15 Best Movies Like What Happens In Vegas That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

movies like what happens in vegas

1. Something Borrowed (2011)

Something Borrowed (2011)

Rachel’s an attorney. Dex, who comes from a wealthy family, was too timid to say anything when she went to law school for another student. When Dex meets Darcy, her best friend, who sometimes treat her like dirt, Darcy takes Dex and gets him. They eventually get involved and Darcy asks Rachel to be her honorary maid. But Rachel still feels like Dex and can’t say anything. Darcy throws a party at her birthday and there’s Dex. If she and Dex are alone, she blurs that she got something for him at college that surprises him, and they spend the night together a little after drinking. You try to ignore the whole event and agree that it doesn’t mean anything. Ethan, a close friend of Rachel’s, advises her she’ll spend her whole life regretting if she doesn’t accomplish anything.

2. Baby Mama (2008)

Baby Mama (2008)

Kate Holbrook, a successful entrepreneur, has taken her profession a long time ahead of her personal life. Now, 37, she’s resolved finally to have a child alone. But as she realizes she has a million to one chance of becoming pregnant, her strategy has been thrown a curve ball. Undaunted, the driven Kate…allows Angie Ostrowiski, a South Philly worker, to become her unusual substitute. Easy enough After finding that Angie was pregnant via the steep head of their surgical center, Kate went into precise nesting mode, reading children’s books, insuring babies, and studying top pre-schools. But the well-organized scheme of the CEO turns around when her baby mother appears on her doorway without a place to dwell. An irrepressible force meets a permanent object as structured Kate seeks to transform exuberant Angie into the perfect waiting mother. In a fight of wills, they will try to prepare for the arrival of the baby. They’re going to discover two kinds of family in the middle of this tug of war: the one to which you were born and the one you made.

3. 27 Dresses (2008)

Two facts about Jane: she never tells her friends no (She was 27 times a bridesmaid and arranges the wedding of her friends) and she’s in love with her employer George. She’s fostering her own ideas of a gorgeous, romantic wedding. She meets Kevin, a cynical writer who finds her attractive, and Tess comes to the city that week. Jane sees George fall silently for Tess, a manipulative claimant. Worse still, Jane may be asked to plan her marriage. In the meantime, Kevin tries to capture the attention of Jane and has an idea that can boost his profession. Can Jane uncork her sensations?

4. Two Weeks Notice (2002)

Two Weeks Notice (2002)

Harvard trained lawyer Lucy Kelson is using her work as a social activist following in the footsteps of her lawyer’s parents. She hides behind her work any sense of femininity. George Wade is the sweet public face of the Wade Corporation in Manhattan, which Lucy constantly opposes… and whose true boss is George’s profitable brother Howard Wade. George, who is known as the man of the woman, has had a number of gorgeous women lawyers with dubious credentials as his legal counsel, most notably as her casual sex partners. Needing a real lawyer, he offers Lucy an opportunity meeting as his lawyer. Despite the warnings given by her parents to work for the “enemy,” Lucy, who is without intention to be the latest in her bed partners, accepts the task because she feels she can do more good from inside and, as a part of the job offering George promises not to destroy a heritage building community center as part of a development project near Coney Island, her parents are still living there. Although Lucy can make the kind of change from this position she wanted, she does not feel that she can meet George’s expectations of her, notably that she is the main confidant and consultant of her all day and night, especially on questions she thinks frivolous. Therefore, she notifies him for two weeks, even if she agrees to assist George find her replacement.

