8 Best Shows Like The Mick That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Shows Like The Mick

A new Fox comedy called ‘The Mick,’ it has an intriguing premise. A woman named Mackenzie “Mickey” Molng is the show’s protagonist. For some reason, she decides to make a new home in Greenwich, Connecticut instead of her old one. Fraud and tax evasion charges have been leveled against her sister Pamela and her husband Christopher.

There are three children — Sabrina, Chip, and Ben — and Mickey is the only one they know who can care for them while their parents are away. She quickly learns that these kids are spoiled rotten and that things are not going to be as simple as she had anticipated. Only Mickey’s fictitious boyfriend Jimmy is present to assist her. While trying to raise a family of his own, Mickey finds himself in a variety of sticky situations. Here is our picks for the best shows that are similar to ‘The Mick.’ Several of these shows, such as ‘The Mick,’ are available on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video.

8. The Kids are Alright (2018-)

The Kids are Alright (2018-)

An unusual family sitcom from recent times, “The Kids Are Alright” is a show about the eight sons they are raising in a single home together. Tim Doyle, the show’s creator, was inspired to create the show by memories from his childhood. The eight children’s parents are played by Michael Cudlitz and Mary McCormack. The show is hysterical, and each episode features new and inventive gags. The show has received a largely positive critical reception.

7. Ben and Kate (2012-2013)

Ben and Kate (2012-2013)

In the Fox sitcom “Ben and Kate,” the lives of brothers Ben and Kate Fox are chronicled. Because he spends so much time daydreaming, Fox is an unsuccessful professional who is single. Unlike Kate, a traditional mother of a 6-year-old girl who also works as a bar manager, Mary is a doting grandmother. It’s clear when Ben meets Kate that she’s in a tough spot and struggling to balance her personal and professional obligations. This leads him to settle in with his sister and help raise her child. Despite positive reviews, Fox decided to cancel the show due to low TV ratings.

6. Grandfathered (2015-2016)

Grandfathered (2015-2016)

If you found out you have a child and a grandchild you had no idea about, how would you feel? Just like Jimmy Martino in the show, this is exactly what’s going on for him. He’s a well-off restaurant owner who learns he has a son and a granddaughter out of the blue. Jimmy viewed himself as a free man in charge of his own destiny. However, his life is turned upside down by this discovery, as he now has to care for a small child. The more Jimmy learns about his family, the less self-centered he becomes, and the more he wants to help his loved ones. Despite the intriguing premise, Fox opted not to renew the show after the first season.

5. Imaginary Mary (2017)

There aren’t many fantasy sitcoms, but ‘Imaginary Friends’ makes an exception. Adam F. Goldberg created the show, which follows Alice, a single woman in a public relations job, as she navigates her life. For a brief time when Alice was a child, she had a playmate named Mary. As she grew older, her imaginary friend naturally faded away. However, all of a sudden, Mary finds herself back in Alice’s presence.

With a new friend in the form of a man, Alice hopes to establish a long-term relationship. Mary, on the other hand, would prefer it if Alice didn’t have a love interest. For some, the show was a disappointment; Rotten Tomatoes stated: “Imaginary Mary has an appealing cast, but the lack of originality in the writing, as well as the preposterous nature of the story, cancel out the positive aspects of the show.”

4. The Real O’Neals (2016-2017)

The Real O’Neals (2016-2017)

A number of taboos are addressed simultaneously in the sitcom ‘The Real O’Neals.’ The story revolves around an Irish Catholic family who have made Chicago their home. Her reputation as a family of honest, God-fearing Christians is extremely important to her, so she will stop at nothing to protect it.

Eventually, though, the family learns that things aren’t quite as they appear to be. Each of the three kids is dealing with a unique set of issues. In addition to being anorexic, Jimmy, the eldest son, is also homosexual, while Kenny, the second-to-last child, is also an atheist while also being involved in a money-laundering scheme that could land him in jail at any time. Unfortunately, the problems don’t stop there. It turns out that their parents are also fed up with each other and want to call it quits. The series had a positive critical reception, but its religious themes sparked debate. Many Christian conservative organizations demanded that the show be canceled.

3. Malcolm in the Middle (2000-2006)

With a cast of four children (and eventually five), ‘Malcolm In The Middle’ has become one of television’s most beloved comedies. Malcolm, the main character, takes on the role of the middle child after his father sends the eldest son away. He has a mind of a genius, but his remarks can be biting.

During Malcolm’s teenage years, the show’s first season mostly focuses on his struggles to reconcile with his place in life. We learn more about the family’s relationships with friends and extended family as the series progresses, introducing us to new characters. “Breaking Bad’s” Bryan Cranston plays the father, and Jane Kaczmarek portrays Lois’ mother, Lois. Frankie Muniz portrays Malcolm in the film.

There are many things the show does that aren’t typical for a sitcom. Unique camera angles are used, and the metafictional approach by breaking the fourth wall is constant throughout the film. During its run, the show was nominated for a slew of awards and received mostly favorable reviews.

2. Modern Family (2009-)

Modern Family (2009-)

‘Modern Family,’ one of the most beloved comedies of all time, is currently the longest-running show on ABC’s comedy lineup. The show focuses on the lives of three different families, each with their own quirks. There’s a nuclear family, a gay couple’s family, and a stepfamily, among others. All three of these families have ties to one another, and Jay Pritchett, his children Claire Dunphy and Michael Pritchett serve as the glue that binds them all together. Gloria, Jay’s wife, is much younger than he is and they are parents to a child together.

Gloria has a child from a previous marriage, so the couple is a family of three. Clare has now taken over the family business, which is known as Pritchetts Closets and Blinds. Aside from her, her family consists of a husband and three children, each of whom is a bit outlandish. Finally, Michael is gay and is married with a daughter he adopted. The family frequently finds itself in amusing situations.

The series was well received by critics throughout its run. It was nominated for 45 Emmys and won 22, including one for best drama series. The show was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy for its outstanding performance as well. It’s frequently cited as one of the best comedies ever made.

1. American Housewife (2016-)

I really like ‘American Housewife,’ a show about an ambitious mother who wants to be respected among the wealthy elite in her town of Westport. Katie Otto is the name of the show’s protagonist. Despite her desire to be respected among the wealthy, her family is penniless. Katie’s husband is a university professor who is very pragmatist. The couple has three beautiful daughters, each with their own special personality traits. Upon its initial release, the show received a mixed bag of reviews.