3 Best Movies About Army Rangers That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Movies About Army Rangers

Hollywood has a history of misrepresenting military activities in order to further its own agendas.

Some movies, on the other hand, get it right when it comes to presenting how US troops behave and carry out their tasks.

Several former Green Berets spoke with Insider about the movies that best captured the essence of their time in the Special Forces.

Hollywood often gets things wrong when it comes to combat and the military, but according to Green Berets, a few movies accurately portray the life of an Army Special Forces soldier.

“I’ve never been good at sitting through military dramas. After serving in the military for many years, I pay close attention to the smallest of aspects, such as conversation, uniform authenticity, and character portrayal. In fact, I have a far harder time appreciating the few Special Operations movies that have been produced “Insider was told this by a former Green Beret who is now retired.

With so many movies focusing on war and politics, Hollywood frequently creates a wildly unrealistic product that is riddled with both large and minor mistakes.

“When it comes to portraying military issues, less emphasis is placed on accuracy and high-quality acting. In the majority of cases, films are set in or revolve on World War II, which even Hollywood views as essential and justifiable “the now-retired Green Beret chimed in with an addition.

Several current and former Green Berets told Insider that the three films below, each depicting a different combat, are among the best war films ever made.

1. 12 Strong (2018)

12 Strong (2018)

Soon after the 9/11 attacks, small units of CIA paramilitary officers and Green Berets were sent into Afghanistan to work with local anti-Taliban forces.

The CIA and special forces were able to defeat the Taliban and Al Qaeda in just a few weeks with the help of US airstrikes. The success of the commandos was largely due to their adaptability and deft handling of both partner forces and unclear situations.

“This is a more modern film about a Special Forces detachment that infiltrates Afghanistan early in late 2001. It is called 12 Strong. In my opinion, the acting is excellent, the portrayal of the Green Berets is accurate, and most importantly, the story is true “Green Beret, who is now retired, made the statement.

With the Taliban regaining control of Afghanistan following a brief but brutal campaign, this video is more important than ever before – just as it was 20 years ago.

“12 Strong” is a “excellent movie as far as Hollywood goes,” according to a veteran Delta Force operative who spoke to Insider.

According to a retired Green Beret, the movie portrays Operational Detachment-A — the smallest Green Beret unit — and its task “in a genuine fashion.”

“It is not widely known that a 12-man ODA can be split into two or even smaller teams in order to empower and guide more guerrillas. SF [Army Special Forces] have an intrinsic ability to adapt, which is why they are so effective “The ex-Delta pilot chimed in. “However, given the current state of affairs in Afghanistan, the film has a sad component.”

2. Black Hawk Down (2001)

Black Hawk Down (2001)

It is in Mogadishu, Somalia, where Task Force Ranger tries to capture the Somali warlords in order to put an end to the bloody civil war.

After two MH-60 Black Hawks were shot down by Somali militants with rocket-propelled grenades on October 3, 1993, the Task Force’s Delta Force operators and Rangers engaged in a fierce battle in Mogadishu.

After that, the American commandos faced off against thousands of Somali militiamen and fighters in a street-to-street battle.

“One of the best is Black Hawk Down. Although the movie doesn’t completely portray what happened on the ground, it is quite realistic for Hollywood, which is unusual “Former Delta Force operator and Army Special Forces member tells Insider that he was aware of the situation.

“The intensity of the action is what sets this film apart from others in the genre. They did an excellent job of capturing that, thanks to the efforts of the filmmakers. As far as I know, they were assisted and advised by SOF veterans “Additional features were added by the operator.

Two Medals of Honor were awarded to commandos for their bravery throughout the combat. Dozens of awards were recently enhanced by the Pentagon after a review.

3. Apocalypse Now (1979)

Apocalypse Now (1979)

“Apocalypse Now” is one of the most acclaimed and revered war films of all time.

A Green Beret colonel played by Marlon Brando named Colonel Kurtz was tasked with defeating the Viet Cong, but he went too far and enlisted the help of an indigenous army that worshipped him as a deity.

Martin Sheen is cast as a young intelligence officer who is sent by the United States military to track down and either capture or murder Kurtz.

“Apocalypse Now is a sure bet. The film is a monumental achievement. The story, the actors, and the overall idea are all spot on. Except for the fact that it runs a little long, everything else is spot-on. It demonstrates the versatility of Special Forces personnel and the effectiveness of unconventional warfare “a Green Beret from the National Guard told Insider.

When it comes to the Army Special Forces Regiment and its ability to multiply its power, Col. Kurtz stands out as a hero or a villain, the Green Beret said.

The film’s initial reception was mixed, but it has since been regarded as a masterpiece by many moviegoers. US National Picture Registry was established by the Library of Congress as a list of films that should be preserved. In 2000, the film was included to the list.

One of the few persons in Hollywood with an interest in military and military representation on the big screen is John Milius, the author of the script for Apocalypse Now, the former Green Beret said. “For the most part, Hollywood isn’t a fan of war movies. Reflect back to 1989 when ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ beat ‘Born on the Fourth of July’ to the best picture award.'”

Journalist and Hellenic Army veteran Stavros Atlamazoglou specializes in special operations and is a Johns Hopkins University graduate. Stavros Atlamazoglou