10 Best Claymore Anime Characters That You Should Know Update 04/2024

Claymore Anime Characters

Claymore is a show that no one should miss because of its impressive cast of characters. From worst to finest, here’s how their arcs compare.

As seen by the tremendous popularity of episodes like Berserk and Vinland Saga, dark fantasy anime has long been a popular genre for a variety of reasons. Not every dark fantasy anime gets the accolades it deserves, as has been the case with Claymore, which has received little attention.

Unfortunately, Claymore is one of the more distinctive animes out there, which makes it all the more disappointing. Claymore is a show that no one should miss, thanks to its fantastic world-building and diverse cast of characters. There are a number of Claymore characters whose stories stand on their own merits, and this list will attempt to order those stories by degree of success.

1. Riful


Among the Awakened Beings in Claymore is Riful, and she is no exception. As a character, one must acknowledge that she is a little too one-note.

Aside from her arrogant and vain personality, her terrible death by Priscilla in Claymore is still unpleasant to see.

2. Isley

Among the first generation of male Claymores, Isley stood out as the most powerful of them all. Isley, on the other hand, succumbed to the excitement of awakening and became a fierce beast, like most male Claymores

It’s hard not to feel terrible for Isley in Claymore, given how he’s killed by the Abyss Feeders in a violent and savage manner.

3. Jean


For Clare, Jean was one of the most important Claymores, and her Drill Sword attack was capable of annihilating even the most powerful adversaries in the series.

As a result of her conflict with Clare while the protagonist was still attempting to find her own footing as a fighter, Jean ended up sacrificing herself to guarantee that Clare didn’t suffer any harm.

4. Priscilla

Person A let her envy overtake her in a dispute with Teresa of the Faint Smile. Person B was the series’ main antagonist. After Priscilla killed Teresa, she was overcome by the Awakening surge and transformed into a beast that vanished as soon as this grave offense was committed against her.

As a result of the loss of her memories and her regressing back to a childlike-entity, her character undergoes some dramatic changes in the course of the story. It’s her naivety and Raki’s passion that save her life in the end, once her fight with Clare reaches a potentially fatal ultimatum, because she was spurred on by vengeance and the only aim of destroying someone who had killed her mentor.

5. Deneve


Despite the loss of her family, Deneve developed a defensive fighting style as a Claymore owing to her great desire to live despite her grief.

As a result of Helen’s companionship, she was able to recover from her spiral of self-hatred and save her own life as well as the lives of countless others.

6. Helen

It took a while for Helen to warm up to Clare after she started off as an unlikable character who was contemptuous of the heroine because of her low status in the hierarchy of the organization.

The combination of her raucous attitude and her close bond with Deneve elevates her to the status of one of the show’s most feared and adored figures.

7. Miria


One of the most formidable fighters in the series, “Phantom” Miria is more than simply a skilled combatant; she’s also a well-rounded character.

Clare, Helen, Deneve, and the other Claymores help Miria realize that there is more to life than the instructions of the selfish Organization. By the end of the series, Miria, fed up with the Organization and its pompous ambitions, decides to leave the group and forge her own path. It’s a brilliant moment of personal redemption for the character.

8. Raki

As one of the few guys depicted in Claymore, Raki is an incredible figure in his own right.

The interaction he has with Clare is one of the most interesting aspects of the entire series, and his altruistic approach and predisposition for compassion make him one of the best characters in the entire program.

9. Teresa


As well as being a caring Claymore, Teresa of the Faint Smile was a formidable warrior for the Organization. When she killed a human for hurting Clare, she was put on the Organization’s hit-list, but no one else could even come close to her powers… except for an Awakened Priscilla, of course..

It’s heartbreaking to see one of the show’s most caring characters die in such a horrific way, but it was vital to set up Clare’s journey, which would go on to be nothing short of magnificent.

10. Clare

For Clare’s role in the book, the Claymore sans the Yoma’s blood ended up becoming one of its most powerful warriors in the entire series is a testament.

Clare’s journey from a naive child to a capable Claymore is genuinely great in every sense and deserves to be recognized as the show’s best character arc..