10 Best Non Ghibli Anime Movies That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Best Non Ghibli Anime Movies

There are a plethora of well-known anime films to choose from. In the broad scheme of things, Studio Ghibli isn’t responsible for all of the best anime films.

You can start with Studio Ghibli if you’re interested in anime but don’t know where to begin. There’s a solid reason why the studio has long been a powerhouse in the business.

There are, however, a slew of excellent anime films that are less well-known to newbies.

Not every great anime film is made by Studio Ghibli. In the larger scheme of things.

1. Mirai (2018): 7.0

Mirai (2018)

Mamoru Hosoda, the director of this picture, was nominated for an Academy Award for his work.

The story of a brother and sister is told in a charming, amusing, and family-friendly manner in Mirai. The story revolves around a young boy’s first day home with his new baby sister. To his relief, a future version of his sister appears to educate him more about family values. He is nervous about the unexpected arrival. In other words, it’s a coming-of-age story that doesn’t shy away from exploring more mature issues.

2. Redline (2009): 7.5

This anime, even by the norms of other anime, is ridiculously out there. In order to create the film, it took so long that the studio’s funding had to be declared insolvent! Following one driver as he jumps between worlds competing in races in hopes of qualifying for the legendary Redline race, the plot is set in illicit alien automobile racing. The movie gets off to a quick start and never really lets up. There will always be robots and aliens and weaponry and explosions to keep you interested in the show.

3. Paprika (2006): 7.7

Paprika (2006)

As Satoshi Kon’s final film, Paprika features mind-bending visuals that have inspired numerous films, including Christopher Nolan’s Inception. Several people are involved in a quest to reclaim some stolen technology that is causing all of Tokyo to experience hallucinatory dreams.

At some times in the film, it’s tough to discern what is genuine and what isn’t because of the richness of the animation and narration. It’s a work of art and a one-of-a-kind artwork.

4. In This Corner of the World (2016): 7.8

It’s interesting to see how In This Corner of the World differs from the other films on this list. The film is set in Hiroshima, both before and after the atomic bomb was dropped, and depicts how the war had a profound effect on Japanese society and the terrain. A majority of the film’s content is based on real-life accounts, journals, images, and letters that are masterfully recreated in realistic animation.

5. The Girl Who Lept Through Time (2006): 7.8

The Girl Who Lept Through Time

In his first film as a lone creator, director Mamoru Hosoda helmed this film. During a freak accident, Makoto obtains the ability to travel back in time. Makoto takes advantage of her newfound ability to rewind time and relive specific moments whenever she wants in order to get an advantage in both academic and social situations.

A major mystery that threatens to undo everything Makoto has accomplished keeps the film moving onward.

6. Ghost in the Shell (1995): 8.0

One of the most well-known anime films of all time.

The worldwide success of Ghost in the Shell led to a slew of sequels and spin-off television programs. The original film is still recognizable. Major, an android with a consciousness from a previous life preserved inside her, is the protagonist of this cyberpunk future story. As a police procedural, it’s also a profoundly philosophical look at the nature of identity and human nature itself. Despite the intense action, the animation is frequently fairly tranquil, and it is just as visually striking today as it was when it was first released.

7. Perfect Blue (1997): 8.0

Perfect Blue

Perfect Blue, Satoshi Kon’s feature film directorial debut, is a psychological thriller that has had significant influence on several Western filmmakers. Mimi Kirigoe is an actress and a pop sensation at the same time. Mima suffers death threats from her devoted followers and is split between her multiple pop personalities as her agents argue about what she should do next as she transitions. Dream, reality, and hallucination collide in a mind-boggling mashup that quickly becomes one of the most terrifying thrillers ever made.

8. Akira (1988): 8.0

One of the most acclaimed anime films ever made.

When it was released, Akirawa was a phenomenon. It is still the most expensive animated feature ever made. Hooligan motorcycles in a future Tokyo catch up in a government covert operation after a series of mishaps.

Highly detailed animation and some intense (but incredibly entertaining) action sequences highlight the film’s stunning spectacle. Because of this,Akirais still as good today and as good as it was when it first came out.

9. A Silent Voice (2016): 8.2

Silent Voice

A Silent Voice is a painful yet beautiful drama for fans of quieter and more subtle stories. An isolated and lonely high school student, who was formerly the school bully as a child, is the focus of this story. Shoko, a deaf girl who was bullied so severely that she had to leave her old school, is one of those he seeks to make peace with. If you’ve ever wondered what an Anime film can do when it comes to conveying human feeling, you’ve come to the right place.

10. Your Name (2016): 8.4

The popularity of the anime series Your Name has exploded. Not only is it the most successful anime of all time, but a live-action American version was inspired by it (currently in production). Taki and Mitsuha are two high students who find themselves strangely swapping bodies. To begin, they work to better one other’s circumstances and gain a better understanding of the differences between city life and rural life. Your Nameis a fun movie with a clever storyline that keeps you guessing until the very end. Those who haven’t seen it yet will be enchanted by the animation’s combination of crisp clarity and incredible level of detail.