5. Intolerable Cruelty (2003)

Miles Massey, a prominent divorce lawyer in Los Angeles has all, and in some cases two. Although his impressive client list, a fantastic win record, respect for his colleagues and an impenetrable contract named after him (Massey pre-nup), his life has been crossed with him. Boredom has been dedicated to success and is searching for new challenges. All that changes when Miles meets Marylin Rexroth’s terrible match. Marylin is shortly to be the former wife of his customer Rex Rexroth, a wealthy developer of real estate and a regular filander. With the help of Gus Petch, a hard-charged private investigator, she closed down Rex and looks forward to a successful divorce for financial independence. But with the tremendous skills of Miles, she ends with nothing. Not to be outdone, Marylin plans to get even and swiftly marries petrol tycoon Howard Doyle as part of her plot. Miles and his unflatable partner, Wrigley, delve deeper and deeper inadvertently as Marylin goes forward. Unfair tactics, disappointments and an irresistible attraction intensify as Marylin and Miles square off in this classic sex fight.

6. Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)

Peter is a sad and pleasant composer who is distraught when his five-year-old lover, Sarah Marshall, the CSI-style cheesy crime program star, is dumping his girlfriend. He’s crying, he’s rails, he’s moping. Finally, his step-brother Brian suggests Hawai, so that Peter heads for a resort in Oahu where he encounters the new beautiful Aldous, the polymorphic English rocker, as he checks in. The beginning is again sobbing and moping until Peter is saved by Rachel, a refined hotel manager who invites him to a luau. Although he runs through Sarah and Aldous frequently, Peter begins to live again. Will Sarah recognize what she’s lost, and Rachel what?

7. New York, I Love You (2008)

New York, I Love You (2008)

Eleven vignettes are shown, all homages to New York City life. I. Ben, a snack, is first-looked to Molly and enters into a fascinating “pissing match” with the married lover of Molly, Professor Garry of NYU. II. Mansuhkhbai, a wholesaler of orthodox diamonds from Jain, and Rifka, an orthodox Jewish diamond trader married tomorrow, realize that they have more common than diamonds. III. David, music editor of a video directed by Abarra, has issues meeting the demands of Abarra while steadily becoming the assistant of Abarra, Camille, with whom he never met but with whom he only talked about work. IV. In a simple act of lighting up her cigarette, a young guy believes he has created a profound connection to an alien, a young lady, and continues to convince her of the same and that from that moment on there is a future for them, and not at some unknown time down the line. V. A secondary school senior, dumped before the senior grade by his love, receives a gift from his local doctor, Mr. Riccoli. He does not realize the complete implications of the gift until the entire process of the night of the prom is over. VI. Gus and Lydia, each on their way to their first official date together after a one-night stand alone, do not intend to keep the date. 

The Lying Invention (2009)

It’s a world where everyone tells the truth – and they’re thinking about anything. Mark Bellison is a fired screenwriter. It’s short and bulky, with its flat nose – a genetic set-up which means that Anna, the lady he loved, won’t make it to the first base. On a bank, he blurs a fib in the spur of the moment, with eye-popping results. Then Mark invents fiction when his mother is on her deathbed, afraid of an eternal nothingness waiting for her. The hospital personnel heard his Heaven description, believe every word and tell others. Soon Mark was a prophet and his first original script enriched him, and he was essentially a good guy. But is that sufficient for Anna?

8. Tootsie (1982)

Michael Dorsey is an unemployed, reputable actor. In order to get job and finance the play of his friend, Dorothy Michaels dressed himself like a woman and takes part in a noon drama. Dorsey gets lost in this character and becomes essentially Dorothy Michaels, attracting women throughout the city to liberate themselves from the tyranny of men and become more like Dorsey’s initial identity. However, this new part finds Dorsey in the hot spot between a friend of a female, a woman he loves, the father of that co-star who falls in love with him, and one of the male co-stars who longs to love him.

9. Knocked Up (2007)

When Alison Scott is promoted on E! TV she is going to a night club with her elder married sister Debbie. Alison meets the bumper Ben Stone and while talking with Ben a little, Debbie’s husband Pete contacts her to say that her daughter has chicken pox. Debbie leaves the club, but Allison stays with Ben and drinks and dances all night; totally lost, they end up with an overnight stand. And eight weeks later, allison realizes she is pregnant. Ben does not use condoms. She calls Ben and they decide to keep and have the kid together. However, Ben must grow up first to raise his own family.

