10 Best Movies About The Boogeyman That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Movies About The Boogeyman

The horror genre is rife with ghouls and goblins, from masked killers to mutants. Boogeymen like these are some of the scariest in horror films.

There may be a valid cause to be terrified of the night. Boogeyman legends have been around for generations, ranging from a shadowy figure lurking in the night to a child-hungry monster lurking in the shadows. The film industry has profited greatly from the fact that there are several reasons to be wary of these monsters.

Boogeymen are everywhere in the horror genre, from masked killers like Michael Myers to deformed monsters. Even whether they’re based on urban legends, prey on the minds and bodies of young children, or utilize terror as a weapon, they’ll keep viewers up at night.

10. Oogie Boogie (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

The Nightmare Before Christmas

One of the most well-known boogeymen is surely not the scariest. Since the debut of The Nightmare Before Christmas, the dancing, jazz-singing, no-account Oogie Boogie has been the shadow of the moon at night.

In spite of his charming tune, the stitched-up sack of bugs and snakes that wants to turn Santa Claus into snake and spider stew certainly has a serving of creep-factor. However, he’s a solid initial entry in the series, despite not being terrifying.

9. Wrinkles The Clown (Wrinkles The Clown)

Honorable mention, but a documentary’s bogeyman has to be a formidable foe.

Wrinkles The Clown tells the spooky tale of a performance artist who pretends to be an evil clown in order to scare unruly children for a fee. As disturbing as the film may be, it isn’t very frightening.

If you’re going to pay a terrifying clown to frighten your kids, you’re going to have to go overboard. Other than that, it’s an old-fashioned boogeyman scare tactic that’s meant to keep kids under control. It’s up to the viewer to judge if it’s over the top or just hilarious.

8. Mr. Babadook (The Babadook)

The Babadook

However, Mr. Babadook does not appear on-screen as a fully-fleshed-out character very often in The Babadook, which is a psychological horror film in its own right. Though it’s rare for him to show out in full-body form, the Boogeyman is a textbook illustration of a scary nighttime creature.

It all begins as a child’s worst fear, but eventually becomes a predatory force for a little boy’s mother to deal with. Whatever you call him, whether it’s a product of insanity or a metaphor for the pain of loss, he’s one tough client.

7. The Beldam (Coraline)

The spindly, spidery Beldam may not be a boogeyman, but she certainly fits the description of a monster with a bad reputation. For a closet-living, child-eating monster, the Other Mother’s resume is a little more than qualified.

The Beldam is one of the scariest animated villains to emerge from a children’s picture. Even adults find her appearance and appetite a little unnerving. It’s not like she’s going to gain many friends with her weird doll and lethal spider combination.

6. Candyman (Candyman)


Candyman is an excellent example of a modern boogeyman, despite the fact that he isn’t actually a monster. The hook-handed spirit of Daniel Robitallie, an urban legend with terrible implications, thrives on those who fear him and mocks those who don’t.

Although he prefers to prey on adults rather than youngsters, he is certainly deserving of his moniker. Both Tony Todd and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II have done an excellent job of bringing this terrifying tale to life.

5. The Lipstick Demon (Insidious)

Insidious was an intriguing horror picture that flipped the haunted house trope on its head, but the Lipstick Demon was the film’s most memorable aspect. The red-faced monstrosity that inhabits Dalton’s body is one of the list’s most terrifying entries: a vicious entity from The Further.

It doesn’t matter how many children he intends to scare, because he likes to lurk in the shadows and wait for the right moment to strike. He’s a terrible presence in the first picture, even though he’s only seen for a brief period of time.

4. Bughuul (Sinister)


Sinister, regarded as one of the scariest movies ever made, borrows on The Ring in some ways. However, it also reimagines the tale of a child-eating boogeyman and transforms him into a malignant demon with a cult of frightening kids and a body count that makes him one of the most lethal entities conceived in recent memory.. To describe him as menacing is an understatement.

There are many types of scary, kidnapping, kidnapping-related boogeymen, but Bughuul takes it to the next level, leaving no witnesses or survivors. For some, this film is just too much to bear.

3. Michael Myers (Halloween)

When it comes to the demeanor and demeanor of Michael Myers, he’s a deserving screamer. Teenagers, babysitters, and their young charges were at the top of the list of his early victims.

Urban legends began to form in Haddonfield, New Jersey, after a gruesome murder occurred at the Myers residence in 1963. Until the night Michael returned, it was only a story. Michael is one of the most unforgettable boogeymen, if only because of his reputation.

2. Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare On Elm Street)

A Nightmare On Elm Street

Freddy Krueger of Nightmare on Elm Street is the only character more deserving of the moniker than Michael Myers. Boogeymen have long used nightmares to punish their victims, but Freddy has taken it one step further by using them as a weapon of revenge against the town that abused him so many years ago.

Freddy Krueger is more than just a boogeyman. He’s a slasher villain, but he’s also a nasty, comical, and over-the-top monster of dreams and gloom. There are very few boogeymen who enjoy such a large following.

1. Pennywise (It)

To sum it up in one sentence, Tim Curry stated, “I am every nightmare you’ve ever had, I am your worst wish come true, and I am everything you’ve ever feared.” Pennywise, Stephen King’s scary Pennywise, is possibly the best description of the ideal boogeyman.

One of literature’s most terrifying figures is the painted cosmic terror fromItis because its real form is incomprehensible. A creature that can transform into something so terrible and horrific that it drives people insane or makes them clown food is more than just a regular monster under the bed.