful on his own, even as a shinki.

In any multi-shinki operation, however, he is a force to be reckoned with since he can perfectly align them all and ensure that everyone is operating at their peak efficiency.

8. Shinra Kishitani

Shinra Kishitani

A Japanese anime series called Durarara!!

When it comes to romance, Shinra and Celty’s is one of the most pure.

It’s true that things aren’t always ideal. Shinra even hid a significant secret from Celty, which was quite surprising.

That never comes up in the conversation, of course.

Shinra is a character that will always be honest about his feelings for his girlfriend. Despite the fact that his preferences are a little out there.

He’s an illegal doctor, so don’t expect him to be perfect. However, how can you not fall in love with a character that is so passionate about their feelings?

7. Nobuchika Ginoza

Animotion’s Psycho-Pass

Despite his supporting position, this man’s character growth can only be compared to Akane’s.

He begins as a glasses-wearing relic of the past. A strict individual who reacts angrily to any out-of-the-ordinary behavior.

When we learn about his past and how he became the way he is, we feel sad for him.

When we find out who his father is, we’re left with a lot of conflicted emotions. We all wept when his father did what any father would do for their son.

So much more than meets the eye may be found in Gino, a well-crafted character.

6. Kusuo Saiki

Saiki Kusuo

This is a story about the tragic life of Saiki K.

This godlike esper is impossible to explain by any rules, thus I can’t say Saiki is a rule-breaker.

As a result, he makes up his own rules to keep others ignorant of his abilities and therefore placate them.

To his dismay, he has mixed results, as everyone is attracted to him and cannot bear to leave him be alone.

A few times, he expressed his gratitude for his large group of pals. It was fortunate that he had his regulations in place at times. Because otherwise, he’d have teleported them all into the stratosphere or something like that.

5. Sakamoto

Sakamoto Desu ga? is the name of the anime series.

Sakamoto would be God if he were a real person.

When the main character is better than everyone else, it’s pretty uncommon for the plot to fail. Sakamoto, on the other hand, makes a mockery of anyone with whom he is forced to share screen time on a regular basis.

He’s good at everything, has a great personality, and can make friends with anyone.

After all, the show begins with his tormentors falling in love with him. Do not even begin to think about the milfs. They’re only interested in his skeleton, after all.

4. Jin

Jin (Samurai Champloo)

Swordsmanship: Samurai Champloo

Next to Mugen, everyone would appear stiff and stuffy.

It’s like he’s walking anarchy around here.

He joins Mugen and Fuu in their pursuit for the samurai of sunflowers Jin, a renowned warrior.

About 90% of the time, he’s a serious guy, but he occasionally lets loose with Mugen over a few drinks. Some females could also be included. It all depends on how they’re feeling at the time.

He’s the more empathetic of the pair. But if you’re a samurai with hundreds of dead bodies on your hands, it doesn’t really matter.

3. Itaru Hashida

Steins;Gate is a popular anime series.

Itaru is my favorite “super hacker” (you know how to say it).

When you think about it, he’s kind of the group’s backbone. Because without him, none of these breakthroughs would have been possible.

Due to his laid-back demeanor, every feeling he experiences is amplified. The most heartfelt moments with Suzuha, or the fury at Okabe.

His physical and mental well-being make it impossible for me to find anything negative to say about him. Glasses are nice, too.

2. Yuusaku Kitamura

Yuusaku Kitamura

The Toradora! anime series

Yuusaku would be a fantastic assassin. I mean, no one ever appears to hear him approach, despite the fact that he’s constantly around.

The presidency role is an obvious fit for him, even without considering his future plans. Vice President is the new title for him.

Even though I didn’t expect it, and it’s not something you see very often with the archetype, he pulled a Stan on everyone.

Most of the time, he’s nice and silly and dense, but he’s also incredibly amusing. Still a fan favorite.

1. Kamina

The Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann anime

One of my all-time favorite characters.

Gurren Lagann’s glasses-wearing characters aren’t the only ones you’ll find throughout anime.

When it comes to life, Kamina is a defiant spitfire. In order to keep everyone he loves about up to date with him, he is continuously striving to rise through the ranks.

He is unsurpassed in his capacity to elevate the spirits of others and contribute to their mental development.

And before long, he had earned the respect of his adversaries.

Because of how much his absence hurt, he’s the one character whose absence made me wish ironically that a program had anything like Dragon Balls.