Top 10 Anime Masked Characters That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Anime Masked Characters

There is something eerie and strange about anime characters wearing masks. A ranking of the top ten most intriguing is provided below.

Masks may be worn by both heroes and villains in anime. As a means of concealing their identity, it is common. In some stories, the main character isn’t trying to hide their true identity so much as their physical appearance. When it comes to superheroes, masks may truly be a component of their powers, and may even have their own secret powers.

In anime, Domino masks, which cover the area around the eyes, are a common sight. As a result, characters are more likely to resort to magic or other costume tricks in order to mask their faces. However, in certain stories, characters wear masks that completely obscure their faces. A mask’s real-world restrictions are only brought to light by the creator if he or she wishes to.

1. Romeo X Juliet: Juliet Dons One As The Red Whirlwind

Romeo X Juliet - Juliet,

Romeo X Juliet has a heroine named Juliet who has a vigilante alter-ego dubbed the Red Whirlwind in honor of Shakespeare’s propensity of having his heroines disguise themselves as the opposite sex.

The wide, square eyeholes on the black mask stand out. In addition, Juliet wears a bulky white collar to keep the rest of her face hidden from curious spectators. In this disguise, Romeo first meets Juliet, which suggests that the masked ball in the original play was also a reference.

2. Speed Racer: Racer X’s Own Family Fails To Recognize Him Thanks To His Mask

Domino masks aren’t enough for certain anime characters. Racer X wears a black mask that covers most of his face in this classic anime series.

Speed Racer relies on him for counsel and direction, and he acts as if he were Speed Racer’s older brother. Because he is a secret spy, Ken’ichi Mifune, Speed’s long-lost older brother, wears the mask to conceal his true identity as Racer X.

3. Magic Kaito: Kaito Kid’s Monocle Comes Pretty Close To A Mask

Magic Kaito - Kaito Kid

After Detective Conan, Kaito Kid was already wearing his trademark monocle. Even while it isn’t a mask in the traditional sense, the way he wears his hat and the way he wears it together give the impression that it does. The glass within it may go from being opaque to translucent depending on the scene. Monocles are known for their clover emblem.

This is further emphasized by the monocle, which is a tribute toArsène Lupin. Kaito Kid’s attire is said to have been inspired byArsène Lupin, according to a legend. Similar to the glasses Conan wears to hide his identity is this set of disguised spectacles.

4. Bleach: The Visord Are Known As The Masked Army For A Reason

When Ichigo uses his Hollow talents, he creates masks for the Visord, the “Masked Army” of Bleach. Eyes can either begin to glow or fade completely, suggesting that they are pitch black beneath the mask depending on form.

Even though his right side was incomplete, he had some control over his body or was striving to preserve it. Ichigo no longer wears a mask when he has fully mastered the Hollowfication.

5. Sailor Moon: Tuxedo Mask Is Named After His Domino Mask

Sailor Moon - Tuxedo Mask

In addition, the domino mask worn by Tuxedo Mask is a crucial part of his persona. So much so, that it’s a part of his given name. Before the Moon Kingdom was destroyed, he infiltrated a masked ball in an attire similar to this one. Moonlight Knight, on the other hand, doesn’t wear a mask at all.

Similar masks have been worn before by characters like Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars, whose true identities were eventually revealed. In the manga, Sailor Moon had a mask in her first appearance, but she quickly ditched it. The mask could give her images of individuals in peril, which the 1990s anime provided to her hair ornaments for. There is a similarity in the design of Sailor Mercury’s visor, as well.

6. Yatterman: Doronjo Is Famous For Her Mask

A number of the characters in this classic anime like to wear masks. There is Yatterman-1 and Yatterman-2, both of whom wear red and purple masks.

To look at her, you’d be hard-pressed to tell that she wasn’t wearing an owl or butterfly wings-inspired mask. Modern variants have a more styled “D” as an initial as well. When she’s disguised, she’s still fond of donning a crimson domino mask.

7. Tiger Mask: Naoto Sometimes Wears A Matching Tiger Cape, Too

Tiger Mask-Naoto

Manga and anime series Fray Tormenta follows Naoto Date, a renowned American wrestler who returns to Japan to protect the orphanage he grew up in. Real-life Tiger Mask wrestlers have actually been influenced by the figure.

To the untrained eye, Naoto appears to be wearing a terrifying tiger’s head mask. Because of the mask’s effectiveness, no one discovers Naoto’s true identity until the final episode of the original series.

8. Naruto: Kakashi Even Wears A Mask Underneath His Mask

Kakashi wears a facial mask and a headband to cover most of his face, revealing only one of his eyes at first.

Others speculate about what he’s hiding, but the truth is something no one would have expected: yet another disguise.

So many characters don’t even know what he looks like because he has worn a mask from boyhood. The scar on his left eye, thin jawline, and beauty mark around his mouth eventually come to light. Despite this, he’s regarded as an attractive man.

9. Demon Slayer: Inosuke Wears A Boar Mask

Demon Slayer-Inosuke

For years, Inosuke has been known to wear a mask made from the head of the female wild boar who raised him. He tinkered with the eyes to make it so he could look through it, and it came out wonderfully aged. In addition, he’s well-known for his protectiveness of it.

However, the mask’s expressions are limited to those of a dead animal’s hide. He has a surprise feminine aspect beneath his mask, as he is said to resemble his late mother.

10. Spirited Away: No Face Wears A Mask To Hide The Fact That He Doesn’t Have One

No Face is a morally ambiguous spirit who appears to admire Chihiro in this Studio Ghibli film. When he gets angry, he wears a white mask that shifts his expression somewhat. Most likely, this is an homage to the Noh face masks, which, depending on the lighting or movement of an actor, might appear to have multiple expressions. Even his English name, “Noh Face,” may be a joke on his lack of a face.

In addition, some argue that he has a mouth on his stomach, despite the fact that he has no face.