10 Best Indian Horror Movies That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Best Indian Horror Movies

These are the best and scariest Indian horror films, ranging from classics like “Haunting of Hill House” to contemporary telenovelas that portray the near future.

Horror is a genre that has no boundaries. All societies around the world have their own unique mythology and horror stories that revolve around their own beliefs and cultures. It’s no secret that the United States and Great Britain have produced some of the world’s finest horror films, but India also has a rich history of its own.

There are a number of excellent horror films to be found in India, and moviegoers are encouraged to seek them out. These truly are the pinnacle of excellence.

1. Pari (2018)

Pari (2018)

Rukhsana, a peculiar woman who may not be of this earth, is the star of Kolkata-born Prosit Roy’s maiden directorial effort, Pari. While the film contains aspects of demonic horror, Pari concerns an Islamic mythological monster, Ifrit, who impregnates the kidnapped women of satanic sect with his progeny.

Anushka Sharma’s performance asRukhsana, the film’s protagonist, is a standout in the horror genre, as is the plot itself. Anyone seeking for a solid demon-based horror film should check this one out.

2. 9 (2019)

Some heartwarming father-son interactions are also shown in 9’s sci-fi/horror blend. During the course of nine days, a passing comet is expected to impair all forms of contemporary technology, including electricity and phone service.

Adam and Dr. Albert Lewis’ father-son connection is the center of the plot, which is well-shot and loaded with impressive visual effects. Prithviraj Sukumaran and Master Alok star in a well-acted sci-fi horror film with some touching human drama.

3. 1920 (2008)

1920 (2008)

This is a subgenre of historical horror that includes haunted mansions in some of the best films. Based on a story about a married couple who reside in an abandoned mansion, the film was released in 2008.

In a 140-minute runtime, the film manages to pack in a slew of terrific supernatural-based shocks as well as some interesting interpersonal dynamics including marriage. As a mainstream horror movie, the film was a great hit in India and sparked a franchise that now includes four films.

4. The House Next Door (2017)

Paranormal horror flick The House Next Door has numerous effective scares that can both surprise and unsettle the viewer. Krish and Lakshmi, a brain surgeon and his wife, get concerned when a teen and her stepmother move into the neighborhood next door, causing friction between them.

As Krish and Lakshmi try to rid their house of the spirits, a sequence of horrific paranormal events occur, leading to a war between good and evil. Anyone who appreciates creepy stories with a paranormal undertone will get a kick out of this old-fashioned ghost tale.

5. Kothanodi (2015)

Kothanodi (2015)

Since its first publication in 1911, the novelGrand Mother’s Taleshas been adored by the Assamese literary community. By Lakshminath Bezbaroa, the book contains folkloric stories from Assam.

It would have been impossible to adapt the book because of its cult status in Assam. Kothanodi, on the other hand, is interesting to watch thanks to its innovative reimaginings of ancient tales. Kothanodin, while being a horror picture, contains a lot of challenging material that is bound to terrify and upset viewers.

6. Aamis (Ravening) (2019)

Some extremely positive reviews were given to Aamis (English title: Ravening) when it premiered at Tribeca Film Festival in 2019. Nirmali, a pleased pediatrician, meets a Ph.D. student who is researching Indian food habits and decides to join her. Soon, the two have formed a close friendship and are eager to try new kinds of meat. Nirmali soon becomes obsessed with eating human flesh.

Grotesque plot lines that satisfy even the most critical horror fan are drawn from the extreme movies of the 1980s that were considered too violent and depraved to be shown in cinemas.

7. Mahal (1949)

Mahal (1949)

Mahal, often referred to as the first Bollywood horror film, is worth seeing for its historical significance. Hari Shankar, played by Ashok Kumar, is a guy who has visions and strange occurrences in his new palace, which has been abandoned. The film was first released in 1949.

There are both horrors and intriguing questions in the film’s intriguing mystery that draws on reincarnation concepts. As a result of the film’s huge success in India, gothic horror has become a popular subgenre there, and Madhubala has become something of a cultural icon.

8. Bhoot (2003)

Bhoot is a worthy addition to the demonic possession subgenre, drawing heavily from The Exorcist. When newlywedsVishal and Swati decide to move into a haunted apartment, they quickly discover that Swati has been taken over by the devil.

One of the best parts of the film is Urmila Matondkar’s portrayal of Swati (who received a Bollywood Movie Award for Best Actress). Anyone who sees her perform will be terrified by her creepy presence.

9. 13B: Fear Has A New Address (2009)

13B Fear Has A New Address (2009)

13B: Fear Has a New Address is a lighthearted indie film from India, despite its odd title. Despite its evident financial limitations, the picture looks amazing because to its creative use of camera angles and exquisite framing.

Additionally, Madhavan proves to be a strong main actor, portraying a man who is always monitoring the future of his family through a telenovela that is only available on television. It combines J-horror tropes with an original plot to create a terrifying and thought-provoking horror picture.

10. Tumbbad (2018)

First Indian film to screen at Venice Film Festival, Tumbbad had its world premiere there during the 75th edition. It’s a testament to the film’s excellence, but it also shows how popular Indian horror has become outside of Asia.

Residents of Tumbbad, Maharashtra, are the subject of a mythical tale in which they defy the directions of the Goddess of Prosperity and are cursed. It’s one of India’s finest horror films, rooted in the country’s history and showcasing some of the country’s best cinematography and bone-chilling horrors.