10 Best Tsundere Romance Anime That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Best Tsundere Romance Anime

Tsundere characters are prevalent in a large number of popular romantic anime series, and they add a lot to the appeal of these shows. What are the finest ones? Find out!

As a result of the success of Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro earlier in the year, there should be no doubt as to tsundere characters’ widespread appeal. As it turns out, these types of characters that bury their feelings under a thick shell of sternness or contempt or even violence are enduringly popular with both new and long-time fans.

As long as they’re done well, this character will always win over the hearts of anime fans even if they don’t get their heart’s desire. Something about the combination of hot and cold works.


ReLIFE (2016)

An attempt to make Arata Kaizaki reevaluate his life, ReLIFE is a love drama and one of the best supernatural slice of life series set in a school where 27-year-old Arata Kaizaki has been placed as part of an experiment. Rena Kariu, the sporty one, is a tsundere, but it may not be clear at first.

She provides Kaizaki a pencil and eraser as a favor after first seeming frigid and harshly criticizing him for smoking in school. Chizuru, her opponent in the class, is a victim of her moodiness as a result of her intense love for a boy in the class. One of the reasons viewers can’t help but care about this tsundere, like many others, is her difficulty to convey her genuine sentiments.

2. Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro

For some anime, the title is all you need to know. From the minute she meets the uncomfortable main character, Naoto Hachiouji, Sumire Uesaka’s Hayase Nagatoro, voiced by the multi-talented Sumire Uesaka, begins taunting him mercilessly.

The two become closer as their chemistry develops, or perhaps owing to a form of Stockholm syndrome. When Nagatoro taunts the youngster, it’s clear that she has feelings for him that go beyond the simple satisfaction of watching him suffer. The romantic comedy Nagatoro is a welcome newcomer to the genre, especially for those who adore stories of love blossoming between the most improbable of pairings.

3. Fate/Stay Night

Fate-stay night

Fate/Stay Night is largely a fantasy action anime in the hugely successful Fate series, but it stands out from the others because of the show’s constant romantic subplot centered on one of anime’s most memorable tsundere. A tsundere’s threat to kill the boy she likes is only possible in a fantasy anime, where it is unknown whether or not she intends to do so.

As the daughter of one of Japan’s most esteemed families of mages, Tohsaka Rin takes her role in the Holy Grail War very seriously. Emiya Shirou is thrown into the fray by chance. Their circumstances have brought them together, despite Rin’s threats to the youngster and his attempts to kill him. Rin’s conviction to his principles and perseverance are powerful things. Those who prefer their romance with a heavy amount of action should check out Fate/Stand Night, which was made into one of the best anime movie series in recent years.

4. Nisekoi

Nisekoi is a typical odd-couple romance that follows the life of two high school students who are compelled to appear to be a pair while disliking each other from the moment they meet.

Chitoge Kirisaki is a fierce, athletic, and foul-mouthed character who frequently targets Raku Ichijou, whom she perceives as a weakling. Like many tsunderes, Chitoge’s sweet side can be seen in her actions after Raku’s chain is broken and her emotional reaction to losing her ribbon. As their fictitious love blossoms into something more substantial, the program brings out the best in both of them.

5. Maid Sama!

Maid Sama

In a mostly male school, Misaki Ayuzawa has become the first female student council president. As she battles to keep the guys in line, she quickly earns the moniker “devil president” for her reputation as a strict disciplinarian.

There is, however, more to Ayuzawa than meets the eye, as one of the other students discovers. The council president works as a maid at a maid café, where she is required to act cutesy for the customers. She is embarrassed by the situation. When Takumi Usui mocks her for it, she unleashes the full force of her rage. Ayuzawa, the tsundere protagonist of Maid Sama!, is used to great advantage in the program because of her two distinct personalities.

6. Love, Chuunibyo & Other Delusions!

They founded the Far East Magical Napping Society, a school club, to help Rikka cope with her Eighth-Grader Syndrome illusions. Love, Chuunibyo & Other Delusions In contrast to Rikka, several of the other characters have passed their “chuunibyo” phase and don’t look back on it with love.

It’s not a good idea for the others to bring up Shinka Nibutani’s previous chuunibyo methods, because it generally brings out her very real violence. The tsundere is a wonderful addition to a show that leans more toward the humor side of romantic comedies than the drama.

7. Toradora


Toradora includes one of anime’s most famous tsunderes, Taiga Aisaka, in the form of the protagonist. Aisaka is a petite and sweet-looking girl with a violent temper in contrast to Ryuuji Takasu, who has an intimidating visage but a quiet attitude.

Furthermore, Takasu is a mixed martial arts enthusiast, and she carries around her wooden katana, which she is more than happy to use if the situation calls for it. What makes this show such a popular romantic comedy is how well it portrays the unlikely relationship as they discover one other’s sweet side and their unexpected bond.

8. Your Lie In April

Tsubaki Sawabe, the tsundere protagonist of an emotional anime about classical music, may not be the major love interest, but she is nevertheless one of the most unforgettable characters in a romantic drama.

Tsubaki, in contrast to Kousei Arima, the former concert pianist who she has affections for, is physically active and enjoys baseball. In contrast to Kousei, who is inspired by a beautiful violinist to pick up the piano once more, Tsubaki is baffled as to how she could possibly attract the attention of someone with such divergent interests as baseball and music. Despite her minimal screen time, Tsubaki’s sweet character is an important component of what makes the show so captivating.

9. Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War

Kaguya-sama Love is War

There are two main tsundere in Kaguya-sama, and they’re fighting it out in a Death Note-style mind game to see who will admit their emotions for the other first. This year’s president and vice-president of the student council are working much harder than usual to avoid embarrassment.

The stakes of their game are quite high, since both players have school reputations to protect and are unwilling to give up easy. Their efforts to convince everyone else that they don’t care about each other reflect how much they care for one another in the end. Because of this unique relationship, the show stands out from the rest of the romantic anime genre.

10. Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Kun

Nozaki-Kun centers on Umetarou Nozaki’s relationship with Chiyo Sakura, who has always had a crush on him, and it’s a delightful ensemble romantic comedy with an amazing cast.

Mikoto Mikoshiba, a student at their school, is an unusual tsundere. While he appears to be boldly flirting with women, using goofy phrases and signature winks that can’t help but captivate, he is actually quite timid and bashful, and he feels terrible about his outward display of confidence. Even the tsundere protagonist of the Shoujo manga written by Nozaki is influenced by his characteristics. Tsundere character Mikoto is one of the reasons Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Kun is one of the funniest romantic comedies out there, despite his eccentricity.