6 Best Submarine Movies That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Best Submarine Movies

It’s (Pocket-lint) – From the creators of Line of Duty, the BBC’s most-watched drama, Vigil is a new thriller that promises to keep you on your toes.

At HMS Vigil, a Scottish fishing boat has vanished and the Vigil’s crew has been killed, which brings together the police, Navy, and security services to investigate.

Starring Suranne Jones (Coronation Street), Martin Compston (Line of Duty), and Rose Leslie (you know nothing Jon Snow) the new show will premiere on BBC One August 29, 2021.

In order to prepare for your trip, though, watch as many movies as possible on submarines.

Movies about submersibles are some of the greatest.

1. Das Boot (1981)

Das Boot (1981)

Wolfgang Peterson’s Das Boot drives you to the verge of sanity like no other film. A German submarine crew in the Atlantic during World War II is the subject of this film. Ideology vs. cynicism, exhilaration and dread of action, a sense of captivity on a submarine are all themes explored in this film. As a war film, it’s a terrific submarine film. For a film like Downfall, the original German version is far superior to the dubbed version.

2. U-571 (2000)

U-571 (2000)

In U-571, an Enigma cipher machine was captured by the U.S. Navy. The A-list cast of Matthew McConaughey, Bill Paxton, and Harvey Keitel star in this fictitious tale. An Enigma machine was actually recovered by British destroyer HMS Bulldog in May 1941, not 1942, as shown in this story set in that year’s World War II. This is still a fantastic submarine movie.

3. K19 The Widowmaker (2002)

K19 The Widowmaker (2002)

During the Cold War’s apex in 1961, the Soviet Union launches its first nuclear-powered submarine, K19. There are some excellent performances from Harrison Ford and Liam Neeson in this tale of a Soviet submarine based on true events. If you aren’t afraid of radiation, you might be after viewing this.

4. Hunt for Red October (1990)

Hunt for Red October (1990)

With a star-studded cast, including Sean Connery as Captain Marko Ramius and Alec Baldwin as CIA agent Jack Ryan, Red October is one of Tom Clancy’s most well-known works and one of his most popular movies. Cold War thrillers are some of the best out there. “One ping only, to verify the target’s range.”

5. Crimson Tide (1995)

Crimson Tide (1995)

On board the USS Alabama ballistic missile submarine, Crimson Tide pits Captain Gene Hackman against XO Denzel Washington. It’s a straightforward choice: whether or not to unleash the ballistic missiles in the face of communication difficulties and Russian submarine strikes.

6. Hunter Killer (2018)

Hunter Killer (2018)

Compared to some of the other sub-films on our list, Hunter Killer has an edge because it is newer and more action-packed. A rogue Russian party leads the U.S. into action, rather than relying on a Cold War to drive the plot. Even if it’s all a little far-fetched, Gary Oldman, Gerard Butler, and Toby Stephens add Hollywood clout.