15 Best Anime Like Dragon Ball Super That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Anime Like Dragon Ball Super

The anime series Dragon Ball Z is one of the most recognizable.

Son Goku, the series’ titular protagonist, is often regarded as the face of shonen anime, and it’s easy to see why. An entire generation of anime fans has been inspired to try Kamehameha assaults by the fantastic action scenes, and the large and diverse cast of characters is both entertaining and engaging to watch.

There are numerous episodes in this long-running series, but unless someone collects all seven Dragon Balls to wish for new episodes to be made, one can only watch so many hours of Dragon Ball Z before getting bored. However, there are many other fantastic anime that the show’s fans will enjoy!

Theo Kogod’s last update was on November 6th, 2020. Many people become interested in anime because of Dragon Ball Z. There’s something unique about seeing a series for the first time, despite the fact that you can always revisit your favorite anime. After a year, it’s time to add new anime to this list so that you can discover even more great works of art that you can fall in love with. Here are a few other shows to watch while you’re waiting for Dragon Ball Z to return.

15 Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail

As a result of the series’ focus on the legendary Dragon Balls, the term “Dragon Ball Z” was born. The mystical dragon Shinra is called when all seven Dragon Balls are gathered together and grants one request.

Fairy Tail follows a group of adventurers on a quest to find the legendary dragon Igneel. On top of that, the characters in this show have many of the same shonen combat tactics and comedic traits as those in Dragon Ball Z, including a masterful manner of dealing with power creep as the characters’ strength increases.

14 My Hero Academia

Defending the planet from evil is at the heart of Dragon Ball Z, where heroes wield incredible martial arts and ki skills. The orange gi and the armor worn by Frieza’s warriors are essentially uniforms, just as the Z Fighters. DBZ is essentially a superhero soap opera, with both heroes and villains donning capes and wielding various superpowers.

My Hero Academia is by far the most watched superhero anime series. All of the villains in this film are ridiculously over-the-top, the battle scenes are spectacular, and the hair has plenty of spiked ends. MHA is a Dragon Ball Z fan favorite, despite the fact that it stands on its own and takes an unconventional approach to superpowers.

13 Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online

Because Sword Art Online takes place in a virtual reality game world, the characters in the show have all the powers that they would normally have in a fantasy action series. Every player is locked in the game world, thus they live their lives as their powerful in-game avatars every day.

There is a lot going on in this series that makes it more intense than Dragon Ball Z, yet there is a lot going on in both anime that makes them similar. Dragon Ball fans will recognize many of SOA’s stories.

12 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Whatever else can be said about it, the middle word in the title of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has been earned. It does, however, work because of this. All of its characters, combat situations, and artwork are excellent.

Jojo’s moves in a different path from Dragon Ball Z’s martial arts ki assaults. Fans will enjoy the same type of action they’ve come to expect from superhero movies, but in a completely different way.

11 Hunter x Hunter

Hunter X Hunter

Hunter x Hunter has a lot going for it, including the fact that the protagonist, Gon Freecss, has hair that looks like it may be Saiyan. As it turns out, Gon’s father is a Hunter—someone who can seek down wild monsters and hidden treasures, and who has incredible talents through the manipulation of their Nen powers (which is basically just Ki). Gon decides to become a Hunter and begins his preparations for the annual test.

Individual episodes are enjoyable, but the real joy comes from watching Gon develop and make new friends and overcome difficulties as he journeys through the major plot arcs of the series.

10 Naruto

In Naruto, the protagonist is a ninja who has the spirit of the famous Nine-Tailed Fox trapped within him. In spite of its apparent differences from Dragon Ball Z, the two anime have many of the same features, such as action sequences with breathtaking visual effects and characters with spiky hair and an insatiable appetite.

What makes Naruto such a fantastic series is that its protagonist is sincere, innocent, and willing to conquer tremendous obstacles—all attributes that he shares with Son Goku. Naruto is a terrific series because of this.

9 Outlaw Star

Outlaw Star

Gene Starwind, an outlaw bounty hunter, and his crew face off against pirates, aliens, and cyborgs in this late 1990s space western. Fans of Dragon Ball Z will enjoy this show because of the perfect mix of laugh-out-loud humor and high-octane action.

Gene Starwind is the ultimate underdog, depending on his wits and sheer tenacity to outsmart his opponents. Despite his lack of power, he is the ultimate underdog. The cast spends the majority of the series looking for the Galactic Leyline, a hub of enormous power and wealth capable of fulfilling any request.

