Top 10 Movies Like Lights Out That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Movies Like Lights Out

High-concept supernatural horror films like Lights Out and these others wowed horror fans.

David F. Sandberg, the director of Lights Out, has since used its popularity to build a successful career as a director of blockbusters both within and outside the genre. The film was adapted from Sandberg’s short film.

However, there are numerous other terrifying films that either draw on the same sources as or are directly inspired by Lights Out, which helped the film stand out from so many other similar supernatural horror titles.

10. Ringu (1998)

Ringu (1998)

Despite the fact that it revolves around an essentially outmoded piece of technology, Ringu is a classic J-horror film that is guaranteed to make fans’ skin crawl even today – and that also got one of the relatively few great English-language remakes.

Those who watch a mysterious VHS tape will die a horrible death seven days later, and the plot revolves around a woman desperately trying to learn the truth about the tape’s origins in order to save herself and her son from the curse. Lights Out fans will likely prefer the feel of the original over the remake, which captures and amplifies all of the best parts of the original.

9. Oculus (2013)

Lights Out admirers should be aware of directors like David F. Sandberg as well as other notable names from contemporary low-budget horror filmmaking. In the same way that Sandberg expanded one of his earlier shorts into his own critically acclaimed supernatural horror film withLights Out, writer, director, and editor Mike Flanagan did the same.

An evil mirror in Oculus slowly works its way into the minds of those who look into it, distorting reality and leading them to do unspeakable things.

Fans of Lights Out will enjoy this film not only because it reinvents classic horror concepts, but also because of the way it is executed. A high level of tension and shock are all expertly measured here.

8. Candyman (1992)

Candyman (1992)

In spite of being a true ’90s classic and the pinnacle of supernatural horror cinema, Candyman is too often dismissed as just another slasher film with an eccentric killer. It’s a satisfyingly blood-soaked campfire tale, but it delves into ideas as complex as urban legends’ purposes and their influence on people’s perceptions of reality.

Most of the movie’s concept has survived, including a simple curse people place on themselves by saying the name of the terrifying killer “Candyman” five times while looking into a mirror. Simple ideas like flipping a light switch or looking in a mirror can bring back memories of the scariest moments in a film long after the credits have rolled, as in the case of Lights Out’s fear of the dark.

7. It Follows (2014)

It Follows is one of the most well-known modern horror movie high concepts. It follows a young woman who discovers that she has inherited a supernatural curse that was passed down to her through intercourse, and whose life is turned upside down by this discovery. This means that, unless the curse is successfully passed on through sexual activity, she will be stalked by an unstoppable force that can appear in the form of random people at any time, even if she isn’t there.

Fans of Lights Out’s slow-burning terror will enjoy this film, as the suspense of the next attack adds to its unique atmosphere.

6. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

Wes Craven’s iconic slasher success, released in the 1980s, wowed horror moviegoers with its concept. An unsavory figure haunts a gang of young people in their dreams, but his power to harm them extends into the real world. As a result, the characters will never be able to get out of bed again.

Similarly to the protagonist in Lights Out, who faces an insurmountable foe but refuses to give up, fighting back and trying to find a way to finally defeat the villain. Both films deal with generational curses and family secrets in interesting ways, making it a must-see for horror movie fans who are interested in the evolution of high-concept stories.

5. The Babadook (2014)

After her husband is murdered, a struggling widowed mother begins to see the unsettling specter from an unsettling children’s book coming to life and endangering her son.

If you’re into psychological horror, fans of Lights Out will enjoy this one because it explores the character’s mental and emotional state, evoking terror from very real feelings and shocking surprises from an evil presence.

4. The Empty Man (2020)

The Empty Man (2020)

The plot of The Empty Man revolves around a mysterious cult that worships an otherworldly entity, with the story’s and characters’ obsessions proving contagious. This gem of a cult horror film has largely been overlooked.

A lot of supernatural horror films break the experience down into stages, and those who have seen LIGHTS OUTwill appreciate the restraint used to keep its scariest concepts fresh in the minds of viewers. Another smart move by an intelligent movie that has some unexpectedly thought-provoking dialogue scattered throughout its seemingly conventional plot about an undercover cop looking into the cult at the center of things.

3. Shutter (2004)

It’s in the same vein as the original Ringu, with a ghostly woman terrorizing a group of teenagers. However, this Thai horror hit uses photography and incorporates tat into the concept rather than using a dated technology like VHS, and it’s more timeless than the original.

For fans ofLights Out, Shutteris an essential modern supernatural horror film, and the scenes in which the main characters are pursued by the ghoulish protagonist are sure to delight. It has been remade numerous times in multiple languages, including English.

2. The Invisible Man (2020)

The Invisible Man (2020)

Taking the Blumhouse studio approach to horror, The Invisible Man updated Universal’s classic take on the self-explanatory H.G. Wells story. This allowed a more conservatively scaled story to highlight the numerous moments of quiet tension.

Also, the film has a great deal of metaphorical value, as it focuses on his biggest victim instead of the monster and examines how abusive relationships can have an impact on people long after the relationship has ended. Fans of Lights Out will undoubtedly enjoy the numerous scenes in which they will strain their eyes in search of the next scare.

1. Insidious (2010)

James Wan struck gold with this modern reworking of the classic haunted house story, weaving a new universe of supernatural beings in the process, before the director’sConjuringmovies were even more successful.

When a young couple is plagued by ghostly apparitions in their home, they discover that the forces afflicting them have more ties to the family than they originally thought. Fans of Lights Out will enjoy the film’s crowd-pleasing buildup and payoff in the scares, even if it does establish a clear set of high-concept rules for how its supernatural worlds work.