11 Best Anime Girl Pigtail Hairstyle That You Should Watching Update 03/2024

Anime Girl Pigtail Hairstyle

Keep reading if you want to view some of the most adorable anime girl with pigtails hairdos! Anime appears to have taken over the globe these days! These comics, mangas, cartoons, and surely unique hairstyles have enthralled both men and women.

Popular Anime Pigtail Hairstyles

These 11 anime girl pigtail hairstyles are likely to inspire you if you’re looking for a new hairdo.

1. Nico Nico Nii with Long Pigtails

Nico Nico Nii with Long Pigtails

This anime pigtail hairdo is adorable and fun, almost childlike in its appearance. You can’t go wrong with the chestnut brown hair color with the red buns!

2. Golden Blonde Hair of Sailor Moon

Yes, we’ve all seen at least one episode of Sailor Moon at some point. This fiery anime girl with pigtails exudes strength and bravery, and she even sports a tiara to match her golden locks!

3. Watora’s Light Brown Pigtails

Watora’s Light Brown Pigtails

She appears like a real princess because her hair is soft and curly, and she has pigtails to boot! These anime characters, who often sport pretty hairstyles, tend to be sweethearts beneath their tough exteriors.

4. Ice Blonde Pigtails by Tama Sakai D Frag

Because silver hair is associated with power in anime pigtails hairstyles, it’s a must-have color in these films. It’s clear to see that D Frag Tama Sakai is in full diva mode. To begin, this is a good option if you enjoy distinctive and washed-out colors.

5. Hatsune Miku’s Ice Blue Hair

Hatsune Miku’s Ice Blue Hair

Because they don’t mind being constantly scrutinized for their appearance, some anime characters have decided to sport an unusual hue of blue in their outfits. In terms of anime character hairstyles, this girl’s pigtails are a little out of the ordinary.

6. Tamamo-no-Mae

Tamamo-no-Mae is rocking the below-the-waist pigtails, as is customary for anime characters. She has a ferocious demeanor and appears capable of conquering the world! If you’re not afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone and showing off your style, then rose gold hair is the way to go.

7. Sakura Chiyo’s Pigtails

Sakura Chiyo’s Pigtails

Because of its adorable pigtail style and unusual pair of hair clippers, this orange brown hairdo is highly sought-after! Many anime characters put chopsticks in their hair as a way to express their individuality and beauty. Sakura Chiyo appears to be on board with this new trend, perhaps while getting ready for school.

8. Minami Iwasaki’s Pigtails & Long Bangs

Minami Iwasaki’s Pigtails & Long Bangs

Minami Iwasaki’s intriguing and strong appearance is enhanced by this minty dark green hair color. I recommend that women get their hair dyed green since green is the color of power and money, and it will make them feel more fortunate.

9. Erio Touwa’s Pigtail with Funky Bangs

Even if you’re a guy, you can pull off this baby blue hue. Since blue can be worn by both sexes, there’s no need to stick to girlie pink and blue ensembles. You can tell Erio Touwa knows what she’s doing when you look at her.

10. Bright Red Pigtails by Shuzen Kokoa

Bright Red Pigtails by Shuzen Kokoa

In the event that Anime girls with pigtails aren’t sure which direction to go, they’ll almost always end up wearing red and bright hair accessories! Copper red hairstyles have never gone out of vogue, as Shuzen Kokoa shows us by looking very much like Misty from Pokemon!

11.  Bright Pink Hair Pigtails

When it comes to anime, the color pink is frequently used. Looks strong and sophisticated while giving the character a sultry feel. This brilliant bright pink moment is best enjoyed by women who like more subdued hues. This pigtail hairdo makes Mine Akame Ga Kill look so innocent, despite the fact that she is a powerful and magnificent anime girl with pink hair in the show.

In case you’ve never become obsessed with anime chicks, these photographs could change your mind! Each and every one of these 11 anime females with pigtails has a unique and entertaining story to tell, all while sporting the cutest hairdos possible. If so, which one is yours? All of these hair colors are a must-have at some point in our lives, so it may be difficult to choose one.