10 Best Two-Faced Anime Characters That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Two-Faced Anime Characters

When done effectively, these betrayals may be some of the most stunning and unforgettable moments in the show.

Troop spies and clones abound in the world of anime. Duplicity is frequently employed to shock the series’ most major characters and swing the tale in an unexpected direction, often leading to fatal consequences.

Their betrayals, on the other hand, have been equally shocking to the public on an equal number of occasions.

Identifying anime’s most two-faced characters allows us to better understand how they have defied expectations and exploited the trust of those they have dealt with.

1. Kabuto Fooled Everyone Into Believing His Intentions Until He Got What He Needed (Naruto)

Kabuto (Naruto)

It was Kabuto’s first introduction to the world as a Chunin Exam-failure genin. The fact that the more experienced Jonin he was surrounded by didn’t suspect him proved his innocence to both Team Seven and the audience.

When the medical ninja’s plans were revealed, Sasuke’s value to his master had already been expressed by the medical ninja. It was at this point that Orochimaru placed a curse mark on the target’s neck, which would begin the young ninja’s long and steady decline into villainy.

2. Aizen Was Almost Able To Get Rukia Falsely Executed (Bleach)

Former Gotei captain Aizen nearly had Rukia executed by the Soul Society. Few were aware of his plans until he was ready to reveal them and leave for Las Noches.

Gin was the only one who had any inkling of Aizen’s plans, and promptly swore devotion to him in the hopes of one day betraying him. Aizen was able to destroy his traitorous subordinate before the ultimate showdown with Ichigo, despite causing impressive damage to the villain.

3. Lisa Hid Her Allegiance To The White-Clad Well (Fire Force)

Lisa (Fire Force)

Vulcan’s family was infiltrated by Lisa, a servant of the White-Clad, who was tasked with uncovering the plans to build the Amaterasu. Giovanni was frustrated with her efforts and assaulted Vulcan’s house himself, despite her accomplishment in gaining the engineer’s trust.

Lisa’s treachery astonished the audience and left her boyfriend terribly upset, as there had been no prior indicators of her commitment to the cult. Although he was eager to shoot Captain Obi during the attack in the Nether, he devoted his efforts to saving her.

4. Drole & Gloxinia Both Defected From The Ten Commandments (Seven Deadly Sins)

Drole and Gloxinia were two of the Ten Commandments’ most unlikely members. After succumbing to his rage, the Fairy King sealed his doom, and Zeldris was able to subdue his enormous partner.

For Diane and King, they put them in the same situation as they were in when they first encountered them. Astonishingly powerful Sins were created as a result of their success. Two redeemed heroes stood up to Chandler and saved their comrades from certain death when the demon clan realized they were lying.

5. Rob Lucci Infiltrated The Galley-La Company For Years (One Piece)

Rob Lucci (One Piece)

The Galley-La firm introduced Rob Lucci as a mute and meek employee. Iceberg and Monkey D. Luffy were oblivious to his acts, especially since he returned Luffy’s stolen items to the deceitful Franky Family.

Even the audience didn’t know what was going to happen when it was time for Lucci’s betrayal. Due to the Straw Hats’ relationship with Robin, the Straw Hats were expelled from Water Seven due to their assassination attempt. In a fortunate turn of events, Galley-president La’s survived and was able to clear their name.

6. Walter Turned Against Integra By Attacking Alucard (Hellsing)

While initially Walter served as one of the most trusted aides to Integra in the protection of London, he has since been betrayed by her and is now on her own. In the aftermath of defending her and being captured, he returned a different man.

To Walter, Alucard’s existence was disgusting and scornful, and he vowed to kill him. His acts were unexpected and tragic no matter how much the Millennium Organization played a role in his downfall and later rebirth.

7. Reiner’s Betrayal Was Shocking Given How Much He Helped The Heroes (Attack On Titan)

Reiner (Attack On Titan)

Reiner’s betrayal startled audiences around the world. Eren’s ODM training was greatly aided by the Marleyan agent up to that moment, especially when he worked with Keith Shadis.

It was perhaps the strangest aspect of Reiner’s betrayal that his genuine reasons were so nonchalantly conveyed. He casually revealed that he was the Armored Titan and Bertholdt was the Colossal after the battle at Utgard Castle. Eren’s first thought was that he was merely delirious because of the casual manner in which he revealed his identity.

8. Heathcliff Was The Charismatic Leader Of A Powerful Guild Until His Role In Aincrad’s Creation Was Discovered (Sword Art Online)

Until Kirito figured him out, the audience had no idea Heathcliff was guilty. Kayaba’s claim to be Aincrad’s most important guild master was implausible, given that he was kidnapped by the individuals he kidnapped.

By virtue of the fact that Kirito had never taken any substantial harm previously and was significantly stronger than the other players, Kirito was able to identify him. The Black Swordsman had all the evidence he needed to take action after their personal combat.

9. Sango’s Betrayal Of Inuyasha Defied The Overall Tone Of The Series (Inuyasha)

Sango - Inuyasha

For this reason, the betrayal of Inuyasha by Sango was so shocking. She snatched the Tessaiga in the dead of night and gave it to Naraku in the hopes of securing her brother’s release.

Even if her deception was somewhat understood, it nonetheless stunned the viewers and put the heroes in grave jeopardy. Kagome’s organization reintroduced her as a member with little fanfare, to the surprise of everyone.

10. Itachi’s Profoundly Brutal Actions Were Justified All Along (Naruto)

A defense for Itachi’s killing of the Uchiha family seemed difficult at first. His younger brother was terrified to see him boasting about the deaths of his parents in front of him.

Itachi’s actions were completely justified, much to the surprise of both the audience and the series’ characters. A world war would have resulted in far more losses if he hadn’t slain his tribe and taunted Sasuke to improve his sharingan, which would have made him a better defender of Konoha.