14 Best Shows Like Body Cam That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Shows Like Body Cam

Body Cam

Sergeant David White describes his contact with a gun-wielding suspect on his body camera and says, “It’s not like in the movies.” In this series, you’ll have unprecedented access to police units that are deploying this cutting-edge and crucial equipment in the field. Watching the life-or-death, split-second judgments that law enforcement officers are compelled to make on a daily basis is like taking the “ultimate ride-along.” To provide essential context to their actions and provide more insight into the life-changing, often tragically deadly, moments, each tale incorporates interviews with responding cops.

1. Three Days To Live

Three Days To Live

As depicted in the film, the first three days following an abduction are critical. It’s statistically less likely that you’ll find the abducted person alive after 72 hours. With re-creations and first-hand accounts from both the kidnappers and their loved ones, Three Days to Live explores kidnapping instances.

2. #Killerpost

For those who don’t live close to their friends and family, the use of social media allows them to stay in touch. However, things might go awry if it’s misused. Examples of the negative consequences that can arise from social media use are depicted in this series. Episodes…

3. Inside World’s Toughest Prisons

Inside World's Toughest Prisons

Plot: A journalist goes around the world to investigate how different countries go about imprisoning their citizens. Inmates in Rizal Jail, a prison in the Philippines, do dances and cook meals for one other. He undergoes rigorous guard and riot training in Poland’s Piotrkow Prison and…

4. Drugs, Inc.

What is the drug trade all about? Do you think it can be stopped? What are the personal costs? In this series, the most commonly misused narcotics such as cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, and marijuana are examined in depth. From the standpoint of the traffickers themselves…

5. Justified

Justified Plot: US Marshal Raylan, a quiet lawman plagued by his past, returns to his hometown to see that justice is delivered to those in need of his own brand of justice.

6. The Price Of Duty

The Price Of Duty

‘The Price of Duty’ tells the stories of detectives from throughout the country who have been profoundly affected by the cases they’ve worked on since the minute they were assigned to them. In each episode, we see how these detectives deal with the emotional roller coaster that they’re on.

7. Heavy Rescue: 401

In order to keep Canada’s busiest highways open through the harshest of the winter driving season, heavy rescue teams are tasked with the mission of 401 Plot. Based on Discovery’s famous show “Highway to Hell,” this series follows the crews of several major towing, rescue, and repair companies as they travel the highways of America.

8. Nature

Viewers are taken to far-flung locales, from the sweltering African plains to the frozen splendors of Antarctica, in consistently spectacular documentaries. Animals and ecosystems from throughout the world are the show’s primary emphasis. Based on the show, this is a comic book intended for educational purposes…

9. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Law & Order Special Victims Unit

Detectives from the NYPD’s Special Victims Unit investigate and prosecute cases based on real-life incidents. They also attempt to avoid letting the darker aspect of their work interfere with their personal life.

10. Longmire

Australian actor Robert Taylor plays Walt Longmire, the charming and devoted sheriff of Absaroka County, Wyo. Based on the Walt Longmire mystery novels by best-selling author Craig Johnson. Longmire’s demeanor and sense of humour make him a formidable presence in the county, yet…

11. Southland


LAPD officers and detectives are tasked with preventing crime and criminals from taking place in their area, while also dealing with personal issues.

12. The Investigator: A British Crime Story

Plot: Mark Williams-Thomas is a child protection specialist with 11 years of law enforcement experience. Throughout the past two decades, he has been researching big crimes, including the naming of Jimmy Savile as a sex abuser.

13. Flint Town

Flint Town

The Flint (Mich.) Police Department is the subject of a new docuseries that examines the condition of policing in the United States. As a result of the cover-up of a city-wide water contamination, Flint citizens have lost faith in law enforcement and are distrustful of the city’s authorities.

14. Unsolved Mysteries

Using reenactments and interviews, the Unsolved Mysteries Plot tells the story of unsolved mysteries. Viewers are urged to offer information that may help solve mysteries involving homicides, love triangles, historical anomalies, and the paranormal.