8 Best Madea Movies That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Best Madea Movies

1. Diary of A Mad Black Woman

Diary of A Mad Black Woman

The first film in the Madea series, with an IMDb rating of 5.8, is the greatest of the bunch. The film stars Tyler Perry, Kimberly Elise, Steve Harris, Shemar Moore, and others and is based on a stage play of the same name.

If you look at Helen and Charles, they have a picture-perfect marriage. But beneath the facade is an attorney named Charles who is aggressive and has extramarital relationships, and a single Helen desperately attempting to save her marriage. Helen gets replaced by a hound mistress named Brenda on Charles and Helen’s 18th wedding anniversary. A U-Haul had already been reserved for her possessions. Her grandmother Madea is waiting for Helen when she gets out of the pickup after shoving Orlando out of the vehicle.

Brian, Joe’s son, is hired as a lawyer for Helen after she and Madea were discovered vandalizing Charles’ mansion with the help of Joe. In light of this, the judge orders Madea to be placed under house arrest and orders Helen to post a $5000 property or cash bond.

Brian’s daughter has a strained relationship with him after he kicks out his drug-addicted wife. The criminal who shot an undercover cop and then recruited Charles to help him convince the judge to rule in his favor is Jamison, another career felon. Jamison is sentenced to prison as a result of this snafu. When Jamison gets to get his hands on a gun, he fires at Charles in the courtroom.

Even though Brenda didn’t mind Charles dying, Orlando proposes to her before she could say anything, so Helen rushes over to a nearby hospital, where she decides to have him saved, even though she doesn’t want him to die. She tells him he has no friends or associates because Brenda took all of his money and his friends and acquaintances have abandoned him when he gets well. With no other option, the young man changes his ways, but it seems too late as Helen states she can only be his buddy. She accepts his second proposal after which he proposes a third time.

2. Madea’s Family Reunion

The film was released in 2006 and is the sequel to “Diary of a Mad Black Woman,” which was the first official Madea film. It has a rating of 5.3 on IMDb. Some of the film’s notable actors include Tyler Perry, Blair Underwood, and Lynn Whitfield.

As a result of breaking her house arrest to get Joe some medicine, Madea takes in a foster child, Nikki. Lisa, a Madea’s great-grandniece, is engaged to Carlos, an abusive investment banker. Despite her mother’s wishes, Lisa intends to leave, but her mother isn’t on board. Victoria has a hard time dealing with Lisa’s sister Vanessa because she has two children from different husbands. Frankie, a bus driver, is the first person Vanessa encounters.

Lisa decides she’s had enough of Carlos and goes to live with Madea instead. Carlos then blackmails Victoria into bringing Lisa back to him for the wedding as a result of his enraged reaction. Vanessa tells Lisa about the awful things their mother has been doing over the years in Madea’s house. Vanessa and Victoria get into a confrontation during a family gathering later on after Victoria disparaged Vanessa’s relationship with Frankie.

Carlos shows up on Lisa’s wedding day and begs to be left alone with her. On the stove are some grits, which Lisa is instructed to present to Madea. They’re also hot, she says. To make Madea’s day, they all leave the room together, and Carlos slaps her. She responds by pouring the hot grits on him. Afterwards, Lisa takes the story of Carlos’ abuse to her local church, where she tells everyone she knows. Frankie pops the question to Vanessa at precisely that moment, and the two later exchange vows in front of friends and family at the same location.

3. A Madea Christmas

A Madea Christmas

An official trailer for the film’s release was released in 2013, and the cast includes Tyler Perry, Kathy Najimy and Chad Micheal Murray as well as Anna Maria Horsford and Tika Sumpter. It was released by Lionsgate Films and now has a 4.9 IMDb rating.

Great-niece Eileen convinces Madea to work in a store, but she is dismissed after only one day. It’s not even clear to Lacey’s mother Eileen that she’s married to white man Connor. Lacey is a teacher, and Connor wants to talk to corn farmer Tanner McCoy about his plans to plant corn. Later, Lacey phones her mother to inform her that she would not be returning home for the holiday season as planned. Eileen then chooses to take Madea and Oliver, Lacey’s ex-boyfriend, to see their daughter, Eileen, for the first time.

