7 Best Netflix Shows Like The Sinner That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Netflix Shows Like The Sinner

The third season of The Sinner has just been released on Netflix. The critically praised mystery was originally commissioned for USA Network as a miniseries based on the novel of the same name. As Detective Harry Ambrose returns, Bill Pullman is joined by an entirely new ensemble in the latest part of the series. Detective Ambrose’s investigation of a horrific car accident in upstate New York kicks off the season’s first episode. However, Season 3’s predictability stops when the vehicle accident turns out to be less than accidental. The latest season of The Sinner certainly lives up to the level of intrigue that fans have come to expect from the show.

What’s next once you’ve finished watching all three seasons of The Sinner? The number of serial dramas to choose from is practically endless, starting with the discovery of a dead corpse and going backwards. These shows, ranging from Viola Davis to Nicole Kidman, are sure to get your heart racing and tug at your sleeve.

1. The Undoing

The Undoing

When it comes to portraying emotionally complicated women, Nicole Kidman’s latest film, The Undoing, is a perfect example. Grace Fraser (Kidman), a rich Upper East Side psychiatrist, is the focus of the series, which also features the ever-charming Hugh Grant. The Undoing does a fantastic job with the find-a-body-then-rewind clich√©. To make matters even more difficult for Grace, this body is that of Hugh Grant’s mistress, and she must determine whether or not he is capable of murdering her. Despite the fact that Hugh Grant appears to have outgrown his rom-com period, his magnetism is still evident in this gripping miniseries.

2. Ozark


A Mexican drug gang money laundering plot goes bad, forcing a married couple to relocate to Lake of the Ozarks. While Jason Bateman and Laura Linney play characters who become more involved in unlawful conduct, the show is a success. He also produced and directed the series, which has been nominated for 32 Emmy Awards since it was first broadcast.

3. You


You are a master of psychological thrillers that are both harrowing and eerie. It’s best to skip this one if you’re a young woman living on the first level with a huge window that has no curtains or blinds. Everyone else, go ahead and do your thing. A daytime bookseller, Joe Goldberg is an obsessive stalker at night. The show follows him. While on a date with an aspiring writer named Guinevere, Joe uses social networking and other creepy techniques to entangle her and everyone she knows. You is a riveting serial thriller from the perspective of the stalker.

4. Broadchurch


There is no shortage of depth, intrigue, and a stellar cast to be found in Broadchurch. On the basis of an 11-year-old boy’s death, the community where he grew up is examined in the police procedural. With Olivia Colman and David Tennant as the primary investigators, it explores issues of loss and media coverage.

5. Sharp Objects

Sharp Objects

Two young children have mysteriously vanished from their house in the HBO miniseries “Sharp Objects.” Amy Adams plays a reporter who returns home to investigate. She has been estranged from her family since losing her younger sister in similar circumstances many years ago. As she deals with the death of her sister, navigates her tense family dynamics, and tries to solve the case of the missing children, the series follows her emotional journey. Sharp Objects isn’t for the squeamish, but it’s well worth your time.

6. The Fall

The Fall

In her career, Gillian Anderson has had a number of roles in detective shows. Another blockbuster procedural is added to her IMDb page by X-Files veteran, The Fall. A senior investigator in the series, which is set in Northern Ireland, is played by Anderson. In a departure from the normal “whodunit” format of procedurals, the series reveals the killer’s identity early on. Instead, the show focuses on the motives of an apparently typical man who murders multiple young women in a seemingly random fashion.

7. How to Get Away with Murder

How to Get Away with Murder

Is it possible that Shonda Rhimes can do workplace drama better than anyone else?

Annalise Keating (Viola Davis), a high-powered criminal defense attorney, is hired by Annalise’s husband to investigate the strange death of his mistress. How to Get Away with Murder puts Annalise’s skills to good use when she finds herself engaged in a murder trial in yet another compelling iteration of the “fill in the blanks” murder mystery chronology. As a result, she’s the one on trial. Annalise hires the assistance of five first-year law students, who immediately complicate things for her. Viola Davis’s performance in the series, which earned her an Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series, is a standout.