7 Best Anime Like Sukitte II Na Yo That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Anime Like Sukitte II Na Yo

Say I Love You to These 7 Anime! (Sukitte Ii na yo)

Your heartstrings may have been pricked by the Mei Tachibana or the Yamato Kurosawa. You’re not the only one. Anime fans around the world have been following Mei and Yamato’s love journey, from Mei’s introverted days through her first dates with Yamato, which expanded her horizons. Despite the numerous challenges they face, they remain steadfast in their commitment to one another and see it through to the very end. And who can forget Mei’s first kiss with her boyfriend? A romantic comedy anime classic, that scene has to be it.

Are you in the mood for another love story? Anime like Say I Love You will undoubtedly make you fall in love, so here are some more.

  1. Kimi ni Todoke


Sawako Kuronuma is an ordinary high school student. In spite of this, she bears an uncanny likeness to Sadako, the protagonist of The Ring. The tales that she can see ghosts and curse humans have made her frightened by her peers. When she meets Kazehaya, a well-liked member of the community, her solitary existence is transformed. The two begin to fall in love with each other, and her whole life changes.

  1. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

Shizuku Mizutani’s only concern is her grades and the prospects of her future. Haru Yoshida, a boy who doesn’t seem to care about school, sits next to her. Shizuku is given the task of delivering food to Haru’s house one day. Haru treats her as a friend out of the gate, much to her astonishment. She is almost always in his company, which leads to an unexpected romance.

  1. Bokura ga Ita (We Were There)

Bokura ga Ita (2006)

Nanami Takahashi is a high school freshman eager to meet people and make friends. She bumps with a prominent student, Motoharu Yano, at school. Nanami initially dislikes Yano, but gradually comes to realize that she is smitten with the man she’s meeting. While the death of Nana, his ex-girlfriend, has been put to rest, Yano is still grieving. When Yano saw Nana with her ex-boyfriend during the car accident, he began to assume that she was unfaithful. Yano has a hard time trusting anyone because of this.

  1. Toradora!

Ryuji Takasu possesses frightening eyes that give him the appearance of a criminal. As a result, he has a difficult time finding a romantic partner. He finds out at the beginning of the school year that he is in the same class as his best buddy Yusaku Kitamaru and his longtime crush Minori Kushieda. After meeting Taiga Aisaka, he runs into the school’s most feared student. Ryuji snaps at Taiga at first, but the two become closer as they work together to locate the one they truly want.

  1. Kokoro Connect

Kokoro Connect (2012)

In addition to Taichi and Iori, the Student Cultural Research Club also includes Himeko and Yoshifumi. They begin to experience a bizarre phenomena one day, in which they begin to exchange bodies with one another at random. They quickly discover that the strange occurrences that have been plaguing them are the result of an entity known only as Heartseed. These circumstances put their friendship to the test and show just how strong it really is.

  1. ef: A Tale of Memories

A female on the hunt for a burglar steals Hiro Hirono’s bike on Christmas Eve. Despite Hiro’s best efforts, the girl is unconscious and his bike is damaged. As soon as the girl wakes up, they begin a talk about the day. Hello, I’m Hiro, and I found out you go to the same school as me. As time goes on, they begin to develop affections for one another. A childhood friend, Kei Shindou, who is infatuated with Hiro becomes envious and attempts to earn his affections.

  1. Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

Anohana The Flower We Saw That Day

After the loss of one of their childhood friends, Meiko “Menma” Honma, six childhood pals saw their bond fall apart. Jinta Yadomi, the group’s leader, has been living in seclusion for the past decade since the tragedy. A specter of Menma visits to him one day and demands that her wish be accomplished in order for her to pass on to the hereafter. Menma asks Jinta for aid, but Menma can’t recall what she wants from her. It’s Jinta’s decision to get the gang back together. The others initially dismissed Jinta’s observations as her imagination, but they quickly come to realize that everyone of them is still haunted by the death of Menma.