10 Best About Immortals That You Need Know Update 07/2024

Anime About Immortals

To wield power, you must also accept the responsibility that comes with it. How do these immortals spend their time?

There are a number of characters in anime that are nearly tough to kill, and even impossible to kill at times. Many of these immortals are extremely powerful, able to vanquish their adversaries and withstand any attack that may be thrown at them.

Immortals of varying degrees of strength and wisdom have been discovered. Immortality is a gift that some immortals use to help people around them, while others use it as a means of expanding their control over the world.

1. Hiro Longs To Become Strong Enough To Protect Hime (Princess Resurrection)

Princess Resurrection’s protagonist is Hiro Hiyorimi. Hiro was killed in a terrible accident while searching for his sister. Having been revived by Hime, he is now bound to her and is obligated to safeguard her blood servant. Hiro is weak to begin with, but he vows to strengthen himself. He aspires to never die again and trains to become physically and mentally capable of defending Hime in the event of his death.

2. Ryuk Possesses The Ability Of Flight (Death Note)

Death Note’s main shinigami is Ryuk. His task is to jot down the names of those who have passed away. He gets to live a longer life as a reward for doing his work well. Ryuk, on the other hand, gets bored easily and may occasionally lend out his notebook to humans in an effort to keep himself entertained.

In comparison to other shinigami, Ryuk has many of the same abilities and is largely undetectable to the average human being. Only those who have touched a Death Note are able to see shinigami. Shinigami are impervious to harm and can heal wounds almost as quickly as they cause them. They can walk through walls and can’t be hurt.

3. Kei Nagai Is One Of The Strongest Ajin (Ajin)


For the majority of his life, Kei thought he was just like everyone else. He was discovered to be an Ajin when he was run over by a truck. The Ajin are deemed non-human by the rest of the world.

It is possible for Kei to paralyze adversaries with a scream and construct extensions of himself, like other Ajin. Black Ghosts, a dark form that Ajin may control, are available to all Ajin. Kei has the ability to summon the most ghosts of any Ajin. Because of this, he’s out of control as well.

4. Akihito’s Incredible Healing Factor Has A Terrible Price (Beyond the Boundary)

Beyond the Boundary’s half-human protagonist is Akihito Kanbara. In exchange for his healing powers, he must pay a price. As soon as he is severely harmed, the man loses control of himself and begins to act like an animal.

Akihito has a youmu ancestry. Akihito isn’t the only youmu with a soft spot for humans; he’s been able to form strong friendships with a handful of them. In an effort to keep his youmu side from taking over, his buddies enlist his help. Youmu are known to be some of the most powerful creatures in the universe, even if his full strength is never fully displayed.

5. The Silver King Can Manipulate Gravity (K)


K, the anime features numerous kings, including the Silver King. Weismann, Adolf K., is his birth name, although he’s gone by a number of aliases since then. Amnesia causes him to go by the name Yashiro and restart his life as a normal high school student.

After a while, Yashiro begins to remember who he was as the Silver King and reclaims his abilities. For as long as he lives, the Silver King has immortality and the capacity to alter gravity. In addition, he has a higher level of intelligence. He, like the other kings, can delegate some of his authority to those who serve him.

6. Piccolo Will Never Die From Natural Causes (Dragon Ball)

Piccolo, a Namekian warrior from the Dragon Ball series, is a formidable opponent. A wish cast by King Piccolo on the dragon balls resulted in Piccolo’s father, Piccolo, becoming immortal. Piccolo was born with his father’s ability to remain young at heart. It’s possible for Piccolo to die even if he’s immortal.

In his Giant Ape form, Piccolo had to cope with Gohan, but he was able to regenerate certain parts of his body. Piccolo, like many members of the DragonTeam, relies on ki energy in his battles.

7. Father Sacrificed A Lot Of People To Gain His Power (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

One of Fullmetal Alchemist’s primary antagonists, Father. The Homunculus that Al and Ed fight is the product of his work. When he first met the king of Xerxes, Father was a simpledwarf in a glass, but his life was irrevocably changed.

However, he usurped the king’s authority for himself, despite promising him immortality. Father was able to break the rules of alchemy because he had a philosopher’s stone. It was his only way to assure that he would live long enough to see his children grow up.

8. Isshiki Was Willing To Do Anything To Prolong His Life (Boruto)

As a member of the Otsuki Clan, Isshiki Otsutsuki made several appearances in Boruto. The Otsutsuki are known for their lengthy lifespans. One man spent years seeking for the ideal vessel for extending his life in the same way that many others seem to be interested in doing the same.

In spite of Jigen’s help, Isshiki could only survive because Jigen couldn’t bear the entire weight of Isshiki’s strength. Currently, Kawaki is in control of his body, but it is possible that Isshiki will eventually take full control of it.

9. Kaname Was A Pureblood Vampire (Vampire Knight)

Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight included Kaname as one of its primary love interests. In addition, he was a pureblood vampire who had lived for centuries. Vampires with pure blood were notoriously difficult to take down. Kaname’s abilities were practically infinite.

Shape-shifting, telekinesis, and the ability to erase memories are among skills he’s demonstrated thus far. While he can’t recover from wounds to the brain or the heart, he does have a sword and an anti-vampire weapon at his disposal.

10. Sebastian Has To Serve Ciel Forever (Black Butler)

Black Butler’s Sebastian is a central character. After the death of Ciel’s twin brother, he was summoned by Ciel and entered into an arrangement with Ciel. Sebastian now serves as Ciel’s butler, guarding him against a variety of dangers.

Sebastian, despite resembling a human, is unable to die. Impersonating the perfect butler, he utilizes his skills to carry out the many chores he has been assigned. Sebastian’s original goal was to consume Ciel’s spirit once he died. However, this was avoided, and he will continue to serve as Ciel’s butler in perpetuity.