11 Best Movies Like Rocky Horror Picture Show Update 06/2024

Movies Like Rocky Horror Picture Show

1. The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

Dr. Frank-N-Furter and his strange and bizarre entourage are having a party at their castle, which Brad Majors and Janet Weiss happen to stumble upon while driving home one rainy night. This isn’t your typical party, and neither is the night you’re having it. Rocky Horror, a man-made Adonis who will give you endless pleasure, will be unveiled at this event.

By morning, Frank has both Brad and Janet in his bed. By night’s end, Dr. Everett Von Scott has arrived in search of his nephew Eddie (whom Frank killed earlier in this film). This is a visually and musically stunning spoof of classic B-movie horror and sci-fi films from the golden era. This will be a night that Brad and Janet will remember for a long time in the sexually kinky, rock ‘n roll, rock-opera world of a gender-bending scientist and his time warped plans, with a soundtrack that gives audience participation a new meaning in dimension, time, and space.

2. Hedwig And The Angry Inch (2001)

When Hedwig, born Hansel, fell in love with an American soldier and had Gender Confirmation Surgery, she was able to marry him and leave East Berlin for freedom in the United States. In the end, nothing went exactly according to plan; and now years later, Hedwig is touring the US with her rock band, telling her story through a series of concerts at the Bilgewater Inn seafood restaurants. On her tour, she’ll be joined by arena rocker Tommy Gnosis, a wide-eyed boy who once adored and then stole all of Hedwig’s tunes.

3. Cabaret (1972)

Cabaret (1972)

In 1931, Brian Roberts, a Cambridge University student, travels to Berlin to complete his German studies. In order to make ends meet, he plans to teach English while staying in a cheap rooming house with American Sally Bowles, another of the tenants. She is a cabaret singer at the decadent Kit Kat Klub, where she is outwardly flamboyant and perpetually happy. The Klub, under the direction of the ever-present Master of Ceremonies, maintains an outward facade similar to that of Sally.

Sally draws Brian into her world, and initially wants him to be one of her many lovers, until she learns that he is a homosexual, albeit a celibate one. Among their other acquaintances are his students Fritz Wendel, a poor Jewish orphan who dreams of becoming a gigolo so he can live a comfortable life, and Jewish heiress Natalia Landauer, a straight-laced beauty. Fritz initially views Natalia as a means to an end, but he ends up falling head over heels in love with her. The problem is that Natalie is suspicious of his intentions and can’t get past their cultural divide.

Baron Maximilian von Heune, a wealthy landowner with a similar outlook on life to Sally, also enters Sally and Brian’s lives. Max is willing to show his gratitude by giving and doing favors for his new friends. There’s a Nazi uprising all around them, but they don’t seem to notice it or give a damn about it. In the end, they learn, good and bad things continue to happen to them and the people around them.

4. Some Like It Hot (1959)

When Joe and Jerry, two Chicago musicians, witness the St. Valentine’s Day massacre, they decide to leave the city and avoid Spats Colombo, the gangster who carried it out. They’re desperate for work outside of town, but the only opportunity they’ve found is in a Florida-based girl band. Josephine and Daphne, the new saxophone and bass players, show up at the train station dressed as the originals. Especially Sugar Kane Kowalczyk, who sings and plays the ukulele, they enjoy the company of the girls very much. While Jerry/Daphne is being courted by a millionaire, Joe is courting Jerry/Daphne. Spats Colombo and his crew show up at a meeting with several other crime lords, and chaos ensues as the two men attempt to conceal their true identities.

5. Barbarella (1968)

Barbarella (1968)

It’s the year 40,000 in the future. Having spent a peaceful hour floating peacefully in zero gravity, astronaut Barbarella lands on the frozen planet Lythion and sets out to find renowned scientist Durand Durand in the City of Night, Sogo. The Excessive Machine, a genuine sex organ on which an expert keyboard artist, in this case Durand Durand himself, can drive a victim to death by pleasure, the Lesbian Queen who can make her fantasies come to life in her Chamber of Dreams, and a gang of women who smoke giant hookahs dispensing Essence of Man through a poor victim struggling in its glass globe are some of the objects she encounters there. No one can deny that the special effects team and the various methods used to strip our heroine of what little clothing she had were impressive.

