8 Best Alien Comics That You Should Reading Update 06/2024

Best Alien Comics

Because of “Alien: Covenant,” fans can finally see Ridley Scott fully return to the movie series he helped start. A lot of different things were made when “Alien” came out. There was a movie and a TV show, but there were also books and toys and video games and comics.

There are a lot of people who think that “licensed” comic books aren’t as good as “real” comic books. They’re often thought of as cheap cash-ins that are made quickly and don’t care about how good the product is. This isn’t true about the Xenomorph. These well-known monsters have attracted some great writers and artists over the years, and there has been a lot of different content made under the “Alien” label. “Aliens” comics have a long history. Here are the best.

1. Genocide


“Genocide” is one of the most well-known comic book series because of the red aliens. It wasn’t the first Alien comic book series, though. Genecide is written by Mike Richardson and John Arcudi, and drawn by Damon Willis and Karl Story and Arthur Suydam. It takes place after the events of the movies, when humans have learned about aliens. It has also been found that the queens secrete a jelly that acts like a super steroid when humans eat it. A team of marines is sent to what is thought to be the Xenomorph homeworld to capture a queen and her jelly.

In fact, when they get there, they find two different types of aliens fighting each other: the traditional aliens and a new red-skinned alien. This leads to beautiful pictures of huge monster fights, with the marines in the middle. The art isn’t the only thing this series is known for. It was the first comic to really separate itself from the movies and start to develop the aliens as their own species, with their own variants. Many of the ideas that were introduced, like the royal jelly, were used for years in “Alien” comics.

2. Outbreak

Before the movie “Alien 3” came out, there were three comic book series that told the stories of Hicks and Newt, two of the characters from “Aliens.” There are two stories that are told in this series. It’s set a few years after they met with Xenomorphs on Acheron (aka, LV-426). The first story is about Hicks leading a new group of marines to destroy an alien hive on another planet. A woman who has been scarred by her experience and lives in a mental hospital with him comes along with him. Xenomorphs are the subject of the second story. It shows that the Weyland-Yutani Corporation has one of the creatures on Earth.

They have to fight off another alien nightmare, as well as Weyland-Yutani plans. At the same time, an alien infestation may be spreading across Earth. In this comic, written by Mark Verheiden with art by Mark A. Nelson and Ron Randall, the story of Hicks and Newt, who were killed off in “Alien 3,” is continued. To fans, this makes the comic even more special. They changed their names after the movie came out, but to fans, they’ll always be Hicks and Newt.

3. Nightmare Asylum

Nightmare Asylum

“Outbreak,” which was written by Verheiden and drawn by Den Beauvais and Roger Casselman, is the second part of this series. It shows what happens to humanity when Earth is taken over by the Xenomorphs. As bad as it is for these two, they end up on a cargo ship that is taking Xenomorphs to a military outpost because they’ve had the worst luck in the world. It turns out that General Spears is crazy. He thinks he can train the aliens and use them to clear Earth of the wild aliens. Spears, of course, learns that the aliens are much more difficult to get along with than they first appear.

“Earth Hive” is part of a trilogy about Aliens. This is another must-read story about them. Again, this story was written before the movie “Alien 3.” It shows what would have happened if the movies had gone in a different direction. Comics like “Outbreak” had to be fixed at some point to make sense with the story of “Alien 3.” Though they look different, they’re still a good look at what could have been.

4. Female War

Earth has been taken over by the Xenomorphs. Wilks and Billie (again, Hicks and Newt) have been through a lot, but their adventures aren’t over yet. They’ve fought off the deadly species, as well as killer robots and crazy Generals. This is even more true now that they’ve teamed up with Ellen Ripley, a friend from a long time ago. To save the Earth, the three come up with a plan to go into deep space and find one of the largest alien queens ever, then bring her back to Earth.

“Female War” was the last story with characters from “Aliens” to be printed before “Alien 3” killed off all of the series’ main characters. This time, Verheiden’s writing was paired with art by the inimitable Sam Kieth. It wasn’t as simple as changing the name of Ripley and Hicks to make them appear in this story again, like that. In the book adaptations, more information was added to show that the Ripley who appears is a robot copy. Ripley stayed in the comics because this solution was too complicated to put in. The continuity error was not taken into account. For people who didn’t like the ending of “Alien 3,” this series gives them a better ending.

5. Alien Vs. Predator

Alien Vs. Predator

Dark Horse Comics wanted to see what would happen if they put two of the deadliest alien species against each other. The result was a huge hit (pun intended). “Alien” is set in the same time as the movies. The story takes place on the planet Ryushi, which is home to a colony of ranchers who work for The Company on the planet. Predators are hunting there, and they’ve spread Xenomorph eggs all over the world. When the hunt doesn’t go as planned by the Predators, the human settlers find themselves in the middle of two of the most dangerous species in the galaxy, both of which want to kill them.

This crossover was written by Randy Stradley, with art by Phill Norwood, Chris Warner, and a whole host of other artists. It would lead to many more crossovers, including toys, video games, and two popular (though not very good) movies. The match-up might seem obvious now, but when it was first made, it was a big deal. An alien skull ended up in the trophy case of the predator from “Predator 2” because of how well the comic did. Of course, it would take a long time for a full-length movie to come out. In spite of some disagreements, fans agree that the original comic, which started out as a serial in “Dark Horse Presents,” is a great piece of art.

6. Green Lantern Versus Aliens

We don’t know how well the aliens and other superheroes from comic books will work together, so it’s hard to say. Ron Marz wrote this book with art from Rick Leonardi and Mike Perkins. It’s a good thing because it’s mostly a hit, even though it’s a simple story. Story: Hal Jordan meets the aliens before becoming Parallax. It is set in two times. They aren’t evil. Instead of putting them to death, Jordan moves the aliens to Mogo, where they can’t hurt anyone. It’s been a decade since Kyle Rayner became the last Green Lantern. He has to save a ship that has crashed into the Mogo, which is no longer alive and able to move. Raynor has to go to the surface of the planet to save someone. He meets the Xenomorphs, who are always angry.

That’s a good thing, because this story doesn’t fit with the rest of the world’s events. It’s clear early on that characters can die, and several Green Lanterns don’t make it out of their encounters with the aliens. It’s one of the better Alien appearances in the DC universe. This is one of the best. At least the Joker/Alien hybrid from “Batman/Aliens 2” doesn’t show up in this movie, which is good.

7. Alien: The Illustrated Story

Alien The Illustrated Story

This is one of the few Alien comics that wasn’t made by Dark Horse. It tells the story of the first Alien movie. Even though you probably already know what happens in the movie, there are some small differences. The Derelict Ship beacon is turned off by Dallas, and the chestburster looks different. This happens in both Alien: Isolation and Alien: Isolation, but it’s not the same way. All the scenes where aliens attack and the derelict ship look great. The most important events are shown in big splash pages that look like they were made by Moebius and Giger. The other Alien movies have their own comic book adaptations, but they aren’t very good. Alien has the best one, and it’s the only one.

8. Aliens: Stronghold

Stronghold has a lot in common with Labyrinth, which is a better Aliens story than Stronghold. An alien experimentation lab is far away, and there is a mad scientist who wants to do it. As the human characters try to flee, the Aliens get out and do a lot of damage while they do it. That’s not the only thing that makes this comic stand out. It has dark humor mixed with a lighter tone. A cigar-chomping android Alien named Jeri also makes an appearance in Stronghold. She likes to smoke, make fun of herself, and shoot real Xenomorphs. This is what Jeri does for fun. He is also afraid of Dean, the Alien destroyer, who is very big. They look great together.