10 Best Purple Hair Anime Characters Female That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Purple Hair Anime Characters Female

Many female anime characters have had purple hair of all shades, and despite having this trait in common, each character is very memorable.

In order to make their characters stand out from the crowd, most anime often utilize every color of the rainbow when it comes to hairstyles. The most well-known characters have themost elaborate hair, and the colors are all-natural. Hair color contributes to the overall character design, as it can often reveal what kind of personality the character has.

Those with softer shades of purple in their hair are usually gentle, cute characters. The ones with darker hues usually give off a more serious vibe. Many female anime characters have had purple hair of all shades, and despite having this trait in common, each character is very memorable.

1. Bleach: Yoruichi Shihouin Is A Powerful Shinigami Even Without A Sword

Bleach - Yoruichi Shihouin

Yoruichi Shihouin is a former Shinigami Captain and princess of the Shihouin clan. She is able to transform into a black cat, and enjoys surprising people with this ability. Choosing to support Kisuke Urahara, she was labeled as a traitor to Soul Society.

However, during the battles against Sosuke Aizen and the Sternritter, Yoruichi was a capable ally who helped to turn the tide of the wars in the Shinigami’s favor.

2. Assassination Classroom: Ritsu Is A Machine That Korosensei Gave Humanity

Ritsu is one of the most unique students in Korosensei’s class, as she is a machine equipped with dozens of firearms. She was initially an educated but dispassionate A.I., and her attempts on Korosensei’s life disturbed the class and caused her friends loathe her.

Korosensei utilized his entire small teacher’s salary to buy and install certain enhancements for her. These enhancements gave her more personality and emotions, which she appreciated.

3. My Hero Academia: Kyoka Jiro Is A Student Aiming To Become A Pro Hero

My Hero Academia - Kyoka Jiro

Kyoka is a student in U.A.’s Class 1-A, and is aiming to become a professional hero. Her Quirk is Earphone Jack, which is exhibited in her headphone jack-shaped earlobes.

She may utilize these to strike foes with sound waves, and she can pick up on nearby sounds, which helps her to detect where and how many people are in a specific spot at simultaneously. This latter talent makes her a tremendous asset to her classmates.

4. Akame Ga Kill: Sheele Was A Kind-hearted Assassin

Sheele was a member of an organization of assassins called Night Raid. Her weapon was a large pair of scissors, which she utilized both mercilessly and effectively. Despite her brutal method of battle, she is unexpectedly clumsy but also quite friendly to her comrades.

Her kindness impacted Tatsumi, a new member who was struggling to come to grips with his recent losses. She died protecting one of her teammates, and this greatly influenced the other members of Night Raid.

5. Code Geass: Cornelia Li Britannia Is A Great Commander & A Doting Sister

Code Geass - Cornelia Li Britannia

Cornelia is one of those characters that immediately stand out the momenttheyare on screen. She was able to fool her half-brother Lelouch, who felt that he could recycle previous strategies against her.

Under her command, she is able to take down a huge number of rebels. Her main weakness is her tiny sister Euphemia, who she doted on anytime she got the chance. After Euphemia’s death, Cornelia becomes less frigid, understanding she put too much weight on the wrong things.

6. Ranma 1/2: Shampoo Is One Of Ranma’s Fiancées But She Turns Into His Worst Fear

Shampoo is a Chinese Amazon that was humiliated by Ranma Saotome when he was in his feminine form. After giving him the Kiss of Death, she is determined to pursue him anywhere in order to exact her revenge.

She falls for his male shape, leading to some humorous situations in which she’s swooning over him. She is cursed as well, and being bathed with cold water turns her into a cat. Unfortunately for her, Ranma is frightened of cats.

7. Kiss Him, Not Me!: Kae Serinuma Is An Otaku Who Undergoes A Shocking Transformation

Kiss Him, Not Me! - Kae Serinuma

Kae went through a stunning shift. After her favorite anime character died, she took a week to mourn this loss, shutting herself in her room. In this time, she dropped all of her weight, exiting her room looking like an altogether different person.

The reactions to her makeover are stunning, as most people fail to identify her at first. She is still the same person, however, and is far more interested in anime than she is in the sudden male attention she receives.

8. Cowboy Bebop: Faye Valentine Is A Lone Wolf Who Grows To Care For Others

Faye is one of the most popular anime characters with purple hair due to being one of the major characters in Cowboy Bebop, one of the series that many anime fans grew up watching.

Although Faye is often seen alongside Spike and Jet, she is a loner who has a hard time trusting anyone. She also has a variety of negative habits, typically observed lazing around or indulging in drinking and gambling. However, she does begin to trust the rest of the crew later in the anime.

9. No Game No Life: Izuna Hatsuse Is The Cutest Ambassador

No Game No Life - Izuna Hatsuse

A cute Werebeast girl who worked as an ambassador of her face, Izuna is one of the cutest characters in the series. She is intent on sounding as polite as possible, thus she regularly adds “desu” to the end of every sentence.

As games were a matter of politics, she never had joy playing them until she met Shiro and Sora. Her game versus them was noteworthy, as it was a virtual reality game set in their homeworld.

10. Danganronpa: Toko Fukawa Has Two Personalities That Are Both Memorable

Toko is introverted and has a tough time trusting others, which makes her lay the blame on people too soon. She doesn’t have great self-esteem, and her pessimistic attitude is a dramatic contrast to Genocide Jack, which is another personality inhabiting her body.

This character is seen laughing a lot when this personality takes over, and Toko is terribly humiliated that her other personality is a vicious maniac.