10 Best Demon King Anime That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Best Demon King Anime

We all know that animism has a natural ability to deconstruct concepts and present them in new and fresh ways, and the concept of the Demon King is no exception. Some examples of these Demon Kings include good-hearted gamers, deadbeat demon fathers, and prophesiers of doom and disaster. We can all agree that we have spent some time in anime with some really amazing and fascinating Demon Kings, regardless of what they do in their leisure time. Prepare your wands of enchantment.

1. Sirzechs Lucifer

Sirzechs Lucifer

One day, as a perverted high school student, Youdou Issei hopes to be a Harem King, but things soon take an unexpected turn. Things begin to improve when a lovely girl named Yuuma begs him to do it. His existence begins to fade away as the demon of the top class rescues him from death, a demon with red hair and a piercing gaze. At the end of their first date, Yuuma kills him. Issei is now a member of the Gremory household of demons and must deal with his new demonic strength and the harsh world of Angels and Demos. High-ranking, pure-blooded demons are selected by the demon realm to serve as its rulers, and aristocracy plays an important role in this process. Sirzechs Lucifer, the elder brother of Rias Gremory, is Lord Satan. That the Gremory Household is still one of just three remaining pure demon households is illustrated by this. What a bunch of sirzechs! Issei’s younger sister Koneko, Akeno, and Yuuto’s wedding to Raiser Phoenix was made possible because of his love for his younger wife and her sisters.

2. Demon King Piccolo

In the folklore, the seven golden orbs, known as dragon balls, allow collectors to summon the immortal dragon, known as Shenron, who can grant any wish they desire. In her search for dragon balls, Bulma Brief meets Goku Son, a 12-year-old monkey-dressed youngster, on Mount Paozu, Japan. In order to accompany Bulma on her journey to gather all seven Dragon Balls, he must agree to give up his prize, which he will only do if she utilizes the Dragon Ball. This was the beginning of their orb-gathering mission. Aside from the fact that Piccolo’s strength does not grow as quickly as the Saiyans’ do, we must place him lower on the list since even though he’s been training for years, he’s still not as strong as Goku or Gohan. As the strongest Namekian in existence, he may be a favorite fan character and even the strongest in the entire series, but his strength does not go beyond.

3. Sadao Maou

Sadao Maou

Enemies of Ente Isla are frightened by the Diamond Lord Satan as he tries to rule the planet. Before Emilia’s strong attack puts him and his demon army in jeopardy. His conquest intentions thwarted, he has no choice but to flee through a portal in present-day Tokyo. The Lord and his faithful Alsiel are rendered impotent in a magical world after being forced to accept the human persona of Maou Sadao. MgRonald’s, a neighboring fast-food restaurant, is where Sadao works to make ends meet as a human person. The aspiration of Sadao to conquer Ente Isla is put on hold as he focuses on climbing the corporate ladder and eventually taking over the entire planet. As a result, he loses his intimidating mentality to be an honest, hard-working, and pleasant employee.

4. Staz Charlie Blood

In the Eastern Demon World District, a vampire named Staz Charlie Blood wields absolute power. Otaku Staz is a fan of Japanese culture because of his role as a demon ruler, and other legends claim that he is a ruthless, power-hungry dictator. On a chance encounter with a portal leading to the devil realm, Yanagi Fuyumi from Japan runs across Staz, only to be attacked by him and sent on a wild goose chase. When it comes down to it, Staz has always wanted to do anything he could to offer Fuyumi the chance to soar in the human world. Staz and Fuyumi go out to find a magic that can bring people back to life, bolstered by the promise of human civilisation for himself. Like some persons we encounter, Staz is captivated by Japanese culture and is an uncommon star in that he is a vampire with a huge portion of the demon sector.

