10 Best Vietnam Movies That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Best Vietnam Movies

1. Apocalypse Now

Apocalypse Now

The premiere of Da 5 Bloods on Netflix on June 12 marks the latest in a long-running cinematic preoccupation with the traumatic experiences of American soldiers during the Vietnam War. But Francis Ford Coppola’s 1979 film, based on Conrad’s novel Heart of Darkness, is still the major one: a widescreen vision of chaos, a nightmare from which Martin Sheen’s Captain Willard is struggling to awaken.. Amount (£) Amazon/YouTube

2. Winter Soldier

Atrocities committed by U.S. forces against Vietnamese civilians are the center of this 1972 documentary, a subject that its following film adaptations would try to minimize and explain away. In the wake of the Winter Soldier Investigation (supported by Vietnam Veterans Against the War), this film remains a radical document. The DVD version is available in the US.

3. Little Girl of Hanoi

Little Girl of Hanoi

This is North Vietnam’s answer to Rome Open City, a 1974 study of life under bombardment (the mass “Christmas bombings” of 1972) filmed in the city where they occurred. The intro reads: “Honouring the heroes of Hanoi who defeated the American imperialists,” but this is the North Vietnamese response to Rome Open City. Discs are available for rent or purchase

4. Full Metal Jacket

Films like as Platoon opened the floodgates of Hollywood films on the war: Hamburger Hill and Rambo: First Blood Part II, with the focus on the US servicemen’s terrible experiences rarely diverting. It’s hard to argue with Stanley Kubrick’s 1987 story of desensitization and sacrifice as the best. Amount (£) Amazon/YouTube

5. When the Tenth Month Comes

When the Tenth Month Comes

It’s not a war movie in the traditional sense, but this 1984 film is largely regarded as Vietnam’s finest work on the war’s aftermath. Lê Vân stars as a woman in North Vietnam who is unable to accept the death of her soldier husband in the war, which was directed byDang Nhat Minh. YouTube

6. The Deer Hunter

Predating Apocalypse Now by a few years, this Hollywood new wave classic is more blunt about the moral devastation the war did to American society. Cimino’s antiheroic 1978 picture also predicted the future route of American filmmaking by portraying the Vietnamese as a ruthless opponent. Amount (£) Amazon/YouTube

7. Hearts and Minds

Hearts and Minds

Many anti-government protests took place in the 1960s and 1970s, and this contentious documentary – which received an Academy Award in 1975 – reflected the attitude of the time. Director Peter Davis focuses on the conflict’s dehumanizing bigotry on the part of the US military and administration rather than the Vietnamese people’s “hearts and minds. Amazon’s Prime Video service

8. The Abandoned Field: Free Fire Zone

This 1979 film, set mostly in a rice field, tells the story of a Vietnamese family’s battle against the United States military in the face of a relentless American onslaught. This is an intriguing watch despite its limited budget (the Americans are played by Vietnamese actors). YouTube

9. Platoon


In a way, Stone’s devastating 1986 portrayal of US soldiers under fire crystallized America’s inward-looking take on the war experience as the fighting itself faded into the past. Forcing the nation’s impressions of the battle to be based on self-pity, the focus on moral ambiguity set the stage. Amount (£) Amazon/YouTube

10. Little Dieter Needs to Fly

Dieter Dengler, a German-born airman who was shot down during the Vietnam War and tortured by the NVA before escaping, is the subject of one of Werner Herzog’s best documentaries from the 1990s. Rescue Dawn (2007, featuring Christian Bale as Dieter) was Herzog’s subsequent remake of the narrative, although this meditative doc is far superior.