13 Best Mature Anime That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Best Mature Anime

Anime covers a wide range of topic matter. For the most part, people – especially those who haven’t explored anime very well – seem to think of anime as a form of media geared solely toward children and adolescents. People who have grown up immersed in the anime culture, on the other hand, know that not all of the shows on the air are appropriate for children. In truth, certain anime may have themes that are plainly geared toward adults, and other shows may contain explicit material for adults, such as nudity, graphics violence scenes, and so on. We sought to include mature shows that appeal to older audiences and whose themes are more easily understood by adults in this list. A good plot, in-depth character analysis, sexual sex, emotional discomfort, and even gore are what we’re talking about.

As an anime enthusiast, you’ll be able to learn about the best and most fantastic mature anime to watch in this article, which deals with the more adult aspects of anime.

1. Erased


There are just 12 episodes of a well-made anime in this list of canceled series, so you may watch them all in one sitting if you’re in a hurry. 29-year-old Satoru Fujinuma has a power he calls “revival.” It’s a suspenseful murder mystery that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats until the very end. Using this skill, he can travel back in time a few minutes and fix everything. But one day, Satoru is the prime suspect in the murder of his mother. It’s considered one of the best mature-themed anime out there. After spending 18 years in Hokkaido, Satoru’s power returned to him. Will he be asked to fix something in order to save his mother in the event of a revival? The kidnapping and murder of his classmate Kayo Hinazuki may have some connection to this. An 11-year-old boy’s body is studied by a man in order to uncover a shocking reality. This is one of the finest works of mature anime currently available. Its atmosphere leaves a lasting impression.

2. Food Wars

Your taste buds and sense of smell are sure to be delighted by this description. There are going to be food conflicts, of course! Centers around Soma, whose father runs the Yukihiro Diner, which serves simple but highly sought-after meals. The Totsuki Academy, a prestigious culinary school, accepts Yukihira as a student to carry on his father’s culinary aspirations. Yukihira is a chef in the most difficult and rewarding of culinary professions. Because of his brash demeanor, he has what it takes to make you fall in love with cooking’s actual flavor. Food Wars isn’t afraid to show his appreciation for his fans, either. Being able to recognize when you are face-to-face with a male or female counterpart. It’s considered one of the best mature anime out there.

3. Clannad After Story

Clannad After Story

This is one of those shows that purports to adhere to a well-known pattern of storytelling, only to deviate from it and veer into territory that the audience does not expect. It’s considered one of the best mature-themed anime out there. When Tomoya professes his emotions for Nagisa in a charming way at the end of season one, it seemed as though their love story had reached a satisfying conclusion. But they weren’t, since that’s not how things work in the real world. The story of a real person doesn’t come to an end with the final scene of the movie. Although characters’ romantic impulses are never given much weight in Clannad, the tale focuses more on the hardships they face as the world turns against them. The couple shows that even after the most extreme emotional upheaval and loss of life, the family can still come together through Tomoya’s demonstration of his dependence and Nagisa’s interactions with her debilitating body.

4. Attack on Titan

To see what lies beyond the walls has always been an ambition of Eren’s, yet “Titans,” enormous giants who resemble human males, roam the earth and worship only humans. We are on the edge of an all-out war, and the only safe haven is encircling three major cities in walls. Eren’s mother was killed by a titan after a titan burst through the wall that protected Eren and his family. Eren made a solemn pledge on that day to annihilate all titans. They had a huge success with their first anime, WIT Studio. Anime fans and non-anime fans alike have fallen in love with Attack on Titan, making it a new cultural icon. It’s an action-packed scene with stunning animation and a great soundtrack. Investigating the identities of the giants’ traitors involves a great deal of suspense. Despite the increasing brutality of Titan deaths, Attack on Titan doesn’t hold back when it comes to depicting them. It’s one of the best animes for older fans.

5. Blade Of Immortal

Blade Of The Immortal

In feudal Japan, a samurai named Manji, who was cursed by a nun, lived with his family. This novel’s protagonist is Manji. He is impenetrable since he is always armed with a slew of guns. Many good people have died as a result of his actions. It is Manji’s vow to avenge the deaths of every good man he has killed that will bring him back to life. Manji’s plan is approved by the one responsible for his immortality, and he sets out to eliminate 1,000 bad men. During his travels, he comes across a girl who is seeking retribution for the deaths of her parents. Manji has pledged to be a pillar of strength in her life. It’s considered one of the best mature anime out there. If you have Amazon Prime, you can watch this original Amazon anime. If you enjoy the old samurai films, then you’ll enjoy this one. The primary plus point for me is Manji’s protagonist’s lack of talent. If he wasn’t invincible, he would have been slain a lot more times than he actually was.

6. Nana

Nana Komatsu, a 20-year-old naive woman who quickly falls in love with the people she meets, leaves her small village by train to see her boyfriend and friends in Tokyo. Fortunately, she meets another Nana from her generation on this trip, and the two of them form a relationship on the lengthy train travel to Tokyo. In contrast to Nana Komatsu, Nana Osaki sings punk rock. It’s considered one of the best mature anime out there. Osaki is a rock-solid individual with a contagious cheerful outlook. It wasn’t until she left her little village to pursue her dream of becoming an active singer that she was able to date a bassist. Their tragic encounter leads to them renting an apartment together. As she deals with love, heartbreak, and struggle, Nana is a wonderful anime that depicts the beautiful links that bind two women together.