10. In Her Shoes (2005)

In Her Shoes (2005)

Two sisters, with a dead mother, a father who has remarried and a spiteful step-mom. The sisters perfected the art of losing in their own way. The elder, Rose, is a responsible lawyer, alone, with a shoe closet. Maggie is the younger, gorgeous, egotistical and irresponsible. Her inebriated behavior is taken from her father’s residence by her step-mom; worse behavior is taken from Rose’s flat. Then, while seeking for money to filch at her father’s desk, Maggie will find a place; the past and the future will also be available to her and, with luck, open to her sister.

11. St. Vincent (2014)

Vincent is an aging Vietnamese vet that has left him without money or a future, fiercely hedonistic. Things change when his new nearby kid, Oliver, needs a babysitter and Vince is prepared to pay. An unexpected connection develops from this self-serving gesture, as Vincent and Oliver find so much of one other’s need. Oliver learns to recognize more in the old man in Vincent’s street survival and in other worldly ways than his follies. When life takes the worse turn for Vincent, they find each other the best than any suspect.

12. Step Brothers (2008)

Both Brennan Huff and Dale Doback are roughly 40 when Brennan’s mother and Dale’s father are married. The children are still living with their parents, therefore they have to share a room now. Initial dislike disrupts the peace of the home and the connection between parents. Dad sets the law: the two slackers have a week to get a job A agreement that leads to friendship, but to a more domestic disarray aggravated by the sleep of the lads stems from the quest and their love of music. Brennan and his lonely wife are hovering nearby: the brother wants to help him sell his stepfather, the wife wants Dale’s attention, and the newlyweds want to retire and sail the seven seas. Can harmony come from disagreement?

13. The Apartment (1960)

The Apartment (1960)

As of 1 November 1959, C.C.Baxter has worked for almost four years at Consolidated Life, an insurance corporation and is one of about thirty-two thousand employees in its Manhattan headquarters. To differentiate himself from all the other low-lying rogues in the company in an effort to move the company ladder, he often late works, but only because he can’t get to his apartment off Central Park West, because he has provided them in return for their extra-matrimonial connections to a handful of executives – Mssr. Dobisch, Kirkeby, Vanderhoff and Eichelberger When Baxter is first called to the office of Sheldrake, he learns that it is not only intended as he expected to be promoted, but also to add married Sheldrake onto the list of those who will lease his flat. What Baxter does not know about is that Sheldrake’s maid is Fran Kubelik, a lift girl who Baxter personally likes. Sheldrake, in turn, has no notion that Baxter is interested in Fran himself. And Fran, who is in love with Sheldrake, doesn’t know that she is the latest in a long line of Mistresses of Sheldrake. Sheldrake doesn’t want to give her his wife and that Baxter belongs to the apartment, who she loves as a friend. On Christmas Eve, one of the three makes a unilateral decision, because some of these things come to light.

14. Sweet Home Alabama (2002)

Melanie Carmichael, an up and rising New York fashion designer, had practically whatever she wanted since she was tiny. She has a terrific career and a New York City JFK fiancee. But she doesn’t forget her family back south when he proposes to her. More crucially, her husband who, since she sent divorce documents seven years ago, refused to divorce her. She decides to go to the south quickly and get him to sign the documents. When things don’t work out as she anticipated, she learns that what she had in the South before was far more wonderful than her life in New York City.

15. The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

In New York, Andrea Sachs, the innocent and naive Journalist, is employed as the second assistant to Miranda Priestly, the powerful and highly skilled manager of Runway fashion magazine. Andrea dreams of becoming a journalist and suffers a temporary career difficulty. First assistant Emily informs Andrea of his nasty boss’s behavior and preferences and stylist Nigel assists Andrea to appear more environmentally friendly. Andrea alters her attitude, behavior and the relationship with her partner Nate, family and friends. Andrea ultimately understands that life is a choice.