10 Anime My Hero Academia Characters That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Anime My Hero Academia Characters

Many of the characters in My Hero Academia may easily be transplanted into other anime series.

My Hero Academia’s characters are full of different quirks and motivations, creating a fascinating kaleidoscope in the world.

Genetics has turned the world of superheroes into a jumble of disarray. Most fans have no idea who the characters in this show are because of how distinctive their designs are.

Long-time anime fans, on the other hand, may notice that certain characters in My Hero Academia seem familiar despite the show’s many innovations.

1. Izuku Could Apprentice Under Gojo Satoru (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Quirkless Izuku Midoriya (hero name: Deku) appears in the anime before All Might grants him One for All. Izuku first struggles with his new ability, but as time passes, he grows increasingly adept at it. One for All users like Float and Blackwhip have their own unique quirks, which he inherited from All Might’s super-strength.

Izuku could have joined Jujutsu Kaisen and trained under Gojo Satoru if he had the resources. One for All and cursed tactics have many similarities. Itadori Yuji’s Divergent Fist may be compared to Danger Sense, while Izuku’s Detroit Smash may be likened to a sorcerer.

2. Shoto Could Be An Avatar, The Prince Of The Fire Nation, Or Both (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

There are four nations in the universe of Avatar: The Last Airbender, and each of them has mastered one of the four elements: earth (fire), ice (water), and water (ice). Avatar Aang is the only one who can halt the Fire Nation’s plan to conquer the globe. Like Zuko, the prince of the Fire Nation and the series’ first enemy, Shoto has a similar backstory.

Zuko’s father abuses him, and he has a scar over his eye. In addition to teaching Aang fire-bending, he becomes a buddy of the protagonist. With that said, it doesn’t hurt that Shoto is still learning how to control his flames, and that gives him even more potential. He’s so close to becoming an Avatar thanks to his two Quirks that it’s almost comical.

3. Bakugou Could Be Baby Beel’s Adoptive Parent (Beelzebub)

Even since the beginning of the series, the explosive Bakugou Katsuki has come a long way. In the beginning, he is an aggressive, nasty, and egotistical bully. Tatsumi Oga, Beelzebub’s protagonist, has a lot in similarities with Tatsumi Oga, despite the fact that Tatsumi Oga’s character gradually improves. In order to raise Beelzebub III’s son, Baby Beel, Tatsumi’s aggressive nature is a factor in the selection process. Baker might have easily taken his position and even formed a bond with Baby Beel sooner if given the opportunity to do so.

4. Ojiro Would Be Great Friends With Naruto (Naruto)

Mashirao Ojiro’s Tail is often ignored by the flamboyant Quirks like One for All, Hot and Cold, and Explosion. But if he had lived in the Naruto reality, he would have become a great ninja because of his martial arts skills and growing ability to use his additional limb. He would have formed a close relationship with Naruto as a result of it. In Naruto’s place, Kurama may have chosen him to be his savior. Ojiro’s great talent and expertise would have made it impossible for the hokage to overlook him.

5. Toga Could Belong To Krul Tepes’s Forces (Seraph Of The End)

Toga Himiko is a member of the League of Villains who is only a few years older than her. Transform, one of her superpowers, fuels her bloodlust and leads her towards the path of evil. Some universes, Toga would have fit in in with his blood-thirsty temperament.

In Seraph of the End, she would have been a member of the royal vampire family. Krul Tepes and the Moon Demon Company would have faced a formidable foe if she had been able to transform. Her powers and battle instincts would have made her a formidable adversary.

6. Moonfish Could Secretly Be One Of Professor Kanou’s Ghoulish Experiments (Tokyo Ghoul)

The Vanguard Action Squad attacks the young heroes of Classes 1-A and 1-B in the Forest Training Camp Arc. The crew is led by the infamous Dabi, but there are others on it who are almost as dangerous as the rogue Todoroki. Moonfish is a notable villain because of his disgusting appearance.

He appears to be a cannibal who enjoys eating human flesh. He is so engrossed in his desire that he loses track of what he needs to do. A powerful long-range warrior thanks to his blade tooth quirk, although he looks like one of Professor Kanou’s experiments from Tokyo Ghoul because of his straitjacket. As Kaneki Ken has already shown, it’s not just the Kagune that’s there; it’s also everything else.

7. Nezu Could Be A Part Of The Sibyl System (Psycho-Pass)

Principal Nezu’s story is one of extraordinary rarity: an animal with a Quirk. He’s been subjected to human experimentation, which has left him scarred physically and mentally. The final exam with Ashido Mina and Kaminari Denki reveals his vicious personality and resentment of mankind for their acts.

In Psycho-Pass, the hive mind law enforcement agency that dominates Japan with an iron fist, his Quirk, High Specs, and strange demeanor would make him an ideal candidate for the Sibyl System. Normally, his nonhuman status would be a deterrent, but Nezu is an exception because of his intelligence.

8. Snipe Looks Like He Just Logged Out Of GGO (Sword Art Online)

Snipe’s look is very similar to that of Dyne, the leader of the PvP squadron ace sniper Sinonis a part of in Gun Gale Online.

Dyne, in contrast to Snipe, prefers an assault rifle as a weapon of choice. Even still, the two of them fighting side by side would be absolutely perfect. Rather than Dyne, Snipe would be a superior leader for Dyne’s team because he has more experience as a Pro Hero and has the Homing Quirk. Sterben wouldn’t have gone wild in GGO if Snipe had been around. Nobody wants to mess with this amazing teacher.

9. Tokoyami’s Dark Shadow Is A Better Companion Than Sebastian (Black Butler)

To describe his actions in taking down Ciel Phantomhive’s foes, Black Butler’s Sebastian Michaelis uses the phrase “one hell of a butler” often. Due to his thirst for revenge, Ciel has formed a deal with the devil. In order to use Sebastian’s help, Ciel must pay a high price: his soul.

Things are much better for Tokoyami Fumikage. His Quirk, Dark Shadow, is his own personal demon. Although he’s not an ancient demon and isn’t always easy to deal with, Dark Shadow is loyal to Tokoyami. He has a bird-like appearance that may remind Black Butler fans of Sebastian’s crow form and the dark feathers falling around his real body in the anime. In general, the contract Tokoyami has with Sebastian and Ciel has significantly more advantages than the one he has with Tokoyami.

10. Gigantomachia Is Pretty Much A Titan (Attack On Titan)

When Gigantomachia first joins the League of Villains, she regards Tomura Shigaraki as an unworthy replacement for All For One. He’s so simple-minded that a tape of All For One’s voice distracted him. This does not detract from his ability, however. Even in the realm of My Hero Academia, his feats of strength, speed, and endurance are astounding. Even Dabi’s flames had no effect on him. As he gets pumped up, he swells in size, and his breath may knock heroes to the ground.

In many ways, he resembles the enormous titans depicted in the popular anime series Attack on Titan. From his enormous stature to his utter stupidity and even the sound of his breath (which is evocative of that of the Colossal Titan’s steam) he’d fit right in on Paradise.