Top 10 Anime With Black Cats Perfect For Halloween Update 05/2024

black cat anime characters

Halloween is the time of year when we see pumpkins, ghosts, and zombies — but we also get to see cute black kitties from anime.

With supernatural series like Another and Soul Eater, there is no shortage of creepy characters to choose from in the world of anime, making them ideal for Halloween binges. There are zombies, vampires, restless spirits and even black cats in this anime.

Many anime series feature cat characters, either as full-blown catgirls or as typical housecats. Regardless, a black cat is an excellent Halloween mascot. Other than being pets, these black cats have a significant impact on the plot of the series. Some of them are even able to communicate verbally or magically. We don’t know who these Halloween cats are.

1. Bleach Introduced Yoruichi Shihoin In Cat Form

In Cat Form

The first season of Bleach was characterized by whimsy and eccentricity, and it featured the appearance of a talking black cat named Yoruichi. Ichigo and his buddies had seen the likes of Hollows and a talking parakeet at this point, so a talking black cat didn’t seem all that strange to them.

This, on the other hand, was nothing more than a ruse to hide the real truth. As a former Soul Reaper, Yoruichi Shihoin has extensive knowledge of the Soul Society as well as great martial arts talents. Yoruichi, although in human form, possesses a few feline characteristics.

2. Kiki’s Delivery Service Includes Jiji The Talking Cat

Kiki’s Delivery Service, a 1989 fantasy series starring a girl who dreams of becoming a flying witch and using her powers to serve others, is one of Studio Ghibli’s most popular anime films. Jiji, a black cat, serves as this girl’s personal familiar in addition to her broom and good intentions.

Even though Jiji, the English dub of Jiji, has a slightly sardonic disposition that is meant to be friendly, it is clear that he is doing his best to help the witch. He eventually meets Lily, a white female cat, and the two go on to have a litter of kittens.

3. Soul Eater Features Blair The Black Cat Girl

Blair - Soul Eater

Even though Yoruichi Shihoin can transform into a cat, he isn’t the only anime character capable of doing so. Maka Albarn, the protagonist of the Soul Eater anime, encountered Blair, a black cat who could transform into a human form resembling an adolescent girl in a witch costume early in the series.

Although she appeared to be a witch, Blair wasn’t one, and Soul Eater Evans was taken aback after devouring her soul and realizing his error. This time, he would have to go out and find a real witch’s soul instead of the intended witch’s soul he had planned to consume.

4. Nichijou Features Sakamoto The Talking Cat

You should definitely check out Nichijou if you’re a fan of Azumanga Daioh! because it’s an amusing and bizarre high school anime. Only Nichijou has a Halloween-appropriate black cat in its cast of lovely felines. Sakamoto, in reality, is able to speak.

Even when Sakamoto isn’t wearing his trademark red bandana, his personality shines through. Almost like a bemused older brother or parent, he softly fusses over the Professor as she tries to concentrate on her work. However, the professor rarely pays attention.

5. Konosuba Makes Time For Chomusuke The Familiar

Chomusuke - Konosuba

Megumin, the explosives enthusiast, appears in Konosuba as a “cute witch” type figure. Although she is focused on becoming the world’s best explosion master with her magical staff and witch hat, she still finds time to spend with her pals, including her very own pet dragon, Chomusuke.

Chomusuke is a fairly average cat, other from the red mark on her forehead and her little wings. She doesn’t do much in combat. In fact, she’d be better off avoiding the fray altogether in the event of a mishap. Because she doesn’t want to be covered with huge frog slime.

6. Code Geass Includes The Stray Cat Arthur

While Lelouch vi Britannia is a thrilling and complex sci-fi action hero, he can also be a terrifying antihero at times. Arthur, a stray black cat, is one of the story’s charming characters.

Like Blair and Sakamoto, Arthur has no superhuman abilities. As a mascot for the student council, Euphemia found an average cat and brought him along. His association with Suzaku is not uncommon, and he has been known to bite the latter.

7. Sailor Moon Features Luna The Helpful Cat

Sailor Moon Luna

Luna, a supernatural black cat with the ability to communicate verbally, has spent some time on the moon with her best friend Artemis. After helping Usagi Tsukino and the other important characters in any way she can, Luna prefers to keep her abilities hidden from the public. She wants to appear to be a normal kitty.

As Usagi awakened the other Sailors, Luna helped Usagi awaken the likes of Ami, Rei, and Makoto, as well. A supercomputer and the ability to find the Dark Kingdom were both given to Ami by Luna. One helpful feline there.

8. Chi’s Sweet Home Includes A Big Black Cat

Chi’s Sweet Home is a lighthearted series depicting a curious kitty named Chi that’s enjoyable to watch. Chi was adopted by the Yamada family in secret one day, and she quickly made friends with the other cats in the area, including strays, as well.

The elder black cat she names Kuroiro gives Chi some advice on the dos and don’ts of modern cat life, which she takes as a compliment from the grouchy but well-meaning Kuroiro. Chi enjoys getting together with her tutor to get some guidance from him.

9. Trigun Has A Black Cat Who Pops Up In Each Episode

Kuroneko - Trigun

Gunsmoke, the desert planet of Trigun, is a tough place to make a life as a gunslinger, but they’ll do what they can to make it work. Friends of Vash the Stampede are come for an adventure, and a black cat likes to accompany them.

As a running humor, the black cat known as Kuroneko (meaning “black cat”) makes an appearance in nearly every episode. For added hilarity, Kuroneko may occasionally join in the game.

10. Fairy Tail Has A Black Feline Warrior Named Panther Lily

Cats in the Fairy Tail universe are more than just pets. In Edolas, where Exceeds live, they are revered as gods because of their human-like intelligence. He is one of them, along with Carla and Panther Lily, the warrior cat.

Panther As a swordsman, Lily can easily overwhelm most human opponents in his larger and more humanoid form. Gajeel Redfox, the iron dragon slayer, is delighted to have him as a companion. After all, he had always wanted a cat of his own.