10 Best Parody Anime That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Best Parody Anime

When it comes to anime parodies, these are some of the most popular series in the world.

One of the strangest types of media is anime. If you want to be direct, they are cartoons, yet they are so much more. From cooking to racing to samurai epics and everything in between, anime spans a wide variety of genres that everyone may enjoy.

Additionally, there’s a lot of humor to be found in anime. Anime such as Dragon Ball Z, for example, is one of the most brutal and action-packed. It’s also a complete waste of time. But there are some anime that aren’t merely light-hearted in a few places. These are some of the best shows out there that spoof the culture.

1. Sgt. Frog

Sgt. Frog

It’s about a race of alien frogs led by Sgt. Frog, a charismatic and aptly named leader of the invaders. However, even though the majority of the episodes revolve around him hatching new schemes to oppress everyone, he and his comrades come to love Earth and decide not to destroy it.

The English dub seems to go out of its way to make everything even more fourth-wall-breaking, making the original a ridiculous farce. Manga and anime as a whole are satirized, as well as works like the Gundam franchise.

2. Attack On Titan: Junior High

Attack On Titan Junior High

Not only a parody of the series, Attack on Titan: Junior High is a mockery of it. This was presumably created to provide fans with something to watch as they waited for the next season to begin.

If you’re looking for a brutal, violent survival story, this is not for you. It’s not as good as the main series and has only been ordered for half a season, but fans of Attack on Titan and comedic anime may still want to check it out..

3. Cromartie High School

A typical street punk animation about delinquents, Cromartie High School appears. There is no doubt about it, but these thugs have gold in their veins. There are a lot of sketches in one episode, so it’s more like a Sunday comic strip animation.

These sections may or may not fit together at times, depending on how closely they are related. Even if they don’t, the humor is certain to make spectators laugh till they cry.

4. Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories (English Dub)

The moniker “Ghost Stories” is deceptive. It’s a horror parody, not an actual horror show. The English dub’s localizations are some of the naughtiest comedians you’ll ever see. While the jokes from this anime from the early 2000s may not hold up to today’s standards, the writing nevertheless hits home on a regular basis.

It is dubbed that one of the characters basically mumbles through his lines. You won’t believe how funny it is. Japanese mythology and motifs were examined in depth in the show.

5. Crayon Shin-Chan

Crayon Shin-chan is one of Adult Swim’s most outlandish productions yet. Shin-chan, the primary character, is a preschooler, therefore it seemed like an anime for kids. The things he says show that he’s lying.

However, it could be linked to South Park in terms of putting children in adult circumstances. Don’t put this on for real kids because it’s a parody of standard childhood lessons like sharing and stranger fear.

6. One Punch Man

One-Punch Man

The premise of One Punch Man is self-explanatory thanks to the title. Saitama is the strongest hero on Earth in a planet full of superheroes and supervillains. However, he doesn’t want to be. He overworked himself and now has no interest in anything. He can coil up or simply tap an opponent in one punch and kill it.

Saitama, on the other hand, has no one believing in him since he looks silly. They all take things too seriously like typical Shonen action anime characters do. It’s a parody of the action genre to build tension when there shouldn’t be any.

7. The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya

However, the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is not a typical “slice of life” anime. Haruhi Suzumiya, the show’s title character, is obsessed with using her after-school activities to demonstrate the reality of the occult.

Everything that seems out of place in a normal plot in an anime is actually real. To include time travel, ghosts, aliens, etc. is a great variation. After the first season, it becomes even more bizarre.

8. Ranma 1/2

Ranma 1/2

The story of Ranma and his father, who drowned in a mystical pool in China, is told in the film Ranma 1/2. Upon becoming wet, Ranma changes gender and grows into a huge panda. Those who suffer from water-related illnesses aren’t the only ones who can turn into pigs, gooses, and more.

Martial arts are at the heart of this long-running anime and manga series. Most tournaments include some type of recreational activity, such as fighting while ice skating, in addition to hand-to-hand combat. Although it’s a touch outdated, Ranma 1/2 still has a lot to offer because of its unique take on the genre.

9. G Gundam

A lot like how Dragon Ball Z became so famous, G Gundam is a mech series’ answer to that success. There is a global tournament in which every country sends one of its best warriors to battle for them.

Whatever country succeeds will be the next in line to govern the cosmos. The plot is so ridiculously outlandish that the writers must have known they were writing a satire. For crying out loud, there is a Gundam fashioned from a windmill and a Viking ship. It’s ridiculously cheesy, to say the least.

10. FLCL

FLCL (2000-2018)

This is the final parody that pokes fun at both manga and anime. FLCL, or Fooly Cooly, is the penultimate one. It’s difficult to put into words what this concert is about without referring to it as a spectacle that must be seen to be appreciated.

Breaking the fourth wall is a continuous feature of the program, with some sequences even being split down into manga panels. There were only six episodes in the original anime, but two sequels have subsequently been released. Though not regarded a classic, some fans of the original might want to give them another look.