20 Best BL Anime Movies To Watch Update 07/2024

Best BL Anime Movies To Watch

A wave of female anime viewers have been swept away by Boy’s Love. Anime studios like MAPPA, Lerche, and many more have given the BL genre a lot of attention in recent years.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a genre that attracts men, but it’s geared more toward women, with attractive male characters, dynamic relationships that defy conventional standards, and even greater sexual tension, in some cases.

In the 1980s, a number of female mangakas finally had their works published, bringing the BL genre to a wider audience. The mangas and other works started out as fanworks, but today they’ve become one of the most successful anime and manga genres of all time!

All of the popular Boy’s Love anime will be listed in this post! To be on the safe side, I enlisted the assistance of a slew of my female weeb friends for this one.

20. Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shou ga Nai!

Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shou ga Nai

We’ll kick things off with a classic from back in 2005, Sukisho. It’s possible that, as a toddler at the time, I didn’t age well, but this anime did!

Sukisho is the story of Sora, a laid-back foodie. When the story begins, Sora is recovering from a very serious fall from a building’s fourth floor. He has lost the ability to recall his past.

Sora’s new roommate, Sunao, is then introduced. Sunao claims to be named Ran, but in reality, the two of them have a split personality: Sora has Ran, and Sunao has Yoru. They’ve had this split personality since they were children.

Let’s see how Ran and Yoru deal with living together, as well as the fact that they are in love with each other! Of course, the anime is adorable and enjoyable.

19. Haru wo Daite Ita (Embracing Love)

Embracing Love is the next show on the list, and it features two amazing OVAs and several swoon-worthy main characters.

Iwaki and Katou are the most handsome male characters in this 2005 anime. Both of them have worked as co-stars in a number of adult cinema projects.

Iwaki beats Katou for a role in an audition for a popular movie, during which Katou discovers that he has fallen for Iwaki, but it takes Iwaki some time to figure out where his heart is.

There is a lot of drama in the anime, as well as a lot of sexy interactions between characters.

18. Loveless

Anime like Loveless is rare in that it blends the intrigue of a magical world with a compelling and dynamic connection between the central protagonists.

Loveless is set in an alternate universe where people are born with a tail and cat ears that disappear when they have sex with another person. Basically, anyone can tell if you’ve had sex just by looking at you!

It’s also important to note that there is fighting and it’s only done in pairs where one is dubbed “sacrifice” and the other is “fighter,” effectively uke and seme in the yaoi couple.

An amnesiac 12 year kid named Ritsuka, who seeks to piece together the riddles surrounding the death of his sibling, is the focus of this film. He runs into Agatsuma Soubi, the partner of his deceased brother, and the two set out to discover what really happened.

17. Gravitation


Gravitation is about Shuichi, a teenage kid who aspires to be as famous as Ryuichi Sakuma, the idol of the song’s title character.

Shuichi and Hiro establish a band and title it “Bad Luck,” and they even get signed to a record company because of Shuichi’s talent. Shuichi and Hiro realize that they are behind schedule and don’t even have the lyrics yet as the deadline approaches.

While out on a walk, Shuichi meets Eiri Yuki, who reads his lyrics and warns him to stop composing because he has no talent whatsoever in the art of writing.

Shuichi tries to make a point to Yuki, and the result is a growing passion growing between the two of them!

16. Seitokaichou ni Chuukoku (Hey! Class President)

While Seitokaichou ni Chuukoku may seem like a no-brainer, it is anything but. Seitokaichou defies expectations by being anything but the self-assured, affable leader of the class.

Cowardly and gullible Yuuzou Kokusai is. Because of this, he is unable to comprehend the advances that have been made toward him, as well as the workings of the world around him. The Vice President, Chiga-kun, is always there to defend his foolish President.

As the story unfolds, Chiga-kun is baffled as to why he finds himself drawn to a simple country child despite the fact that he is an intellectual. In terms of chemistry, anime and manga have a lot to offer compared to the other pairings on our list.

15. Antique Bakery

Antique Bakery is the next stop on the fifteen-pointer. It’s a story of a one-sided high school romance that, after 14 years, found a way to reconcile.

Once, middle-weight boxing champion Keiichirou turned down Ono Yuusuke’s love confession, but the young man has matured since then. He goes on to become a world-renowned pastry chef, and there is probably no one who can resist his allure.