5. Beelzebub III

Beelzebub III

Ishiyama High is infamous for its culture of anarchy and extensive acts of violence. It’s hard to miss the first-year student Oga Tatsumi, the most heinous of the crooks in this crowd. In the midst of his routine scuffles with other criminals, Oga came across an enormous man drifting down the river. Upon Oga’s rescue from the river, he splits the man in half, resulting in a sweet babysitter. As it turns out, the boy in question is none other than the future Demon Lord Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV. Oga is joined by the demonic maid Hildegard in an even more intriguing attempt to hoist the future Lord of the infernal world. While Beelzebub IV, the future Demon Lord, is the main focus of the show, don’t forget about Beelzebub III, Baby Beel’s father. Beelzebub III is a goofy, fun-loving slacker who abandons everything to his loyal henchmen and embarks on a variety of errands, most of which involve ladies. The fact that he entrusts the well-being of his youngest kid to any powerful human being shows how little regard he has for his own children. For Beelzebub III, the best way to describe him is as a “unconcerned dad in a deadbeat”.

6. Rikuo Nura

Nura Rikuo is a young man who wishes to lead a normal life, but he is a quarter-youkai because of the blood that flows through his veins. Due to his grandfather’s decision, Rikuo is destined to be leader of the Nura Clan. However, Rikuo must make a decision on whether or not to join the youkai side and lead the clan in the face of opposing youkai groups directed at his Youkai and his human allies. Rikuo has the ability to switch between his human form and his yakai form at will, thanks to Yukai’s blood. With long, flowing, white and black hair and a change in his demeanor, Rikuo appears. When it comes to being the leader of the Nura Clan, Rikuo initially wished to be relieved of his duties, but he has grown to appreciate the role and recognize his ability to protect both humans and youkai equally.

8. Akuto Sai

Akuto Sai

Akuto Sai’s life is drastically altered when he enrolls in the Constant Magic School and learns that he will be the next demon king. His role as a future demon king has made him a sought-after target for all the girls at his school, despite his worries about the new circumstances. Akuto, the Demon King in training, can he graduate from Constant Magic Academy with the ability to fool every girl that comes his way? This demon king appears to be the least suitable choice for the part. There must be a reason behind this. Akuto grew up in a church and wants to become a high priest from Constant Magic Academy, where he is currently a student. Yes, a demon king hopes to become a priest when he grows up. In the wake of Yota Garasu’s foretelling that Akuto would become the demon king upon graduating from his school, the populace were apprehensive of Akuto and the news focused on his priesthood intentions. In spite of this, Akuto is a guy who always does the right thing and aspires to join the ranks of magicians in the country’s upper echelons even though this is against his natural path. Are there any others who think it’s a good idea to give up everything and go to war with the demon lord? Is that correct?

9. Maou from Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

In the midst of a 15-year conflict between humans and demons, a hero is fed up with the Demon Realm’s creeping encroachment on humanity and decides to move on to the Demon Queen’s Castle, where he encounters the mighty Demos. To bring peace and prosperity to the world, the Demon Queen is looking for Hero’s help. This is a curious development. It becomes clear to Hero and his former foe that they have a same goal, and they work together to commence their search for peace and prosperity around the world. The top of our list of kings is a demon’s queen, whose name corresponds to her title. In keeping with our demon kings and queens motif, a heroine with noble intentions and stunning beauty has been handed over. With the benefits of conflict on humanity in view, Maou wishes to cooperate with those who are fighting for peace in their communities. If you’re merely looking for the king of demons, you’ll often see them referred to as the “king of demons.” Appear!

10. Momonga from Overlord

Momonga from Overlord

Sorcerer Momonga chooses to look out for her final moments when the servers of Yggdrasil in the popular online virtual reality game begin to shut down. While it’s possible for him to log off at midnight, he’ll be surprised if he does. Even more intriguing, it appears that the non-player characters in the game have developed their own identities, as Momonga discovers when he tries to log out. In order to gain a better grasp of his new environment, Momonga assumes the roles of his former avatar and his faithful minions, and he sets out to locate any players who have ended up in Yggdrasil’s present-day realm. In many ways, Momonga resembles the stereotypical image of a demon lord. He appears to be a gigantic skeleton dressed in a dark robe. In addition to his outward appearances, Momonga is Yggdrasil’s most powerful entity, capable of eradicating any foe using World Objects and Super Tier magic. It’s hard to believe his abilities are this impressive as he searches Yggdrasil for other townspeople. When Momonga takes on the new Yggdrasil, he does it with the help of a small but mighty army of obedient and devoted henchmen.