8 Tenchi Muro!

The original OVA Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohko! introduced the main protagonists, the human boy Tenchi Masaki and the inebriated demonic scientist space pirate Ryoko Hakubi. This was the commencement of several Tenchi Muyo! series.

There’s a lot of good old-fashioned anime in this one, what with the aliens, ancient mystical powers, and quirky characters all squabbling over. The series’ unique character dynamics set it apart from others. Tenchi’s bond with his father to the many relationships between the female characters of the series make this drama renowned for its emotional depth. Shinyenergy effects, of course, are an essential part of any excellent anime.

7 Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Aladdin and Alibaba star in this animation, which is based on the Arabian tales of the 1001 Nights. Aladdin, as a Magi, has access to the Rukhs’ magical powers. It’s not long before he’s back in his own kingdom, fighting for justice and the well-being of his people against an army of outlaws led by his corrupt brother.

The series reinterprets classic anime ideas with amazing visual effects and new cultural viewpoints by drawing inspiration from Middle Eastern folktales. They will enjoy the positive outlook of the main characters and action-packed moments.

6 Bleach


After encountering the Shinigami woman Rukia Kuchiki, Ichigo Kurosaki, the series’ protagonist, acquires the abilities of a Soul Reaper. The two spend the entire series on the prowl for evil spirits known as Hollows. This series has a lot in common with the last one on the list, as you’ll see in a moment.

When it comes to fighting otherworldly foes, Bleach has a maturity that allows it to be both lighthearted and serious at the same time, thanks to its cast of characters who earn the incredible abilities they need to do so. As an added bonus, there is a deep respect for the deceased, which is uncommon in an anime series known for its epic battles against demonic forces using magic weapons.

5 Inuyasha

This shonenanimedoes it brilliantly! High school student Kagome Higurashi travels back in time and meets half-demon Inuyasha in this Japanese Warring States period show. Many episodes focus on their journey across feudal Japan in search of fragments of a broken mystic gemstone, which takes them through demon-infested terrain.

There’s something for everyone in this blend of action, fantasy, horror, and romance. For anime aficionados, the hunt for seven Dragon Balls will be the most familiar part of the quest for shards of a mystic item.

4 Sailor Moon

Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon were the two most popular anime of the 1990s. Some have boiled them down to “boys’ shows” and “girls’ shows,” and although this may be true on the surface, it’s evident that both are top-notch and appeal to a wide audience.

Sailor Moon is historically significant since it is the most well-known magical girl anime of all time (and one of the first to contain a huge ensemble of LGBTQ+ characters). Fans of Dragon Ball Z will like the show’s story, action, and humor, but that’s not the most essential thing.

3 One Piece

One Piece

Unlike Marvel’s Reed Richards, the protagonist of this fantasy story about a bunch of pirates searching for the famous “One Piece” treasure is Monkey Luffy. There are some of the most innovative characters in anime in this high-seas epic adventure that invokes old-school anime in which the wonder of their stories wasn’t limited by imposing reality on them..

He and the Straw Hat Pirates are on a mission to become Pirate King, and Luffy is adamant about it. Fans will keep returning to this series based on a classic quest plot because of the high-octane action and wacky fantasy atmosphere.

2 One-Punch Man

One-Punch Man is both Dragon Ball Z’s spiritual heir and its archenemy. To put it simply, Saitama is the strongest guy on this planet. As a result, he’s bored as all get-out due to a dearth of interesting opponents to fight. The protagonists in the series are as much influenced by American superhero stories as they are by traditional Japanese anime, with its driving sadness and deep feeling of boredom paralyzing them.

On more than one occasion, One-Punch Man pays tribute to Dragon Ball Z by parodying the anime series. The series is not short on action, but the most important fights take place inside the minds of the characters.

1 Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Yu Hakusho

The final inclusion on this list is Yu Yu Hakusho, a 90s classic that shares many similarities with Bleach. When he saves a child from an incoming car, Yusuke Urameshi, a high school delinquent, is fatally injured, but a woman claiming to be the Grim Reaper gives him another chance at life.

With the use of his newfound abilities, Yusuke becomes an underworld investigator, hunting down and exterminating demons and other demonic entities. Dragon Ball Z fans will like this anime’s martial arts contests, mystical power strikes and erstwhile adversaries becoming close pals. There isn’t a single story beat that Yu Yu Hakusho doesn’t touch.