7 Best Anime Like Yosuga No Sora That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Anime Like Yosuga No Sora

‘Yosuga no Sora’ is a popular Japanese romantic series that deals with an incestuous romance. The film is based on the same-named blockbuster indie graphic book. In addition to the main plot, there is a harem subplot in this show, which does not hold back on depicting explicit sexual content. Here, you’ll find a wide range of other shows that share the same kind of tone and style as this one. Anime like ‘Yosuga no Sora’ are on this list of recommended alternatives. It’s possible to view a number of these anime on Netflix, Crunchyroll, or Hulu.

7. Aki-Sora (2009)

Aki-Sora (2009)

‘Aki-Sora’ is a well-known anime with a controversial love story. It frequently features nudity, including sex. ‘Yosuga o Sora’ is a lot like this show. We’ve got a slew of horny youngsters that are passionately attracted to one another, but are doing everything they can to keep it a secret. They, of course, cave in at the end. Both of these shows feature a taboo relationship between a brother and sister. Both are extremely explicit in their depiction of sex, making you feel as though you’re on the verge of hentai. The length of ‘Aki-Sora,’ like that of other OVAs, is one of its flaws. There are only 21 minutes in the entire show.

Sora and Aki are related. Each other’s well-being is of the utmost importance to them. They used to bathe together when Sora was a child. His affections for his older sister have grown beyond the boundaries of typical familial connections as he has matured. He’s attracted to her in a different way, and he’s often overcome with feelings of lust. It’s possible that her sister is more accepting of his affections than he thinks. As the episode progresses, we see Sora’s determination eroding as he tries to maintain self-control. Visually, the anime is a beautiful treat. Don’t miss out on the uncensored version.

6. Koi Kaze (2004)

The romance drama ‘Koi Kaze’ explores the idea of forbidden love. There are several similarities between this show and ‘Yosuga no Sora.’ They both deal with brother-sister relationships that go beyond and beyond the typical boundaries. There is a depiction of the effects on the individuals involved and on society as a whole that such feelings can have. Koi Kaze doesn’t just throw in a controversial connection; it examines the topic in depth.

The anime’s leading man, Saeki Koushirou, is a wedding planner. When it comes to his own love life he is a shell of what he appears to be. He lives with his father after his parents split up. He hasn’t seen his mother or sister in years because they both live in another state. He’s also lately been dumped by his girlfriend, on top of everything else. Then he meets a girl who rekindles his feelings and gives him a glimmer of hope. Is this gal the one for you? Nope! Her true identity is revealed, and she has come to town to live with Saeki and his dad. No doubt about it, he knows that she is his sister. It’s impossible for him to quit caring about her.

5. Kanon (2006)


When it comes to visual novel development, Key is a behemoth. ‘Kanon’ is one of Key’s most notable works. It’s a roller coaster of emotions, with many ups and downs. ‘Kanon’ shares certain similarities with ‘Yosuga no Sora’ despite its lack of an incestuous theme. A graphic novel served as the inspiration for both series. They are characterized by a great emphasis on drama and a sombre undertone. As in both shows, the protagonist is forced to confront his past in order to deal with the emotions that come along with that experience.

Aizawa Yuuichi relished the opportunity to see his cousin. He frequently visited his cousin’s home city. Then he came to a halt. A reason had kept him away from the city for seven years now. Since then, he has returned but has lost all recollection of what happened there. He meets a slew of women that have some connection to his history. As he begins to communicate with them, he begins to recall his earlier days. “Kanon” boasts excellent animation and an excellent soundtrack. This anime is a must-see for fans of dramatic emotional content.

4. Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru (2005)

You may watch the OVA on YouTube. This anime has a total running time of 49 minutes. Once again, the plot revolves around an illicit romance between siblings, and the show explores the psychological effects on all involved. As a result, the series bears some resemblance to “Yosuga no Sora,” which deals with taboo love between brothers and sisters. The difference is because ‘Yosuga no Sora’ frequently delves into fan-service, but ‘Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru’ does not because it is a shoujo anime.

They are identical twins, Yori and Iku. They’ve been close since they were kids, and they still do a lot of activities together. However, it appears that Yori’s behavior toward her has cooled recently. Iku is devastated by her older brother’s unexpected reversal of character and her inability to make sense of it all. Has something gone awry with her? It’s true, however, that Yori is infatuated with his little sister and is attempting to keep it under control. When he hears Iku talking about having a boyfriend, he tries a variety of methods to stop himself, but they all fail. He tells her he loves her and wants to be with her. Iku adores her brother and aspires to be close to him. Iku Is this something Iku can go ahead with?

3. Kiss x Sis (TV) (2010)


This anime is one of the most popular incest shows. We see a pair of twins attempting to woo their stepbrother in this anime. There are numerous amusing parts in the show, which makes it a joy to watch. As opposed to the other series, ‘Kiss x Sis’ is more of a comedic take on forbidden love, so give it a shot if you’re looking for something lighthearted. This anime also has a harem theme and offers plenty of ecchi and fanservice to the audience. When Keita Suminoe’s mother died, he was left behind with a father who remarried soon after her death. The two adorable stepsisters that Keita now has are Ako and Riko, who happen to be identical twins. Soon, the sisters’ love for their brother become incestuous, and they begin to compete with one another for his attention. Although Keita wishes to avoid this forbidden love, he is unable to suppress his affections for his sisters. How long will he is able to hold out against his sister’s enticing behaviors, or will he succumb to the sexual urge?

2. Myself; Yourself (2007)

“Myself; Yourself” is a school-based romantic comedy. The show has some charm, and the animation is good. However, its resemblance to ‘Yosuga no Sora’ is what really makes it stand out. In both shows, there is an incestuous relationship. Myself; Yourself contains a subplot of incest, while ‘Yosuga no Sora’ has it in the main plot. In both shows, the protagonist is forced to confront traumatic memories from his or her past. An open ending is left to the viewer in both animes.

The family business requires Sana Hidaka to relocate from his hometown of Sakuranomori to Tokyo. So his childhood buddies must bid him farewell. No matter how far away he ends up or how much time goes by, he’ll always have the memories of their companionship. He has the opportunity to return to his hometown some five years later. A year after turning 16, he’s returned to Sakuranomori in the hopes of rekindling old connections, but it turns out that everyone there has changed. They are now carrying secrets that could damage their relationships.

1. Amagami SS (2010)

Amagami SS (2010)

Yosuga no Sora shares several similarities with ‘Amagmi SS’. An incestuous relationship is not included, but the overall framework of the anime is comparable to that of ‘Yosuga no Sora. Can a guy who has a lot of options when it comes to a relationship choose the female who is best for him without hurting the other people involved in the process? Arcs in the anime show the protagonist hanging out with different girls throughout the course of the story. Junichi Tachibana is the protagonist of the anime. For fear of being rejected, he keeps his genuine feelings hidden. It all started when he was dumped two years ago, and he’s still haunted by the trauma. In any case, it appears as if he has finally found someone to spend the holidays with as he meets various women. How does he feel about each one of them? Kaoru Tanamchi, his childhood best buddy, or Haruka Morishima of the upperclassmen?