Top 13 Romantic Movies Like Midnight In Paris Update 07/2024

movies like midnight in paris

Perhaps Allen’s longest-lasting work is Annie Hall, but the director recently made some movies that were attractive and interesting. One of his latest films, Midnight in Paris, is a nostalgic Parisian screenwriter.

However, a late night of “magic” takes our hero back in time to a table of luminary authors such as Ernest Hemmingway.

Woody Allen is also a writer, and the notion of communication often revolves around his work.

These are four Midnight-like films, all of which share a similar obsession with the language used in contemporary life.

Before Midnight’ (Richard Linklater, 2013)

Before Midnight’ (Richard Linklater, 2013)

This is the third film in the Before trilogy by Richard Linklater and concludes the book on the love story of Jesse and Celine. More than a decade has passed since Before Sunrise, the first film and now the young couple are much older and weary in the world. The romance and the easy love they shared in Vienna in 1995 is gone. Now they’re a couple, married for every purpose, and they’ve got two children.

Before Midnight the effects of time on romance are discussed and whether a love affair can survive.

The trilogy of Linklater touches cinema and like Woody Allen, he loves wordy dialog and conversation that looks for precision and honesty.

Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke take over their famous role as the couple who met all those years ago on a train, but they are not the same people as they were at that time.

The Before Trilogy is worth a look in full, but as far as one is the most similar to Allen’s Midnight in Paris, the price is stolen before midnight.

‘You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger’ (Woody Allen, 2010)

Then we’ll begin with another film by Woody Allen. The story follows a couple who decide to split after 40 years of marriage. The husband has a young calling girl, and the wife is in a brand new world where the reality she understands is increasingly challenged.

You will find a Tall Dark Stranger less whimsical and less sweet than the previous midnight in Paris, but again it focuses on love through its very specific lens. Both films address the challenges and difficulties of modern romantic life. But the tone is slightly crueler in You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger.

Woody Allen is perhaps the best-known screenwriter and director for films that dissect the nature of love and its various contexts – marriage, fling and love affairs. His work is remarkable for its honesty and the humor it derives from the basic human emotions. Often his films work best because they are narrative, real and intelligible.

Woody Allen made many films in Paris similar to Midnight but You’re going to meet a dark stranger who’s probably the most similar in tone and mood.

‘Fargo’ (Coen Brothers, 1996)

‘Fargo’ (Coen Brothers, 1996)

This crime story is a dark and funny journey into ineptitude and brutality driven by relationship breakdown. Fargo does not deal with the same Woody Allen story at the time and certainly not with the same genre as Midnight in Paris.

The Coen Brothers are famous for their clever writing and good dialogue, and Fargo shows how good they are as writers and directors. This is a great story (adapted to TV last year), and the smart scripting characterizes it as a film comparable to Allen and his writing.

‘Glengarry Glen Ross’ (James Foley, 1992)

So this is not an amorous story and it has virtually nothing in common with Midnight in Paris, but it ranks as high in wordy and clever dialogue, as any Woody Allen movie. The plot includes a salesman’s collection and the courage and arrogance accompanying this profession.

Glengarry Glen Ross was shot mainly in one room and has a dialogue, a clever, slow-burning comedy drama that is easily compared with Midnight in Paris. The acting is great; even better scripting and the close focus ensures that all the pieces of the film that work well are displayed in full.

“2 Days in Paris” (2011) 

In “2 Days in Paris,” a couple travels to Europe romantically to help remedy their broken relationship. Although the couple are the city of love, they are even more tense than before.

The movie might not be a beautiful love story, but the city is still on the front of the short stay of the couple.

“Hugo” (2011)

“Hugo” (2011)

The movie takes you back to Paris in the 1930s, based on the novel “the invention of Hugo Cabret,” where the orphaned boy named Hugo (Asa Butterfield) lives at the walls of a Paris railway station fixing clocks and gadgets.

In a mission to bring back to life the automatic vehicle that his dad had left him, Hugo made friends with Georges Méliès (Ben Knightley) and Isabelle (Chloë Grace Moretz) to try and uncover lost memories.

The family-friendly fantasy story takes you all across the city.

“Paris, Je T’Aime” (2007)

The proper title of the film is “Paris Je T’Aime,” in English: “Paris, I love you,” which corresponds to 20 short stories filmed throughout Paris. The only narrative that emerges is that love connects us all.

“Paris Je T’Aime” is a great movie if you want to feel the romantic city’s sights and sounds.

“Midnight in Paris” (2011)

“Midnight in Paris” (2011)

Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris” is a fine romantic comedy in modern Paris as well as in the 1920s.

Gil (Owen Wilson) loves Paris on his fiancée’s visit (Rachel McAdams). He is transported back in time to the 20s, when he encounters literary greats like F. Scott Fitzgerald and Gertrude Stein, while walking solos around the city in the middle of the midnight (Kathy Bates).

The struggling novelist has finally found inspiration, but the more it is sucked into the City of Lights, his personal life in the present falls apart.

“Ratatouille” (2007)

The animated film from Pixar is set in Paris and follows a mouse who eats the remaining scrap from the waste.

Patton Oswalt, Remy, knows how to make a full French meal, a good news for Linguini (voiced by Lou Romano), who wants to climb the ranks of a prestigious French restaurant.

The film examines the world of fine French restaurants and traditional foods in a beautifully animated performance of the famous city.

“Marie Antoinette” (2006) looks at Paris from the 18th century.

The 2006 biopic set in 18th century France follows the life of the French Revolutionary leader Marie Antoinette (Kirsten Dunst).

You get a real sense of the royal French fashion and decoration from the 18th century and a look at what Versailles and Paris were like at that time.

“Marie Antoinette” (2006)

“Amélie” is a romantic comedy in the Montmartre district of Paris which is home to the popular Sacré-Coeur tourist destination. The movie is followed by Amélie Poulain, a bizarre waitress who unlocks a mysterious adventure when she sees in her previous owner’s hidden box of drinks.

At the same time, she decides to return the box to bring happiness to others around her.

“Last Tango in Paris” (1972)

Marlon Brando was staring at “Paris’ Last Tango,” focusing on his character, Paul, who arrived in France’s capital after the death of his alienated wife. He engages in a passionate affair with a young Parisian woman in an effort to confront his grief (Maria Schneider).

The iconic film takes you back to Paris in the 1970s with scenes in the chic 16th district of the city.

“Moulin Rouge” (2001)

Located in Paris’s Montmartre district, ‘Moulin Rouge’ explores the life of many people working at the Moulin Rouge nightclub. The film tells the story of a young Englishman called Christain (Ewan McGregor) from Paris, who in the late 1890s falls in love with Satine, one of the club’s leading stars.

But it is a drama when a dangerous triangle of love develops that jeopardizes the nightclub, Satine and Christian.

“An American in Paris” (1951)

The musical for the 1950s is about an American painter named Jerry Mulligan (Gene Kelly) who struggles to make it in the Paris arts world until a prominent Parisian heiress discovers it. Jerry risks his success, however, by falling for Lise (Leslie Caron), who is involved with another man.

“An American in Paris” is full of classic Gershwin music and dancing about the realities of falling in love in the City of Lights.