15 Best Fat Female Anime Characters That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Fat Female Anime Characters

While anime is known for its depictions of thin, attractive female characters, every now and then a show will offer a refreshing change of pace. What happens when an anime character is overweight?

Where Are All the Fat Anime Characters?

Is there an anime character you can think of who is over weight? Because there are so few of them, it’s unlikely. There are few “fat” characters in anime who aren’t cliches, such as foodies or geeks.

In addition, when the character is visibly obese. In Cinderella Girls and Azumanga Daioh, characters like Kanako Mimura and Koyomi Mizuhara are barely noticeable larger than the rest of the cast, yet they obsess over reducing weight because of it.

In Asian cultures, being obese is associated with negative connotations, which is why there is such a stigma attached to it. Compared to the United States, fewer than 5% of the population in Japan is obese and less than a quarter is overweight. As a result, being overweight in Japan isn’t inherently a bad thing – it’s simply rare.

As a result, there are extremely few overweight characters in a culture that has so few overweight people. However, when they do exist, anime tends to resort to stereotype.

Overweight Stereotypes in Anime

The archetypal overweight man anime character is obsessed with food, a nerd (otaku or computers, sometimes both), and a social misfit. In the anime world, bulkier adult guys are generally depicted as powerful officials (policemen and politicians).

Overweight female characters in anime are often shown as selfish and cruel, with their personalities shifting to fitter proportions as they gain weight. Most likely, you’ll witness a big overweight adult woman trying to get into the pants of an unassuming young high school boy if you see her.

Of course, these assertions are based on preconceptions; not all anime portray overweight characters in the same light. A character’s weight doesn’t have to determine their entire personality, despite the fact that it isn’t a regular occurrence.

The overweight anime characters in the following list range from the most offensive to the most sympathetic.

1. Hanako Ohtani

Hanako Ohtani

From Persona 4 The Animation

In many ways, Hanako epitomizes the stereotype of the chubby anime girl. Overweight to the point of being inflated, she can’t stand anyone who comes in the way of a good meal. In spite of her large size, she is conceited and boastful.

2. Minamo Aoi

From RD Sennou Chousashitsu (Real Drive)

Real Drive is on the other end of the spectrum from Ohtani. There are no too huge characters in this anime, only more realistically proportioned than conventional anime characters. Because of its “big” characters, however, public reaction to the anime was mostly unfavorable, with many criticizing it for being “boring.” It appears that Minamo Aoi has been particularly hard hit by the public’s reaction to her performance.

3. Milluki Zoldyck

Milluki Zoldyck

From Hunter x Hunter

Milluki is the classic overweight guy anime character. Otaku and innovator in one: he’s the best of both worlds. I don’t know why he never leaves the house. He is egotistical and short-tempered. He’s so similar to Ohtani that he may be his twin.

4. Haruyuki Arita

From Accel World

Haruyuki is one of the few overweight anime characters, but when he’s given the opportunity, he transforms into a slender android-looking avatar known as the Silver Crow. Haruyuki, although being the protagonist of the anime, is still a harassed social outcast who spends much of his time playing video games because of his size. Aside from the pink pig appearance, his second in-game avatar resembles how his friends and many of the show’s viewers perceive him.

5. Kouta Hirano

From Highschool of the Dead

The way Kouta is shown, you’d think he’s a standard overweight anime character. Gun otaku, crush on girls (who don’t love him back), and being teased at school because of his height are all traits that characterize him. Because Kouta is based on a real person with the same name as the manga-ka and author of Hellsing, he stands apart from the rest of the characters in the anime world. As a result, he has a sense of reality and humanity that sets him apart from other large-scale anime characters.

6. Witch of the Waste

Witch of the Waste

From Howl no Ugoku Shiro (Howl’s Moving Castle)

Rather of being a cruel witch, the Witch of the Waste is a manifestation of evil. When it comes to appearances, the Witch is a stickler. She employs magic to make herself appear young and attractive, despite the fact that she is an enormous lady. When it comes to being an adversary, she is not because she is overweight; rather, it’s because of her desire to be attractive in the way society expects.

7. Porco Rosso

From Kurenai no Buta (Porco Rosso)

Porco Rosso’s weight is due to the fact that he is a pig. However, he wasn’t always a pig, and his new form appears to better fit him than his human one. Even though Porco’s physique lends him a unique perspective on the human condition, it doesn’t stop him from yearning for love. Porco may be a chubby anime character, but his chubby mug is the star of the show.

8. Takeo Gouda

From Ore Monogatari!! (My Love Story!!)

Takeo isn’t overweight; rather, he’s built with a large frame and a lot of muscle. Even while he’s lean, his hulking frame nevertheless intimidates others due to his threatening demeanor. This doesn’t stop Takeo from being a kind giant. As luck would have it, he’s found a girl who can see him as the lovely and unselfish person that she is.

9. Josuke Udono

Josuke Udono

From Basilisk: Kouga Nipou Chou (Basilisk: The Kouga Ninja Scrolls)

When it comes to his size and stature, both Josuke and Takeo are underappreciated. Women are put off by his enormous frame, even if he is friendly. Like Takeo, Josuke exploits his size to his advantage in battle, but he has the added bonus of being able to stretch and shrink like elastic. Rejections are more difficult to deflect than weapons.

10. Chouza Akimichi and Chouji Akimichi

From Naruto

Chouza and his son Chouza may have a passion for food, but that’s about where their similarities end. Both Chouji and his father have mastered the art of combat, despite the fact that Chouji has had to deal with a fair amount of mockery because of his enormous stature. The two fighters’ fighting strategies rely on their massive stature to their advantage, making them fearsome adversaries.

11. Majin Buu

Majin Buu

From Dragon Ball Z

Buu transforms into a variety of different forms throughout the course of the series by absorbing the essence of others. His personality can be summed up in any of his guises. Innocent and lovable, the chubby, pudgy version is also becoming more ferocious and leaner as he gains power. Chubbyness imbues Buu with a baby-like appearance and demeanor.

12. Kosaku Tokita

From Paprika

Kosaku appears and acts like a child, yet he has a smart mind hidden beneath his naive façade. Even if he doesn’t understand the implications, he invented the breakthrough new technology that allows people to enter the dreams of others. Aside from being good with computers and having a massive appetite, Kosaku fulfills many of the stereotypical characteristics of the overweight anime character. Despite his bulk, this man manages to stand out from the crowd and win the heart of a stunning woman.

13. Itaru Hashida

Itaru Hashida

From Steins;Gate

Hashida appears to be a typical overweight anime character at first glance. In addition to being a talented computer programmer, he is an obsessive fan of digital women and a little narcissistic. He is one of the best overweight anime characters since he isn’t any of those things. A normal man who enjoys computers, anime, and a little extra weight.

14. Mitsuyoshi Anzai

From Slam Dunk

One of the top high school basketball coaches in Japan is Mitsuyoshi, despite his huge physique. Some of the basketball players under Mitsuyoshi’s tutelage refer to him as the “White-Haired Buddha” because of his large belly, which he periodically jiggles. Mitsuyoshi is one of the best-loved overweight anime characters because none of this is malicious and is done in a lighthearted manner.

15. Tamako Inada

Tamako Inada

From Gin no Saji (Silver Spoon)

Tamako is clearly overweight, and she enjoys a nice dinner. The anime, on the other hand, doesn’t give much attention to her size, save for a few surprised expressions when she drops a few pounds. This should be the case for Tamako, as she’s just Tamako, and that’s exactly how it ought to be.