Keiichirou, on the other hand, is the only man to whom Ono is attracted and the only one to whom Ono does not pay attention to his masculine attractions or his manner. In this charming Bakery, the four main characters have a lot of fun!

14. Ai no Kusabi (Love Wedge)

A futuristic setting with an alien atmosphere but comparable societal conventions is the setting for Love Wedge, the next anime on our list.

Supercomputer Amoi, named after our solar system’s enormous gas giant Jupiter, governs the world of Amoi.

Elite class members of the society often maintain dark-haired males as their personal mongrels on the planet, which has a dominant male population and some light-haired males are considered to be of an elite class.

Riki, a mongrel he found in the slums, belongs to Iason, a male of the elite class. Observe how society reacts to their growing closeness and how it affects their relationship.

13. Soul Contract

Soul Contract

Tencent Animation and Comics’ Ling Qi (Soul Contract) premiered in China in 2016. The story revolves around a young exorcist’s heir who was left penniless when his parents died suddenly and unexpectedly.

As a result of the financial crisis, Yang Jinghua (You Keika in the Japanese version) takes on a part-time work in order to help support his family. At a junkyard Yang comes across a strange white-bearded man. Upon waking up, he discovers he has died and taken on a ghost form after this meeting.

The man with the white beard was later revealed to be a well-known exorcist. The white-bearded guy offers Yang a contract in which Yang agrees to be his spirit shadow in exchange for human protection.

12. Wei, Kanjian Erduo La!

Cats are one of my favorite animals, and they hold a special place in the world of anime. In the anime world, there are a number of characters who resemble cats, including catgirls and anime characters.

A catboy anime is Wei, Kanjian Erduo La! (I can see your ears) For a young manga artist who hasn’t had much success yet, Dashu is the protagonist of the anime. He bumps across Myou, a catboy who’s always in trouble, one day.

Dashu’s life is transformed when he meets Myou and they begin living together in the same room. The Manhwa that served as the basis for the anime’s 12 episodes was released in 2018!

Short but cute, this anime is wonderful! Give it a shot; you won’t need much to complete this one!

11. Love Stage!!

Izumi Sena’s mother is an actress, his father is a producer, and his brother is a rock singer, but he has shown no interest in the family business, aside from one ad when he was a toddler.

Izumi has a long-term goal of becoming a manga author, and he works hard to achieve it. Ten years later, Izumi and the other young actors who starred in the ad are asked back to reprise their roles for the occasion. Izumi and Ryouma Ichijou, a well-known actor, have a fatal reunion.

When Ryouma and Izumi first met, Ryouma thought Izumi was a female because of her feminine appearance and unisex name.

See what happens as Ryouma uncovers the truth in the anime! I don’t know what Izumi will do. In the later part, the story really picks up.

10. Hitorijime My Hero

Hitorijime My Hero

When it first broadcast in 2017, this shounen-ai series quickly rose to the top of the charts. In the film, Masahiro Setagawa, a vulnerable teenager, is pushed into being an errand boy by the gangs in his area, which he despises.

The arrival of Kousuke in the neighborhood has a profound effect on his life. The “Bear Killer” quickly wipes out all of the gangs in Masahiro’s hood.

Masahiro and his buddy Kensuke learn later in high school that their math teacher is the bear killer. Masahiro begins to regard Koususke as a hero as the three of them get closer.

When Asaya, Kensuke’s childhood buddy, enters the picture, the story takes an unexpected turn.

9. Beryl and Sapphire

Beryl and Sapphire is a 2018 anime adaptation of Ocarina’s Manhwa, Beryl & Sapphire. Beryl and Sapphire, two endearing young men, appear in the anime.

In the course of the show’s 72 episodes, Beryl and Sapphire find themselves in a variety of other realms, yet they always manage to meet together.

This is a lot of angst, but you’ll surely be surprised by this one and how it finishes!!! The 8-minute episodes aren’t too time-consuming, and they’re also amusing.

8. No. 6

There are six city-states that have not been damaged by the world war that destroyed the rest of the planet, and this dystopian future is depicted in an anime series.

It was common for people to think that the life they led behind these four walls were the best the planet has to offer, but they were mistaken. After meeting a young child named Nezumi, the protagonist Shion learned about the wretched inhabitants of the wastelands.

Shion and Nezumi get closer as they discover the mysteries of No. 6, the sixth city in the globe, in the course of the anime.