Lacey is shocked to learn that the company sponsoring her Christmas party is Sheldon Construction Company, the company responsible for the layoffs of a large number of town residents. Tanner wants the mayor to sack her as a result of this. As soon as Eileen gets back to her house, Connor’s parents show up and Eileen learns that her spouse is Connor, which she doesn’t like. After she leaves, Tanner calls the mayor to ask for Lacey’s reinstatement after she saves him from a burning truck. Her marriage is approved by Eileen at this point.

Finally, a Christmas party was hosted, and the sponsors made good on their pledge to release water from their dam to aid the community.

4. Madea’s Witness Protection

Tyler Perry, Eugene Levy, Denise Richards, Doris Roberts, Romeo Miller, and others star in the 2012 film. It has an IMDb audience rating of 4.9 and was released by Lionsgate Films.

Unbeknownst to George, a Malone mob Ponzi scheme has been implicated in his financial woes. Since his boss fled to Europe, he is the only one left to testify against the gang. The FBI then places his family in witness protection at Madea and Joe’s residence, where no one will be able to find them.

His father is a preacher, and he was given responsibility for overseeing the church’s mortgage funds, which he lost as a result of the Ponzi scam. George’s family’s arrival at Madea’s house goes awry, but they begin to get along after a while. George eventually devises a scheme to reclaim some of the stolen cash and return them to 12 different charities, which he does successfully.

However, while he is able to earn back the money, Madea is able to steal it for herself. By working with authorities and repaying the 12 charity monies, George’s allegations against him are eventually dropped.

5. Madea’s Big Happy Family

Madea’s Big Happy Family

An ensemble cast including Tyler Perry, Loretta Devine Shad “Bow Wow” Moss and David Mann starring in the 2011 film. An IMDb rating of 4.8 was given to the film by Lionsgate Films, which also released it.

When Shirley, Madea’s niece, is diagnosed with cancer and told she has only a few weeks to live, the movie begins. She intends to tell her children all at once by inviting them over for dinner. Cora and Mr. Brown are also in the hospital for a checkup on Mr. Brown. Doctors noticed a tumor on Mr. Brown’s colon during a colonoscopy, and he needs surgery to remove it.

For dinner at Shirley’s residence with her children Tammy Kimberly Bryon, she would inform them about her prognosis and how she was feeling. Shirley misses the opportunity to tell them something important as they begin squabbling over a lot of issues.

Aunt Bam later tells Madea about Shirley’s prognosis and promises to bring all the children together for supper so that their mother may tell them all the details. When she visits each of them at work, she threatens to bring them to her place of employment. Bryon, Kimberly’s 13-year-old son, is revealed to be Madea’s son over dinner, and the two begin arguing again.

Her condition worsened, and she was transported to the hospital, where she finally got to say farewell to her children before she passed away.

At Shirley’s burial, Madea tells Shirley’s children that she was a calm woman who would not have wanted to see them fight. Their problems are then addressed by her. Cora’s father, Mr. Brown, is in need of a blood donation, but she isn’t a match, making her assume that Mr. Brown isn’t her biological father. When Madea is asked about Cora’s biological father on “Maury,” she storms off the stage.

6. I Can Do Bad All By Myself

In 2009, a romantic comedy starring Madea was released. Taraji P. Henson, Adam Rodriguez, Brian White, Mary J. Blige, Tyler Perry, and others appear in the film.. Both Lionsgate’s distribution and IMDb’s rating of the film are excellent.

Three children, Jennifer, Manny and Bryon, break into Madea and Joe’s house, and they let them in and feed them after hearing about their hardships. It’s revealed that they live with their aunt April, an alcoholic nightclub singer who is self-absorbed and egotistical. The next day, Madea takes the kids to April’s house, where she lives with her boyfriend, Randy, who is married and has children.

An immigrant named Sandino, a Colombian national, is brought in by a priest later on to work and live with her. April confines him to the basement, where he promptly cleans up his act, to to her delight.

