10 Best 90s Horror Movies That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Best 90s Horror Movies

Fans of the horror genre share their favorite films from the 1990s, from Scream to Misery, despite the fact that there are scary and intelligent horror films in every decade.

Even while every decade had its share of memorable horror films, some argue that the ’90s was a time of low-quality, low-budget horror flicks. With that said, there are numerous horror films that have new concepts and well-developed characters, not to mention that they’re scary no matter when someone views them.

People on Reddit have shared their favorite horror movies from this decade, and some of the most popular and well-loved films from the ’90s are included in the list of favorites.

1. The Faculty

The Faculty

Reddit user “the teachers and the craft caught some of how bizarre it was to be in school” mentioned The Faculty as a favorite ’90s horror film.

In this film, a group of teenagers discover that their teachers are aliens who are doing bad things in high school, thanks to a clever script written by Kevin Williamson. When you think about it, this story isn’t only a fun science fiction tale, but it’s also an accurate depiction of how tough and insecure kids are.

2. Stir Of Echoes

Reddit users SixDemonBag 01 and ljcampagna both mentioned Stir Of Echoes on Reddit “The Stir of Echos was a fantastic film, and I highly recommend it. I’m surprised by how well that went.”

Initially, Tom appears to be a typical father raising his son Jake and ecstatic that his wife Maggie is pregnant with their second child. A girl named Samantha was reported missing at the beginning of the film and viewers learn that Tom is seeing things. From well-developed characters to a surprising conclusion that reveals Jake can see spirits, this film has it all.

3. Candyman


Horror moviegoers are eagerly anticipating the 2021 release of the long-awaited sequel to The Candyman, which Reddit user kimmehhpraised.

The fan responded, “” “One of the greatest movies ever made, in my opinion, is Candyman (1992). Thrilling, thought-provoking, and beautifully played.”

Candyman is a terrifying horror monster, and Helen’s investigation into this urban legend is fascinating. In spite of the fact that the movie’s primary character is a white woman, it is nevertheless pioneering in its own right.

4. Scream

DoktorSteven, a Reddit member, stated, “When Scream was touted as a fantastic ’90s horror movie, I couldn’t believe it.” “Scream’s opening scene is one of the most memorable of the decade. It’s a 20-minute little film that’s just right.”

Fans of Scream will never forget the opening sequence, which has Casey answering the phone while innocently preparing popcorn and thinking that the caller was merely a mistake.

The audience gets a chill down their spine when Casey knows she’s in serious danger so quickly. However, if the movie didn’t have this memorable beginning, the rest of the story would fall flat.

5. The Sixth Sense

The Sixth Sense

It was said by Reddit user M13K10 that “The Prophecy and The Sixth Sense were good” when it came to ’90s horror.

The Sixth Sense is both eerie and tragic at the same time. Dr. Malcolm’s personal tragedy is revealed, as is the agony that Cole experiences as a result of the ghosts he encounters on a regular basis. In addition, everyone remembers the harrowing scene in which Cole encounters the soul of Kyra, whose mother had poisoned her meals. When a film leaves such an impression on the viewer, it begs to be seen more than once since there is always something fresh to take in.

6. Misery

MrAnonymous117, a Reddit user, wrote, “I’d go with Misery as my pick. I loved it since it was so tense and thrilling, as well as startling.”

With no idea what Annie has in store for her literary hero Paul, fans of Stephen King’s original novel will be enthralled by this new rendition. For many horror films from this decade, this film has a tone that is both campy and menacing.

7. The Silence Of The Lambs

The Silence Of The Lambs

The Silence of the Lambs has stood the test of time and will always be regarded as one of the most horrific and thought-provoking films of the 1990s.

A user on Reddit called The Silence of the Lambs (1991) “my favorite.”

Few people can comprehend being Clarice, the FBI agent who seeks to get into the head of Hannibal Lector, a cannibalistic killer. It’s one of the most powerful 1990s movies ever made because of how tough she is, and how the terror just keeps getting worse and worse.

8. Jacob’s Ladder

B-A, a Reddit user, wrote, “Jacob’s Ladder” in a topic on Reddit “This film is both terrifying and odd… Although the conclusion seems to be a point of contention for some viewers, I find each and every scene to be tense and compelling. A+.”

In this film, the horror genre is at its best when it addresses significant topics, such as Jacob, a Vietnam War veteran who begins experiencing terrifying visions. As it turns out, Jacob has been dead all along, this finale can either make or break someone’s pleasure of the movie.

9. The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch Project

Reddit The Blair Witch Project is a favorite of user martin castillo, he explains “When it came out, it got a lot of attention, and many people now think it’s overrated. This is one of the few films I’ve seen as an adult that has actually scared me.”

It’s no surprise that The Blair Witch Project is one of the most well-known films of this decade, what with its frightful phrases and the novel idea of a group of pals camped out in the woods wondering if there’s a witch around. The film’s intensity never lets up, making it impossible to forget your first viewing.

10. The People Under The Stairs

According to Reddit user NoImNotJC, “I feel people either don’t know about it or down play it due of the humor and goofiness of the villains,” he praised The People Under the Stairs. The film’s scariness and deserving of appreciation were lauded by a number of horror enthusiasts.

An unnerving and unforgettable Wes Craven film, Fool discovers that his landlords have turned into cannibals after keeping a girl named Alice and other children under their stairwell. Filmmaker Jordan Peele plans to reboot the film.