10 Best Movies About Pizza That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Movies About Pizza

Iconic movie scenes often incorporate pizza, even though the two don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand.

Although pizza may be featured in hundreds of films, its main purpose is to serve as product placement for pizza delivery services like Domino’s and Papa John’s. Some films, on the other hand, make more creative use of the food.

It’s hard to think of a cuisine that brings people from all over the world together like pizza. Because pizza comes in so many forms and can accommodate nearly any dietary restriction, when one appears on TV, the stomachs of the entire audience grumble in unison. If it starts a turf war, gives rise to futuristic invention, or is the favorite snack of an iconic character, these sequences all honor pizza’s excellence in one way or another.

1. Wayne’s World (1992)

Wayne’s World (1992)

As one of the funniest comedies ever created and the best movie based on an SNL sketch, Wayne’s World made viewers laugh so hard they cried. Wayne and Garth’s dread of selling out is one of the most memorable moments in the film.

Wayne unintentionally promotes a product to the audience while debating where it should be placed in an ad, breaching the fourth wall in the process. Pizza Hut’s pizza is one of those items. Wayne holds up a pepperoni pizza with the Pizza Hut logo clearly visible and declares, “I will not bend to any sponsor.”

2. Dude, Where’s My Car? (2000)

An underappreciated comedy of the 2000s, Dude, Where’s My Car? was heavily referenced in The Hangover. It’s the first thing two drunk pizza deliverymen discover when they wake up the next morning, when they have no recollection of the night before.

When the pizzeria owner visits, they scramble to hide the pizza before he enters the flat. In an attempt to establish that the two have been “embezzling” his pizza, the chef starts peeling off portions that are practically attached to the roof.

3. Back To The Future Part II (1989)

Back To The Future Part II (1989)

Re-hydrating a dehydrated pizza is what makes Back To The Future Part II a standout in the series, and it’s a feature that really sets it apart from its predecessors.

Lorraine stuffs a pizza the size of a dime into a bizarre Black & Decker contraption in the film. As time goes on, it grows into a normal-sized dish. Unfortunately, this isn’t one of the many future events that the film accurately foretold.

4. Do The Right Thing (1989)

Because of its focus on Sal’s Pizza, an Italian-owned pizzeria in a primarily African American area, the place unintentionally causes conflict.

Early on in the movie, Sal and Buggin’ Out have a humorous back and forth in a restaurant, but things start to get heated. Pestering his pizza with a fistful of free Parmesan is Buggin”s way of saying, “I’d like some extra cheese, but it’s two bucks.”

5. Deadpool (2016)

Deadpool (2016)

Prior to becoming Deadpool, Wade Wilson orders a pizza to be delivered to a random stranger’s house, with the delivery person as his intended target. After that, Deadpool unleashes devastating waves of abuse on the stranger and his delivery driver in pure Deadpool form, all while eating pizza.

When Deadpool asks, “What circumstance isn’t better by pizza?” nothing he has ever said has been more accurate than he has ever stated.

6. Home Alone 2: Lost In New York (1992)

As much of a character as Kevin is in the series, cheese pizza plays an important role in the relationship between the two. In Home Alone 2: Lost at Sea, While it’s unclear how Kevin arrived in New York City, he uses his parents’ credit card to book a hotel room.

When the bellboy is standing next to a limo and holding a pizza, it’s the most luxury moment of all. As soon as the pizza box’s lid is off, it looks like an advertisement since it’s so hot in New York even in the middle of winter.

7. Iron Man (2008)

Iron Man (2008)

It’s a mystery how Tony Stark manages to wear the Iron Man costume after eating two double cheeseburgers on his return from a three-month cave captivity in the first Iron Man film. His diet doesn’t seem to support his physically demanding superhero profession.

On the other hand, Tony and Obi are seen eating pizza together later in the movie. After Obi betrays Tony, Obi offers Tony another slice of pizza. Obi’s betrayal was rendered much more painful by this act.

8. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006)

“Talladega Nights: The Ballod of Ricky Bobby” is known for having one of the most delectable meals in film history. After Carly says, “I’ve been slaving over this for hours,” it switches to a scene of the dining table filled of Domino’s pizza. A whole bucket of KFC chicken, hamburgers, plus an abundance of sides round out the menu. Despite the movie’s apparent product advertising, it didn’t make any money from its enticing display of food.

9. Inside Out (2015)

Inside Out (2015)

One of Pixar’s best films of the decade begins with Riley’s move to San Francisco, where she has a hard time adjusting to city life. When she is served pizza with a broccoli topping, things go even worse. Riley, a native of the Midwest, has never had the opportunity to eat anything like this before. “Congratulations, San Francisco, you’ve destroyed pizza,” screams Anger in the finest line of the movie. This is your turn after the Hawaiians.

10. Home Alone (1990)

In Home Alone, there is a lot of pizza, even in the opening scene, which is a complete pizza feast. Kevin utilizes lines from a gangster movie to avoid disclosing his age to the pizza delivery guy in what is possibly the most legendary pizza scene in film history.

After the delivery guy calls Kevin cheap, Kevin makes the delivery guy think he’s being fired with a machine gun. It’s so well-known that the hotel bellboy gets the same joke in the sequel. There is, however, not a single deep dish pizza to be found in the movie, which is nearly criminal.