10 Best Chinese Anime CharactersThat You Should Watching Update 02/2024

Chinese Anime Characters

Regardless of their position, each of these characters has a distinct personality, talent, and interaction with other characters that make them recognizable to fans.

Because anime is Japanese animation, many anime characters are of Japanese descent. There are, nevertheless, a significant number of characters with Chinese roots.

These characters, like Pao Lin, Fon, and Bu-Ling, are typically depicted as martial artists in Chinese animation. Melissa Mao is a Marine; other characters like Lau are in positions of authority at a trading corporation, defying the stereotype. It doesn’t matter what roles they played; the personalities, skills, and connections with other characters of each of these people have made them iconic.

1. Pao Lin Huang Came From China (Tiger & Bunny)

Pao Lin Huang (Tiger & Bunny)

Pao Lin, also known as Dragon Kid, was one of the heroes of Tiger & Bunny, a popular Japanese cartoon about superheroes. She was an accomplished martial artist who had the ability to control lightning as well. Pao Lin was represented by Natasha, her manager and legal guardian, because her parents were still in China at the time.

Despite the fact that she was representing Japanese sponsors, Pao Lin wore a Cheongsam-style tunic with pumpkin shorts, arm and leg guards, and a dragon on the tip of her staff to emphasize her Chinese heritage..

2. Guang Hong Ji Was A Chinese Figure Skater (Yuri!!! On Ice)

Yuri!!! On Ice featured Guang Hong Ji, a Chinese figure skater. Skate America and the Cup of China were two events he competed in with Phichit alongside Leo de la Iglesia. However, his teacher Xiao Yi wanted him to promote himself as “Hero of China” instead, therefore “The Inferno,” his outstanding free skate routine, was supposed to be an assassination scene from a fake movie.

A huqin, a traditional Chinese string instrument, was also used in the free skate’s soundtrack at the beginning of the routine.

3. Ryuu Roumen Was Matsushiro’s Friend And Competed Against Azuma In the Yakitate!! 9 Arc (Yakitate!! Japan)

Ryuu Roumen (Yakitate!! Japan)

During the Pantasia Newcomers arc, Ryuu Roumen served as a mentor by showing Kawachi and Azuma how to prepare noodles in his Chinese restaurant. Spencer Henry Hoko’s extensive knowledge of creating noodle bread was also shared with Azuma and Kawachi by him.

As a competitor in the Yaktiate!! 9 arc, he made steamed pork dumplings in Chinese style. Judge Ryou Kuroyanagi, on the other hand, was unable to taste the dumplings due of a loss of taste. Azuma’s dumplings helped restore Kuroyanagi’s sense of taste, and he beat Ryuu since he failed to do so.

4. Lau Is Chinese Nobility And The British Branch Manager Of A Trading Company (Black Butler)

Lau was the British branch manager of the “Kong-Rong” commercial company, a Chinese nobleman and a British citizen. For the sake of his business in London’s “underworld,” he had to follow Ciel Phantomhive’s demands. At one point, he helped Ciel investigate Jack The Ripper, and he also appeared in the Indian Butler series and the Phantomhive Manor murders.

A personal assassin working for him, Ran-Mao, was also a common sight around him.

5. Syaoran Li Is the Heir To A Sorcerer Clan From Hong Kong (Cardcaptor Sakura)

Syaoran Li (Cardcaptor Sakura)

Cardcaptor Sakura’s Syaoran Li was the scion of a powerful sorcerer family from Hong Kong. At first, he was portrayed as Sakura’s foe in the Clow Cards battle, but over time, they grew closer and eventually fell in love. Syaoran, in contrast to Sakura, was a serious young man who adored the works of Clow Reed.

It was Syaoran’s clan’s mother, Clow Reed’s mother, that bolstered Syaoran’s notion that he should acquire the Clow Cards rather than Sakura.

6. Chang Wufei Was Exiled To A Colony Because The Government Feared His Clan’s Strength (Gundam Wing)

Chang Wufei was born and raised in Colony A0206. He is an heir of the Long Clan. Chinese authorities exiled them because of their power, fearing them. He subsequently married Master Long’s granddaughter Meiran, but they were unable to get along due of their differing views and values on a variety of issues.

Renaming his Gundam “Nataku” in honor of Meiran, Chang enlisted in Operation Meteor after the attack on the colony by the United Earth Sphere Alliance, where Meiran was killed while protecting Chang.

7. Fon Is A Martial Arts Champion (Reborn)

Fon (Reborn)

The Red Arcobaleno Pacifier belonged to Fon, a Chinese martial artist from Reborn. In addition to his martial arts prowess, Fon is a skilled provider of medical assistance to those in need. A big dragon tattoo went around his left arm and terminated on his chest when he transformed into his adult form.

Exploding Gale Fist, Dragon Fire Dance, and Exploding Lotus Kempo were only a few of his various attacks. He was equally concerned about the well-being of his student, I-Pin, but he never spoiled her because he wanted to impart essential lessons for her development.

8. Yui-Li Wanted Revenge For Her Dead Family (Vampire Princess Miyu)

When Yui-Li arrived in Japan, she was seeking vengeance on Koh-Waku for the murder of her family. As a result of her initial confusion, she turned down Miyu’s offer to assist her.

When Yui-Li met Koh-Waku, he used clones of those she loved to almost overwhelm her. Having been rescued by Miyu and her friends, Yui-Li implored Miyu to swallow her blood so that she might forget the pain of her defeats by Koh-Waku. In the end though, Miyu refused, leaving her to deal with the consequences of having to deal with those memories.

9. Bu-Ling Huang Had To Take Care Of Her Family’s Finances (Tokyo Mew Mew)

Bu-Ling Huang (Tokyo Mew Mew)

Her D.N.A. was united with that of a Golden Lion Tamarin to create Bu-Ling Huang, the fourth Mew Mew to be introduced in the Tokyo Mew Mew series. As a result of her mother’s untimely death while she was a young child, she was raised by her five older siblings. Her father, on the other hand, was an expert in a variety of martial arts and frequently traveled to China to practice, thus Bu-Ling rarely saw her father.

She used to do tricks in the park to make money for her family. As a martial artist and a swimmer, she was like her father in many ways. Fans had hoped that the impending relaunch would give them more of a chance to see her.

10. Melissa Mao Ran Away From Home To Join The Marines (Full Metal Panic!)

Mao was a former marine and a Chinese-American military contractor. She was born in the United States to Chinese immigrants and was brought up according to strict Chinese customs, which included an alleged arranged marriage. To avoid marriage, she left home and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps.

Mithril found her and recruited her for their Special Response Team after she left the Marines and moved to Hong Kong to live with her maternal kin.