7 Best Movies About Miscarriage That You Should Watching Update 03/2024

Movies About Miscarriage

There should be a mandatory viewing of these seven television and film scenes on miscarriage.

It’s rare to see miscarriage discussed in popular culture. Despite the knowledge that miscarriage occurs in 10% of all known pregnancies, the experience is generally kept private. That’s beginning to change, in part because of the increasing prevalence of pregnancy loss in television and film.

A wide range of elements contribute to the uniqueness and universality of the miscarriage experience, including the age, race, body type, and socioeconomic situation of the protagonists. Though identity and circumstance play a significant influence in how they recover from their miscarriages, the feelings of shock, sadness, and ultimately resilience are universal..

1. Sex and the City

Sex and the City

Charlotte (Kristin Davis) eventually conceives a kid with her husband, Harry, in season six of the popular HBO sitcom (Evan Handler). However, when the kid is unexpectedly taken from the couple, Charlotte sinks into a state of melancholy. Unexpectedly, it is none other than Elizabeth Taylor who aids Charlotte in rediscovering her true self. A documentary about the Hollywood legend inspires Charlotte to leave her home and attend the birthday party of a friend’s son.

2. This Is Us

This Is Us

On This Is Us season two, Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Toby (Chris Sullivan) learn out they are expecting their first child. However, Kate’s miscarriage causes the biggest rift between the pair we’ve seen so yet. It all comes crashing down in the eighth episode of the season, when Kate dismisses Toby’s grief over the miscarriage because he didn’t experience it himself. In response, he replies, “It is not fair for you to tell me that I wasn’t a part of this.” “It didn’t happen to my body. I get that. To be honest, I don’t know how you’re feeling…but that’s what happened to me too.”

3. Crossroads


Taryn Manning plays pregnant high school senior Mimi in this 2002 teen drama, which was, in effect, a Hollywood vehicle for Britney Spears, who portrayed the character Lucy.. However, Mimi had a significant impact on the plot. At one point, she has a miscarriage due to a tumble and tells Lucy, “They said I lost the baby,” which is heartbreaking. I’d ‘forgotten’ about it. “It seemed as if my keys had been taken from me.”

4. Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy

On the most recent season of Grey’s Anatomy, Dr. Bailey’s (Chandra Wilson) monologue about her loss went viral, and deservedly so. After the Joe’s Bar accident, she gave a speech in which she described the emotional toll of losing a loved one.

When asked about the patients he has worked on today, Bailey responds, “Every single one of them is OK.” That’s all right, though. That was entirely possible thanks to my ingenuity. There is something wrong with me right now. I’m concerned about [my child]. Moreover, I’m unable to hold her in my arms. Make sure she’s taken care of by someone who knows how to put her back together again. Just as she was! And now she’s not. Stand here and watch her go away from me, I can’t do anything but that.

5. Fleabag


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While in the restroom at a restaurant, Claire (Sian Clifford) miscarries during one of Fleabag season two’s darker moments. Clair shouts at Fleabag (Phoebe Waller-Bridge) when she tries to help her during her miscarriage. It belongs to me. “It belongs to me.”

In my opinion, the world is missing out on a plethora of important issues related to women’s issues, which tend to be mostly ignored. A sad truth, Waller-Bridge admitted to Glamour about the storyline in May 2019. “I think it hasn’t been very real when it has been depicted—from friends of mine who have experienced that.”

6. The Light Between Oceans

The Light Between Oceans

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Isabel (Alicia Vikander) and her husband (Tom Sherbourne) go through two miscarriages in this 2016 drama, which is based on M. L. Stedman’s 2012 novel (Michael Fassbender). Both are difficult to watch on the screen. Isabel’s physical pain is palpable, especially when matched with the emotional misery that ensues. Overall, this film does an excellent job of portraying the pain that comes with a miscarriage—with absolutely no filler.

7. King of Queens

King of Queens

Carrie (Leah Remini) discovers in season three of King of Queens that she and Doug (Kevin James) have lost their first child. It’s a quiet scene, but it’s crucial because of that. To cope, Carrie and Doug embrace each other tight as they sit there, holding each other through the difficult time.

Uncertainty is a recurrent theme throughout stories of infertility. Only time, money, and repeated trips to doctors can ever provide a guarantee that the procedure will go as planned. There’s just so much you can plan about a pregnancy, and the concept of planning anything in the midst of a pandemic sounds ridiculous. During National Infertility Awareness Week, we’ll be looking at the ambiguity and the promise.