7. Scum’s Wish

Scum’s Wish (Kuzu no Honkai)

Hanabi Yasuraoka, a seventeen-year-old student in love with Narumi Kanai, her high school teacher, is the subject of the story. An average-looking music instructor named Akane Minagawa has captured Kanai’s heart. Mugi, a 17-year-old high school student with a crush on Minagawa, solely wants to be with her. Both Hanabi and Mugi chose to substitute each other for their loved ones because of their undesirable feelings for unattainable folks. It’s one of the best animes for older fans. If you’re looking for a traditional shoujo with soft feelings and platonic exchanges, Kuzu no Honkai isn’t for you. As stated in the first episode, the motivation for this outburst was his. Romance, betrayal, and all human weaknesses are all depicted in Kuzu no Honkai. In many ways, it’s heartbreakingly realistic, and that makes for some very intense wrath.

8. Code Geass

One of Sunrise Inc.’s most lauded accomplishments, it has influenced a number of other series and has established the benchmark for all mecha anime. It’s widely considered to be one of the best mature anime out there. Though produced by Sunrise Studio, it is one of the best shows ever produced by the studio. The “Best Anime” award has been given to the International Anime Fair multiple times. In addition to video games, the franchise includes manga, light novels, OVAs, and more. Lelouch Lamperouge, the Prince of Britannia prostitute who led his father’s and the former UK insurrection, is the story’s lord of spiritual power in Geass. When it comes to his story, the Code Geass author depends on his well-developed characters and insightful conversation as well as fast action to move the plot along.

9. Prison School

Hachimitsu Private Academy, a famous all-girls boarding school, is now accepting applications from boys as well. There are only five students who are accepted into the school, and they are rapidly exiled. It’s one of the best animes for older fans. Because they can’t engage with their classmates, the five boys decide to take a riskier path: they opt to peep into their restrooms instead. Of course, they were found and imprisoned, but they had no idea what the “punishment” for the children truly entailed.. Prison School is a sophisticated animated film that has the ability to irritate and distract its viewers. We have beautiful women on one side with big boob shots, and seductive girls on the other side in Student Council know how to ruin a man’s reputation. When the guys are punished so savagely, the audience is unsure if they should laugh or cry.

10. Mushishi


“Mushi” is the basic sort of life, and it’s all around us, but only a select few will ever notice it. They have a music-shi named Ginko, who travels from place to place in pursuit of the spirits he can perceive. He is on a mission to find a means to help Mushi understand more about the individuals he encounters. Mushishi is a one-of-a-kind find among the area’s more adult creatures. As a result of the supernatural components and Ginko’s journey, viewers are confronted with a wide range of sensitive issues, including the loss of love, terror, and the soul. Ginko is the only character in Mushishi, a slow-paced episodic animation. It’s inspirational in every way and aids the audience in focusing on the bigger picture of life’s meaning. Our first appearance on the show was a touch underwhelming, but we’ve come to recognize that it’s all worth it.

11. Samurai X

When it comes to old-school samurai films, this anime is worth a look if you’re a fan of the genre. Japan’s Meiji Era saw the creation of this conspiracy by Hitokiri Battosais. Swordsman who took on the name Himura Kenshin in order to defend the men of Japan. She was well-known in Japan during the time of the samurai, ronin, and ninjas. Rurouni Kenshin is best described as a journey to exact revenge on Kenshin, but Trust and Deception sheds light on the tragic nature of his existence. We see Kenshin and Tomoe learn about Kenshin’s life before he joined the revolution. Every viewer may empathize with Kenshin’s plight as he struggles to maintain his dignity, recognizes the essence of his love, and returns to his personal hell immediately.

12. No Game No Life

No Game No Life

Shiro and his brother Sora had spent all of their childhood immersed in the virtual world of their video game. Using the guise of “Zero,” they’ve taken over the virtual gaming industry. An intergalactic god seeks a test that will lead to his dominion, where all issues are addressed through games rather than warfare. Sora and Shiro are stunned to discover the greatest game ever. ‘No Anime, No Life,’ is a misnomer because the anime in question isn’t even a game of No Life. A wide audience was given to the Game Anime genre, which had just recently been introduced. Are viewers going to like the way our main heroes deal with their foes, relying on cunning instead of brute force? Jesus-Kun Game Anime is an amazing breath of fresh air where one man beat all odds.

13. Cowboy Beebop

Anime fans who enjoy sci-fi, noir, and space western will enjoy Cowboy Bebop, but those who are fans of classic Anime will enjoy it more as a combination of all of these genres combined. The next step was voice performance and writing, which was one of the best in the era. Steven Blum has performed like Spike for the rest of his life. Shinichiro Watanabe is the man behind the show, and it’s one of the best ever. The crew of Spike, the hunt for criminals, and the universe’s rewards include Faye Valentine, Jet Black, and Edward. Anime follows Spike’s exploits and the crew of Spike.