16 Best Horror Movies About Kids That You Should Watching Update 02/2024

Horror Movies About Kids

As a woman in her late twenties with ovarian polyps who has dabbled in modern dating, I can attest to the peril of Halloween. Having children may be something you’ve always wanted to do, or it may be something that concerns you almost as much as student loan debt. No of how you feel about having kids or not, it’s about time you had a horror movie marathon in honor of Halloween and the children you may or may not have. The time it takes you to get over your aversion to children will depend on whether or not you have a biological clock set to halt when this happens. In the absence of a biological clock, these are very certainly already some of your favorite films.

To our relief, there is no shortage of scary youngsters in the horror film genre this Halloween. Because scary youngsters are so much creepier than creepy adults, they add more significantly to the audience’s crushing sense of discomfort than your garden-variety adult-sized psychopaths. Possibly, this is due to the fact that studios are able to pay child performers less? It’s just practical, isn’t it? As a result, you should watch as many films as possible that feature these horrible children in order to ensure that you never, ever want children.

1. Cole Sear From The Sixth Sense

Cole Sear From The Sixth Sense

This child appears to be a sweetheart and a gentleman. Everything changes, however, when he reveals to the protagonist-psychiatrist that he is able to see the dead. You should never put your faith in a child, no matter how kind they appear.

2. The Kids With The Weird Eyes From Village Of The Damned

Having all the town’s women of childbearing age pregnant at the same time overnight in an English town gives you the distinct impression that their children will be a touch odd. You’d be correct: mothers bear these soulless, platinum-mopped children who can command adults to do anything they like. Isn’t it obvious that the next time you’re trying to start a family? Don’t.

3. The Grady Twins From The Shining

The reason being that my heart stops for a split second when Danny (a non-creepy or at least not that creepy child) runs into the Grady twins down the hall and they invite him to play “forever.”

4. Damien In The Omen

Damien In The Omen

It’s Damien who’s the worst! Even though his adoption into the Thorn family is questionable (Katherine Thorn gives birth to an unborn child who she later learns has died; Robert Thorn is persuaded by the hospital chaplain to adopt Damien instead and pass him off as Katharine’s biological son), the creepy-as-all-get-out character is constantly up to no good.

Whenever Damien’s nanny jumps to her death while yelling in delight “Damien, take a look at this! It’s everything for you, babe!” Obviously, something sinister is going on. If you become pregnant and the father of your child decides it would be amusing to trade roles, you might find yourself caring for the offspring of Satan. This occurs on a regular basis.

5. Rhoda Penmark From The Bad Seed

Not only does she look like a frightening living doll, but she also says the following things: Rhoda Penmark, a lovely 8-year-old girl, has a hard time forgiving. He drowned after she beat him in penmanship in a classmate’s handwriting competition. In other words, even the most dedicated student can become a psychopath, regardless of their academic prowess. For the sake of scary films.

6. Isaac Chroner From Children Of The Corn

Chroner is a laid-back sort. No one older than 18 is allowed in his home. A mass killing of adults and children in the community is what he intends to do. IMO, this is one of the best examples of a creepy child because Chroner is defined by the fact that he has no sense of time and feels like he’ll be a kid for the rest of his life.

7. Samara From The Ring

Samara From The Ring

Without Samara, a list of terrifying children from horror films would be incomplete. Because she’s a small girl, the long-haired, long-dead ghoul that jumps out of TV screens and murders anyone who has just watched her videotape is scarier.

8. Regan MacNeil From The Exorcist

Not only is Regan MacNeil terrifying when she’s possessed by the devil, but she’s also rebellious. Besides being a scary story, it could also be interpreted as an analogy for the difficulties of raising children during puberty (the cussing seems about right). In a dozen years, this might be you.

9. Gage Creed From Pet Sematary

Death doesn’t stand a chance when Creed is brought back to life thanks to his father’s decision to bury his son’s body in a mysterious pet cemetery. A homicidal madman with a scalpel in his hand is not at all the son his father recalled. Don’t. Have. Children. At. All.

10. Eli From Let The Right One In

Let The Right One In

She’s a vampire, so you know she’s not human. As a kid vampire, she utilizes her charm to entice people into helping her before sucking their life force dry. This is a wonderful way to remember not to chat to strangers, even if they are prepubescent.

11. Barto From The Unborn

The demonic youngsters in this B-movie about dybbuks and hallucinations are crazy horrifying. The truth is out there.

12. The Children From The Children

After a mystery sickness, the children in this film shift from normal and obedient to deadly over the course of the film, much to a 2008 British adaptation of The Children of the Corn.

13. Charlie McGee From Firestarter


You’ll start the movie guffawing at the notion of finding McGee scary, given she was played as a youngster by the charming Drew Barrymore. However, her pyrokinesis makes parenting somewhat difficult.

14. Carol Anne Freeling From Poltergeist

Remember that even the most well-behaved children can possess the most horror-movie-like qualities: the ability to act as a human magnet for all sorts of weird supernatural stuff to appear around them! Poor Freeling, he speaks with demons through the television set.

15. Nora Carveth’s Kids In The Brood

Psychoplasmics, Dr. Raglan’s innovative new method of inflicting psychic trauma on the already severely deranged Nora Carveth, results in her giving birth to a swarm of tiny childish creatures who go on to murder her grandmother.

16. Alice From Alice Sweet Alice

Alice Sweet Alice

As it turns out, the super creepy Alice isn’t the murderous lunatic that everyone believes her to be, she is nonetheless incredibly sinister – let’s face it, you wouldn’t suspect that she was capable of murdering her sister without some pretty peculiar vibes. That’s exactly what she does, by the way.