Regardless of whether you enjoy shounen-ai or the accompanying shipping, this anime is worth watching for the tale alone.

7. Junjou Romantica

Junjou Romantica (Junjo Romantica)

Junjou Romantica comes in at number seven. Like other high school students, Misaki Takahashi is preparing for his University Exams in order to secure a place at one of the country’s most prestigious universities.

Misaki’s older brother’s buddy, Akihiko Usami, offers to assist Misaki in studying for the tests. Misaki accepts Akihiko’s invitation because he believes it will help him relax and study more effectively.

Akihiko’s writings, however, are of a filthy nature, which really piques Misaki’s interest. The anime focuses more on the enslavement of an innocent soul.

For fans of black-and-white anime, this has it all: romance, corruption, lewdness, and more.

6. Hybrid Child

Hybrid Child, the number six anime on this list, has one of the most original stories. The plot begins with an explanation of the term “Hybrid Child.” Somewhere between robots and humans, they exist. However, a Hybrid Child is nothing more than a reflection of the love you give them.

After finding an abandoned Hybrid Child dumped in the trash by Izumi, the heir to an aristocratic family, he decides to take the child in and raise him as his own son. Hazuki is the name he gives the Hybrid.

To protect their family’s reputation, the Izumi clan is displeased with Izumi for bringing Hazuki into the house. Although they’ve tried to get rid of Hazuki, their love for one other becomes stronger.

With its ups and down, the anime contains a few surprises, but it’s well worth the effort!

5. Yuri!!! on Ice

Without further ado, let’s get right to it. Not only is it well-known among fans of black and white anime, but it is also one of the most well-known across all subgenres.

Aside from skating, Yuri!!! on Ice is about life in general. It both teaches and removes knowledge.

Yuri, a once-promising Japanese figure skater, has become a couch potato after his Grand Prix disappointment. All because of the high expectations he set for himself.

Youtubers start to notice Yuri’s imitation of five-time World Champion Victor, who shows up at his house to offer his services as a coach. Watch out for the next twist!

4. Classmates

Doukyuusei (Classmates)

Aniplex released the anime film Doukyuusei, which translates to Classmates in English. This film’s protagonist has a positive outlook on life, which I appreciate. When it comes to Hikaru’s demeanor, it’s hard to believe that he’s anything but carefree. I wish I could be like Hikaru, too!

In the middle of the school’s annual summer festival, their entire class is required to perform the chorus song, and as a result, Rihito, an honor student, is found preparing alone.

While Rihito works on his singing, Hikaru gets to know him more. During the summer, the two students build a strong friendship.

3. Given

In 2019, this series surprised everyone by taking over the BL genre. With an ever-expanding fan following, it’s soared to new heights in the genre. The incredible plot and high-quality animation are responsible for all of this.

Ritsuka, a band member, berates Mafuyu Satou, the protagonist, for his corroded and damaged guitar strings. Satou, impressed by Ritsuka’s proficiency with the guitar, asks him to fix it and teach him how to play it.

Ritsuka is so taken by Satou’s singing that he chooses to make him the lead singer of his band throughout their time together.

A high school band drama isn’t all there is to the story of Given. Romance, music, and some of the most heart-warming anime moments can be found in this series.

2. Mo Dao Zu Shi

A supernatural anime with action and adventure in a historical setting, yet the tale and the characters reveal much more than that.

Cultivator Wei Wuxian was led down the Demonic Path by Mo Dao, who was later brought down by the Cultivation Clan after a long reign of terror.

Reincarnated as a maniac, Lan Wangji has reconnected with his former classmate. Two people work together to solve the mysteries of life’s otherworldly realms

Together, they battle demons, spirits, ghosts, and other cultivators! Having just 15 episodes, it’s an excellent adventure anime that doesn’t demand too much of your time!

1. Banana Fish

Banana Fish

Banana Fish was the most difficult anime to choose from, but no one could think of a better one, so here we go!

Ash is a fantastic lead character! His demeanor is ferocious, confident, and a total badass, but Eiji surprised me more. Ash and I were both astounded when we watched Eiji leap over the wall to flee the enemy! Character development in this episode is outstanding.

In the anime, “Banana Fish,” the identical words Ash’s brother has been speaking since his return from Iraq in a paralyzed state, are two strange syllables.

Please watch the anime at your own mental risk because it contains a lot of twists and turns and is pretty sad.