Top 13 Redhead Anime CharactersThat You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Redhead Anime Characters

Red-haired people everywhere, we at Women Write About Comics are here to show our support! Ashley Schmuecker released her top ten list of red-haired superheroes and villains back in 2014. Isn’t it time for us to feature more redheads?

In the first place, we’d want to honor the following:

13. A-ko Magami (Project A-ko)

A-ko Magami (Project A-ko)

It is possible that A-ko, a student at Gravitron High School, is the offspring of Superman and Wonder Woman (no copyright infringement though wink wink). B-increasingly ko’s absurd robot costumes are a constant threat to her friendship with C-ko, so she stars in a pornographic film instead. I’ve included it since it reminds me of viewing improper anime on the SyFy channel as a kid. She also has a sailor suit! (Proposed by Kat Overland)

12. Yuki Sanada (Tsuritama)

When Yuki speaks in front of a large audience, he suffers from social anxiety. In order to save Enoshima from aliens, he learns to fish with the help of his two pals. You can tell Yuki cares deeply about the people around him and works tirelessly to achieve his goals because of this. Presented by Jennifer Gonzalez, who nominated me.

11. Mikoto Mikoshiba (Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun)

Mikoto Mikoshiba (Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun)

As the most gorgeous student, he has no issue attracting the attention of female admirers and eliciting male envy. While outwardly confident and charismatic, he is cripplingly shy on the inside and runs and hides whenever he attempts to flirt. When he fails terribly at dating simulations, he is the protagonist’s best buddy and the lovable cute guy you don’t want to adore. Jennifer Gonzalez nominated me for this award.

10. Renji Abarai (Bleach)

Initially, he appears to be a jerk, but in the tradition of all fandom darlings everywhere, this hot-blooded dude reveals his fiercely loyal colors via 1) switching from enemy to ally; 2) his backstory as an orphan; 3) his close friendship/romantic feelings for his childhood friend; 4) his captain, with whom he has a strong rivalry. When Renji is battling or hurt, his long hair and tattooed skin make him the manga’s poster child for female gaze fanservice. VeronicaVergara nominated VerniedaVergara for this award

9. Kiryuu Touga (Revolutionary Girl Utena)

He begins as a ruthless villain and finishes up as an uncertain supporter. A manipulative Magnificent Bastard with a horrible background, and he looks like this. (LauraHarcourt suggests this candidate)

8. Ran Fujimiya aka Aya (Weiss Kreuz)

Ran Fujimiya aka Aya (Weiss Kreuz)

A pale bishounen with flaming red hair and purple-hued eyes, Ranis is the bishounen bishounen. During his time as an assassin by day, he took on the name of his unconscious sister as an act of retribution. There is so much suffering among men. Raise your hand in support of Ran and this official artwork. Kate Tanski nominated me for this award.

7. Yona (Akatsuki no Yona: Yona of the Dawn)

In spite of the fact that she’s spent her entire existence in the shadows of the Imperial Palace, Yona is nevertheless determined to become strong and save herself. When she looks at you, you might as well run for your life. In addition, she’s gathered four renowned dragon men to her side. Isn’t that amazing? Amanda Vail nominated me.

6. Tasuki (Fushigi Yuugi)

As commander of a band of bandits who wear extravagant clothing and big gems, Tasuki looks great in them. Tamahome, on the other hand, is weak and whining in comparison to him. His secret tender heart and willingness to shed tears make him even more appealing. Amanda Vail nominated me.

5. Kyo Sohma (Fruits Basket)

Kyo Sohma (Fruits Basket)

Combatant, leek hater, and Fruits Basket cat all rolled into one. Despite his short temper and competitive attitude, Kyo has become Tohru Honda’s closest confidant and loving partner. When I was in college, I confessed to having a crush on Kyo and shipping him with Tohru. “Rine Karr” nominated me.”

4. Lina Inverse (Slayers)

Lina is a comic sensation because of her exuberant personality and ability to throw a wicked fireball. Giga Slave and all the other spells you wish your DnD sorcerer could cast are also included. If you don’t vote for Lina, you could lose your eyebrows and other facial hair! Amanda Vail nominated me.

3. Kurama (Yu Yu Hakusho)

Kurama (Yu Yu Hakusho)

One of the greatest thieves in demon history, Kurama is a fox-demon hybrid. When Kurama was wounded, he escaped to the human world and possessed a newborn baby’s body. Of the core gang, Kurama is certainly the most brutal and clever. The irony of this is that he is also the most attractive of the group. Even his signature weapon is a rose, which he transforms into a devastating thorned whip utilizing his spirit force. Kurama, despite his ruthless demeanor toward his foes, is a devoted friend and mother to his human mother. Awarded by Desiree Rodriguez.) )

2. Kenshin Himura (Rurouni Kenshin)

Before becoming an assassin for the revolutionary cause, Kenshin was now on a pilgrimage of atonement, roaming the streets of Meiji Japan in search of individuals in need. Kenshin’s idealism has been tempered by harsh times and hard acts, making him older than the ordinary shonen protagonist, but he remains a sweet-natured soul with a passionate protective instinct, as beautiful on the inside as he is stupidly pretty on the exterior. Uh, 28. As a male, of course, he must have a few pastimes he enjoys, like laundry and cooking. This candidate was nominated by Mai Pucik

1. Asuka Soryu Langley (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Asuka Langley Soryu

Teenage Asuka, piloting a massive metal wrath machine, battles aliens and constantly humiliates whining jerk Shinji. Please cast your vote for Asuka 2k15 in the People’s Choice Awards! Awarded by Laura Harcourt

Finally, a shout-out to all the write-in nominations that made the cut. The following characters have been requested to return at some point: Paprika, Kazuma Kuwabara, Ranma (in female form), Washu, and Witchblade.