10 Best Shows Like Line Of Duty On Amazon Prime Update 07/2024

Shows Like Line Of Duty On Amazon Prime

Line of Duty-Like Shows to Watch on Netflix

Line of Duty will be the last major action series to air this year, so some fans may wonder what other crime dramas they can watch in their spare time.

This article discusses murder, violence, and kidnappings; mature themes are present.

It’s one of the most well-known shows in recent years, combining mystery and detective work with well-developed characters and exciting crime scenes. Line of Duty. Every episode, whether it’s a high-speed car chase or a brutal brawl, keeps viewers guessing about what’s going to happen next and who the villains could be.

Unlike other police procedurals, this one focuses on the police as they try to apprehend criminals, while the AC-12 unit goes after corrupt cops and officials. The show is perfect for fans who want to try their hand at detective work thanks to the numerous hidden secrets and clues that appear throughout the episodes. However, some viewers may be left wondering what to watch after the show concludes its final season this year.

1. Happy Valley – Available To Buy On Amazon Prime, Google Play Movies, Vudu, etc.

Happy Valley

Another English police procedural, this one based in West Yorkshire. A police sergeant named Catherine (Sarah Lancashire) is assigned to investigate the kidnapping and abduction of a young woman who becomes the victim of a revenge plot.

Both shows are filled with mystery and strike the right balance between action and detective work as well as character development outside the confines of the police department.

2. Wire In The Blood – Available To Stream On Hoopla, Acorn TV, And Tubi TV

It’s another great show about the police, but in Wire In The Blood, the focus is on people’s psychology. Tony Hill (Robson Green) is a psychologist who helps the police track down serial killers by tracking down pieces of evidence that have gone missing.

fans of Line Of Duty who enjoy piecing together the puzzles and figuring out what the next twist will be will enjoy this show immensely (which both shows deliver regularly).

3. Dexter – Available To Stream On Amazon Prime and FuboTV


Line of Duty fans will enjoy watching Dexter because it focuses on police corruption. While Line of Duty shows people trying to figure it out, Dexter immediately reveals who the criminal is within the force, with Dexter Morgan as the main character.

It’s a “interesting” concept to have a parallel life as a serial killer and a forensic technician. It’s tense to watch characters try to solve crimes while Dexter is desperately trying to hide his double life.

4. 24 – Available To Stream On Disney+, Hulu, And The Roku Channel

Line Of Duty’s action is one of the best parts of the experience. There is a lot of investigation and questioning, but there is also plenty of action in the show. There are also car chases and shoot-outs, in addition to the tense fight scenes.

A show like 24 would be ideal for fans in this situation. There’s a fast pace to this show, with Jack Bauer going up against dangerous foes like those in Line Of Duty: Black Ops 2.

5. The Bay – Available To Stream On BritBox And BritBox Amazon Channel

The Bay

The Bay follows DS Lisa Armstrong (Morven Christie) and her team as they investigate a crime in another police procedural. Every season is dedicated to a different crime, and every episode is devoted to figuring out who committed it and why.

Lisa’s position as Family Liaison puts her in contact with people who are close to her, and this can lead to information being leaked. But, like in Line of Duty, the show focuses on Lisa’s personal life as well, making her a more likable figure.

6. The Stranger – Available To Stream On Netflix

Line of Duty is heavily reliant on keeping secrets.

Even within the police force, there is graft and a desperate desire to find someone to blame but always seems to be someone else. With all of this emphasis on secrecy, The Strangeris an engaging show.

Because of the confusion that results when a stranger goes around handing out secrets to random people, many of the characters decide to solve the mystery on their own. While trying to find his missing wife, Adam Price must figure out what lies he is being told by those closest to him.

7. Bodyguard – Available To Stream On Netflix


Bodyguard is a well-written show with plenty of drama and action to keep viewers interested from beginning to end. As a result of the show’s plot line, David Budd (Richard Madden) ends up working as the Home Secretary’s bodyguard.

The fact that he doesn’t always agree with her ideas and thoughts only serves to heighten the tense atmosphere, and the resulting internal conflict only serves to intensify as the show progresses. The tough choices he must make resemble those in Line of Duty, and the tension and thrill that results from the two combined make for an incredible show.

8. The People Vs. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story – Available To Stream On Netflix Amazon And Google Play Movies

The People Vs. O.J. Simpson examines one of the most infamous criminal cases in history while Line of Duty creates some fascinating cases throughout the series.

This show places a greater emphasis on the court process than on the detective work leading up to it. However, based on the number of Golden Globe and Emmy nominations the show received, the cast and writers clearly provided compelling performances and storylines.

9. Broadchurch – Available To Stream On Amazon Prime

Broadchurch (2013-2017)

Major crimes don’t happen until a body is found on the beach in this small town drama. Two detectives are thrown into a major murder investigation and forced to work tirelessly to find out what really happened. They also have to deal with unwanted media attention and problems within their own families.

As the story progresses, more secrets are revealed, and the idyllic setting becomes increasingly perplexing. When it comes to the mysteries and lies that keep viewers guessing and hooked, Line Of Duty is a close second.

10. The Missing – Available To Stream On Amazon Prime Video, DirecTV, STARZ Play

The Missing is a suspenseful mystery that is sure to captivate viewers. James Nesbitt is simply outstanding as Tony Hughes in this episode. The series revolves around Tom and his family going on a vacation to reconnect. However, when their car breaks down, his son disappears, and his dream quickly turns into a nightmare.

A frenetic search in France ensues as he and his wife exhaust all of their resources to try to locate him, with the police doing their best to piece together all of the available information in an effort to locate him. It’s intense and emotional, and for many, it’ll fill the void left by Line Of Duty.