10 Best Anime Characters With God Complex That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Anime Characters With God Complex

Pride precedes adversity. These characters, on the other hand, are as self-centered as they are.

The tendency to exalt oneself while demeaning others is known as having a god complex. There are many examples of people who have crossed the line into arrogant because of their lack of humility.

Many of the anime characters who have one have terrifying strength to match their horns. Picture persons who have god complexes, whether subtle or not and how their outlook on life influences those around them, is critical to gaining a better understanding of how their stories will progress.

10. Meruem Claimed The Lives Of His Own Subordinates At His Leisure (Hunter X Hunter)

Meruem (Hunter X Hunter)

One of the Chimera Ants, Meruem was a villain who believed himself to be the precipice of evolution, and the head of the group. To allies and enemies alike, he made obvious that those around him were disposable.

Following his victory over the professionals in the game, he slaughtered and even murdered his colleagues for approaching him in an inappropriate manner. In spite of his god complex, the King had already inflicted too much harm for his opponents to ignore.

9. All For One Viewed Himself As His Own Version Of A Savior (My Hero Academia)

One’s capacity to give and take quirks from All For One pushed him toward villainy and power. He was able to amass an army of devotees who worshiped him as a god through redistributing power.

In spite of the character’s reputation for self-importance, Tomura Shigaraki kneels in reverence before the man and calls him “master.” In the end, Toshinori was just as much a symbol of peace as All For One.

8. Eneru Proclaimed Himself As A God Despite Simply Being An Advanced Devil Fruit User (One Piece)

Eneru (One Piece)

He claimed to be the God of Skypiea, a claim that the people of Skypiea fully embraced. When the Straw Hat pirates set off on their journey, he was able to unleash tremendous bolts of lightning that nearly wiped them out.

His enhanced style of observation Haki allowed him to keep a watchful eye on his “subjects,” too. Although Eneru is an advanced devil fruit user, she lacks the means to claim genuine divinity.

7. Light Yagami Thought That He Embodied Justice Itself (Death Note)

He started out with the notepad to rid the world of evil, but it wasn’t long before he started killing innocent people to keep his identity safe.

To him, he was a symbol of justice, and he urged his followers to see him in that light as well. While walking the streets he used to walk as a child and unaware of the monster that had taken shape over the course of time, he understood the error of his ways.

6. DIO Acted Like & Was Treated As A God (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Dio Brando (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)

It was DIO’s unusually strong charisma and vampiric state that earned him a notoriety. He had little trouble gathering large harems and hordes of minions who were obedient to his every command. Some were given brain parasites, while others were killed.

Before his ascension, DIO had already been blinded by his own conceit, but his new lot in life gave him the power to carry out his most heinous fantasies. The World’s full potential would have been unlocked if Joestar’s use of Joestar blood had not been interrupted by Jotaro.

5. Karl Fritz Used The Founding Titan To Act Like The God Of His People (Attack On Titan)

It’s safe to say that the true lord of Ymir was Karl Fritz. Guilt-ridden about Eldian crimes against mankind, he utilized his abilities to sequester and brainwash his whole race into believing they were the last of humanity’s kind.

When it came to suppressing the free will of millions, he declared that their eventual demise would be a “penance” in order to satisfy his own conscience.

4. Ragyo Kiryuin Viewed Herself As Superior To Humans & Used Her Own Daughter As An Experiment (Kill La Kill)

Ragyō Kiryūin (Kill La Kill)

Ms. Life Fibers, Ragyo Kiryuin, has aspirations to wipe off the entire globe. For the sake of justifying the ensuing turmoil, she saw her threads as superior to humans.

So radical were the woman’s ideas, that she even experimented on her own daughter Ryuko Matoi to see what would happen if she combined living fibers and humans. Even if Ryuko turned out to be more than Ragyo could have imagined, this blunder would be the final straw for Ragyo.

3. Ryo Saw Humans As A Novelty & Adored Turning Them Against Each Other (Devilman Crybaby)

Humans were nothing more than a source of fun to Ryo, who planned to exterminate them all. Besides that, he was a big fan of putting mortals against each other. For the most part, he played the role of a devout philanthropist because of this.

In the end, he was one of the few villains who were able to destroy the world and kill his hero counterpart. It was only when he had nothing left to lose that he learned the true cost of his ego.

2. Sasuke Attempted To Become The Single Authority & Divine Power Of The Shinobi World (Naruto)

Sasuke Uchiha - Naruto Shippuden

Sasuke’s primary purpose was to avenge his clan, but after Obito revealed the truth about the Uchiha tragedy, he grew considerably more irrational. By the time he faced Naruto in the last battle, his goals had expanded far beyond simply governing or destroying Konoha.

For this purpose, he planned to enslave the Tailed Beasts and become the sole planet-wide authority and sovereign of all five nations. As the villain saw it, his goal was to bring about a lasting peace by uniting the entire world against him.

1. Father Nearly Destroyed God (Fullmetal Alchemist)

A transmutation circle encompassing all of Earth’s landmasses was the ultimate goal of Father, despite his lowly beginnings as an insignificant dwarf. With the power he had stolen, he was nearly able to reach the sky and become the most powerful being in the world.

Edward Elric and his companions saved the day for Father, who could otherwise have succeeded in his plots. However, his lofty aspirations would prove to be his downfall.