6. The Rules Of Attraction (2002)

Camden University. Former Wall Street broker Patrick Bateman has an older brother named Sean. Another thing about him: He is a drug dealer, in debt to fellow drug dealer Rupert Guest, and an out-and-out womanizer who dates nearly half the female students on campus. Lauren Hynde is a virgin, according to the rules. She’s saving up for a trip to Europe with her narcissistic boyfriend, Victor Johnson, who’s left the United States. Lara, her sultry roommate, is also smitten with Victor. After having an affair with Lauren, now-openly bisexual Paul Denton, is interested in proving to Candice that he isn’t gay by dating Mitchell Allen. Sean has a soft spot in his heart for Lauren. Paul has a soft spot in his heart for Sean. Also, it’s possible that Lauren has feelings for Sean.

7. Clue (1985)

Clue (1985)

There are six guests, one butler, and a maid in the movie Clue, and they’re all involved in six murders. Professor Plum works in Washington, D.C., where everyone else lives, and the guests all meet there. Yvette, the maid, had an affair with Mrs. White’s husband, and so on. Colonel Mustard is a client of Miss Scarlet, who was Yvette’s former employer. Each guest is given a weapon by blackmailer Mr. Boddy, who instructs them to kill butler Wadsworth in order to avoid being exposed. Incorporate the hilarity of Mr. Green’s bumbling into the murderous web, and you have a whole group of people caught up in deception, lies, and murder.

8. Wet Hot American Summer (2001)

The year is 1981, and we’re at Camp Firewood. Last day of summer vacation, but there’s still a lot to do before everyone returns to reality. Beth, the camp’s director, is at the center of the action, juggling her duties while falling in love with the town’s astrophysics professor. A dangerous piece of NASA’s Skylab is hurtling toward Earth, and his attention is focused on saving the camp from destruction. Also included are an exciting waterfall rescue, love triangles, outcasts, and even talking vegetable cans. All of this is on top of the usual adventure fare. Naturally, the answers to all of these issues will be revealed at the day’s end during the big talent show.

9. Monty Python And The Holy Grail (1975)

King Arthur travels the countryside in 10th-century England in search of knights to join him at the Round Table in Camelot, and history is turned on its head in a comical way. Once the men have been gathered, the story begins, but after a few drinks at Camelot’s ball, many of them decide to leave only to be halted by God, who sends them on a quest to find the Holy Grail. The knights are reunited after a series of separate adventures, but they must contend with a wizard named Tim, killer rabbits, and lessons in the use of holy hand grenades. However, as you might expect from a Monty Python film, their quest comes to an end when the police get involved.

10. The Triplets Of Belleville (2003)

The Triplets Of Belleville (2003)

Madame Souza, an elderly woman, instills a passion for cycling in her grandson Champion, whom she looks after. He does grow up to be a serious road racer, with his grandmother serving as his coach. He vanishes during a difficult mountainous section of the Tour de France where Champion is competing. There’s evidence to suggest he was kidnapped. Kidnappers have taken him, along with two of his rivals, and they intend to make use of the trio’s special abilities.

When Madame Souza sets out to find Champion, she has her trusty and overweight dog Bruno by her side to keep her company. Eventually, they arrive in the Canadian city of Belleville after a long journey across the country. No money, Madame Souza and Bruno are taken in by three eccentric elderly women who were once the well-known jazz singing group The Triplets of Belleville and are now their friends and housekeepers. Madame Souza and Bruno’s search for Champion is assisted by the triplets.

11. The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

Gustave H, a legendary concierge at a famous European hotel in the interwar period, and Zero Moustafa, the lobby boy who becomes his closest friend, tell their stories in GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL. One of the most valuable Renaissance paintings in the world is stolen, and a family’s entire fortune is at stake, all set against the backdrop of a Europe that is suddenly and dramatically changing.