Soon after, April receives devastating news from her pastor: April’s mother has died. Despite her pleas, Randy dismisses her, but Sandino is always there for her. As soon as the children arrive, they are informed about their grandmother’s passing. Sandino and April become food friends over time, causing Randy to grow increasingly threatening to him.

Randy tries to rape Jeniffer the next night, and April threatens to electrocute him in retaliation. Afterwards, Sandino orders him out of the house. After her stepfather harassed her, April lost faith in people since her mother didn’t believe she was telling the truth.

Finally, she marries Sandino and spends more time with Jennifer and the rest of their family before moving on.

7. Boo! A Madea Halloween

Boo! A Madea Halloween

A sequel, Boo 2!, was launched in 2017 following the release of Boo! in 2016. Yousef Erakat (Yousef Erakat), Cassi Davis (Cassi Davis), Patrice Lovely (Patrice Lovely), Andre Hall (Andre Hall). An IMDb rating of 4.6 was given to the film, which was distributed by Lionsgate.

Jonathan and the other frat boys invite Tiffany and her friends, Rain, Leah, and Aday, to a Halloween party, which begins the movie. While Brian is taking B.J to his ex-house, wife’s he asks Madea to stay at the house and keep Tiffany from going to the party. To scare the elderly, Tiffany and Aday concoct a fanciful tale about a ghost that they hide in their rooms. To her dismay, Madea discovers that Tiffany has already gone to the party when she tries to check up on her.

The old gang arrives at the party and wrecks everything in their search for Tiffany. They are quickly expelled from the party. There was no stopping them from calling the cops, however. By pretending to be Tiffany’s ghost, the frat brothers intend to get revenge on Madea and her old pals. When this happens, Madea and her family run to a nearby church. Joe, who is still in the house, manages to take down one of the frat boys and thereby foils their plan.

Zombies are punishment for her transgressions according to Madea at church. This revelation comes from Aday, whose parents were ministers at the church and overheard the frat brothers’ plan. They then return to Brian’s house and phone Brian to tell him that Tiffany has misbehaved and they need him to come home. In the face of Tiffany’s accusations that she was aware of her mother’s infidelity and that her father was aware of it, Brian now has the opportunity to defend himself against the methods his father and aunt used on their children. His explanation and packing of her belongings are similar to those of Madea and the others.

Her only choice is to leave, or to accept his rules and remain in the house. In order to stay in the house, she agrees to follow his rules. In the immediate aftermath of Aday’s disappearance, she was arrested by authorities. Several members of the fraternity were taken into custody and taken to a police bus, where they were placed in a cell with other people posing as inmates. This is all part of the punishment for their wrongdoing. Aday soon shows herself to them and says it was all a joke.

8. A Madea Family Funeral

Madea’s Last Movie was released in 2019 as the final installment of the series. Among the cast members are Tyler Perry, Cassi Davis and Patrice Lovely. It also has an IMDb rating of 4.5 stars out of 5.

Their children want to throw a surprise 40th wedding anniversary celebration for their parents, and the story begins there. Joe, Aunty Bam, Hattie, and later Brian are invited to the celebration. Vianne’s best friend Renee and Anthony’s son, A.J., are both discovered having sex with their brother’s fiancee, Gia, when they arrive at the house together. Anthony suffers a heart attack as a result of the turn of events, which ultimately leads in his death. His demise was shrouded in secrecy.

A grieving Vianne begs Madea to prepare the burial in two days, after the death of her husband At first, she is apprehensive about the large number of mistresses at the burial. Renee reveals A.J’s affair with his father to a drunken A.J, who in turn reveals A.J’s affair with Gia to Renee. Carol, A.J.’s wife, leaves him as a result of this discovery, as well as a confrontation between Jesse and A.J. Later, Vianne discloses that she was aware of Anthony’s infidelity, but stayed in order to protect her husband and children. When A.J confronts Vianne about this, she tells him he’s being a bitter boy and considers him weak.

Finally, Vianne wishes her family luck and heads to Las Vegas with Roy, played by Mike Tyson, who discloses her own shady past.