10 Best INTJ T Anime Characters That You Should Know Update 04/2024

INTJ T Anime Characters

A Myers-Briggs® personality type known as an INTJ is known as the “Mastermind.” Innovative solutions to complex challenges are found by people with a clear strategic vision. As dominating introverted intuitive types, they are constantly looking to the future and making predictions about how things will be in the future.

1. Ray from The Promised Neverland

Ray from The Promised Neverland

Ray’s Characteristics: serious, private, clever, skeptic, blunt, cunning are some of Ray’s most notable characteristics.

In spite of his demeanor, Ray is able to discern the true nature of Grace Field House before anyone else. Ray is an INTJ, and as such, he views being direct and honest as a kindness. He has no time for the other children’s foolishness or emotional sensitivity. With his forward-thinking, strategic mind, he devises a six-year secret plan to ensure that two of his closest pals get freed.

2. Hendrickson from Seven Deadly Sins

Cool, level-headed, serious, commanding, and confident are some of Hendrickson’s most prominent character traits.

If you ask Hendrickson to forecast what other people will do, he’ll almost always be right on the money. Former Great Holy Knight of the Lion Kingdom, he wants to uncover his ultimate purpose and as a villain, is willing to lie and manipulate in order for that reason. It’s clear that he has a keen sense of intuition because he can see the potential uses of objects and because he often plans events months or even years in advance. His analytical side can be seen in the methodical yet effective way he employs strategy. He’s a serious, commanding leader who moves quickly to assign people to the tasks they’re best suited for.

3. Lelouch Lamperouge (vi Brittania) from Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Lelouch Lamperouge-Code Geass

Strategic, visionary, rebellious, focused, clever, and compassionate are some of Lelouche’s most notable personality traits.

Lelouch Lamperouge thinks of life as a chess game that is constantly changing. When it comes to planning, he has an uncanny ability to anticipate his adversaries’ next move. His long-term ambitions will change the globe, and he thinks far in advance about what will happen. In spite of how cold and calculating he appears on the surface, his true feelings are for the plight of the oppressed and the downtrodden. Introverted Feeling (Fi) joins Introverted Intuition in this crucial moment (Ni). He doesn’t mind being the bad guy as long as his principles and morals are what he is ultimately protecting at the end of his difficult strategy.

4. Kurapika from Hunter X Hunter

Focused, intellectual, argumentative, inquiring, reticent, strategic, ruthless, loyal are some of Kurapika’s most prominent character traits.

Kurapika has a strong sense of purpose and a big picture outlook. Despite being only a small toddler at the time, he already fought and debated his way out of his family’s cave and into the outside world. Kurapika, despite his cool and calculated exterior, is a true friend to those he cares about. Only his closest friends seem to be able to calm him down when he becomes enraged and violent, and he often defends them with his life. The way he continuously reads between the lines, analyzes, and forecasts shows his keen sense of intuition. There are many things in the world that are not obvious to him, therefore he is always looking for the deeper meaning behind the actions of those around him.

5. Tsukishima Kei from Hyaikuu

Tsukishima Kei from Hyaikuu

Among Tsukishima’s most notable personality traits are his snark and keen observational skills. He is also analytical, strategic, and cold-blooded.

Tsukishima takes on the role of volleyball team’s chief strategist. He often has a last-minute idea that completely alters the outcome of a match. He is methodical and methodical in his approach to defeating his opponents, and he manages to get everyone on board. Interestingly, the other INTJ on his team is the one person he often gets into altercations with. Tsukishima is slow to become enthused about playing volleyball because he understands the fleeting nature of the game and the meaninglessness of whatever triumph they might gain. However, when he finally discovers his purpose, he is courageous, creative, and difficult to overcome.

6. Neji Hyuga from Naruto

Responsible, intellectual, serious, motivated, disciplined, and analytical are some of Neji’s most prominent character traits.

Early on, Neji’s mental acuity and perseverance were clear to anybody who met him. Even though he was not allowed to learn any advanced tactics from his clan, he was nevertheless able to perfect them by sheer observation and drive. Typical of the Intuitive mindset, Neji often speaks in terms of metaphors and symbols and holds on to the belief that he is part of a greater plan or destiny. In his direct, matter-of-fact style of speaking, his thinking side comes through, as he remains steadfastly focused on the broader picture.

7. Ryunosuke Akutagawa from Bungou Stray Dogs

Ryunosuke Akutagawa from Bungou Stray Dogs

Vengeful, cunning, resentful, blunt, and quick-tempered are some of Ryunosuke’s most notable character traits.

Ryunosuke, the villain, is a likable character. Bungou Stray Dogs is a story of a man who was driven to violence by the agony and anguish of his youth. In his capacity as the self-proclaimed “hound” of the Port Mafia, he will do whatever is necessary to achieve both the mafia’s goals and his own. As he sees things, he believes that the strong should govern over those who are weak, and he works hard to maintain his emotional distance in all aspects of his life. His humanity and fragility are enough to make him an intriguing three-dimensional figure, no matter what his true motives may be. When it comes to strategy, Introverted Intuitions like this guy can be cunning and dangerous at the same time because of their “ends justifies the means” mentality.

8. Kurisu Makise from Steins;Gate

Kurisu’s Most Notable Personality Traits Include: Curiosity, sarcasm, and intelligence.

One of the world’s greatest geniuses, Kurisu finished university at the age of seven. Okabe uses her expertise in the Brain Science Institute to assist him in building a time machine and coordinating the logistics of traveling back and forth and saving lives. As with many INTJs, Makise’s demeanor is witty, caustic, and analytical. She’s not prone to panic attacks and frequently speculates about the scientific nature of certain situations. Instead of being present in the moment while kissing someone, she speculates about Einstein’s theory of relativity.

9. Kai Chisaki “Overhaul” from My Hero Academia

Kai Chisaki “Overhaul” from My Hero Academia

Characteristics: Cunning, strategic, antisocial, obsessed, ambitious and germophobic are Overhaul’s most prominent characteristics.

Chisaki sees people as puppets to be manipulated in order to achieve his goals, rather than as individuals with feelings. As part of a bigger “master plan,” every action he does is meticulously planned out. He intends to rid the world of Quirks, allowing the yakuza to reassert their authority over society once more. Chisaki is continually looking at the big picture and projecting how events would effect his plan, allowing him to improvise and innovate if necessary. When it comes to planning well-coordinated attacks and staying calm in a crisis, his leadership skills are unmatched, even if they are a bit violent.

10. Merlin from The Seven Deadly Sins

In the eyes of many, Merlin is the Boar’s sin of overindulgence. When it comes to learning, she goes so far as to suspend her own age so she can soak up as much information as possible. When calamity comes, she maintains a cool, collected approach. She has the ability to carefully appraise any issue and devise a well-thought-out plan before taking action. She is an INTJ because of her thirst for knowledge, her intuitive grasp of ramifications, and her cool, collected demeanor.

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