9 Best Shows Like Overhaulin That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Shows Like Overhaulin



Chip Foose oversees a team of expert mechanics and designers who transform ordinary or even junky automobiles into one-of-a-kind custom cars. An inventive plot to get each car into the shop is followed by a surprise unveiling of a reworked vehicle for a deserving individual, such as a returning soldier or someone who’s been down on their luck. Velocity premiered a new season of “Overhaulin” in 2012 after the original TLC series aired for five seasons in 2004. Model Arianny Celeste joins Chris Jacobs as co-host.

1. Inside West Coast Customs

Inside West Coast Customs

As an auto customizer, Ryan Friedlinghaus takes an unconventional approach to managing his family of craftsmen and technicians at West Coast Customs. Even yet, the shop’s renowned design staff has consistently come up with a street-edged and meticulously built vehicle. An intimate look at WCC is featured in this series…

2. Rust Valley Restorers

Rust Valley Restorers

In the Rocky Mountains, a group of car enthusiasts known as the Rust Valley Restorers works to restore rusty wrecks and turn them into valuable collectibles.

3. Car Masters: Rust To Riches

Car Masters Rust To Riches

Companies that restore and resell automobiles for profit can make a lot of money. Gotham Garage, the series’ central character, is one such business. Owner Mark Towle heads a colorful group of mechanics who work on a diverse assortment of automobiles with the objective of trading their way up to a show-stopper that they can proudly show off.

4. Car SOS


With the help of a professional car restoration company, the hosts and many clientele around the UK and Europe restore historic four-by-fours.

5. Hyperdrive


Plot: “Hyperdrive” executive producer Charlize Theron likens the film to “American Ninja Warrior meets Fast & Furious.”‘ For Netflix’s original series about elite street racers driving supercharged custom cars, that’s the pitch from her. At one of the dealerships, drivers bring their vehicles.

6. Fastest Car

Fastest Car

‘Fastest Car’ aims to see if modified “sleeper” automobiles are fast enough to keep up with exotic supercars. Before they face off against the supercars, the sleeper cars are created and customized by true gearheads and driven by drivers willing to risk their street cred…

7. The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour

The hosts of this Amazon original series are Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May. Instead of filming in a studio, the crew uses a massive traveling tent in locations including Johannesburg, Lapland, Rotterdam, Stuttgart, Whitby, Scotland, California, Nashville, and Dubai.

8. Top Gear

Top Gear

Tests if automobiles can live up to their makers’ promises in this fast-paced and stunt-filled motor show. Show travels to various locales to do extreme stunts and challenges using featured cars to demonstrate their capabilities. Celebrity…