10 Best Hand To Hand Combat Anime That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Best Hand To Hand Combat Anime

Both the Shang-Chi film and the anime universe have some excellent hand-to-hand combat.

No one should be surprised by Marvel’sShang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings success at the movie office. Hang-Chi values good storyline and action-packed moments above all else, just like the anime series that have managed to earn international reputation over the last few decades.

Even Korra’s fight with Amon’s Lieutenant can’t compare to the action set pieces inShang-Chi. This film’s action is outstanding. It’s a wonderful thing. Few anime shows have ever been able to equal Marvel’s latest smash hit’s hand-to-hand fighting choreography.

1. Jin Mori’s Introduction To Park Ilpyo Turns Into A Short Dance That Rivals Xu Wenwu & Jiang Li’s First Meeting (The God Of High School)


Jin Mori and Park Ilpyo’s first conversation is brief, but it highlights why The God of High Schools is so enjoyable. Park Ilpyo’s attempt to surprise Jin Mori with a rapid show of his Practical Taekkyon fighting style is primarily seen from Jin Mori’s perspective in this fight.

In the same way that Xu Wenwu and Jiang Li did in “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,” their first dance together is evocative of that famous scene. Martial arts are shown to be a form of entertainment in both sequences, making the movement appear more like a dance than a fight.

2. Yuji’s Encounter With Todo During The Kyoto Goodwill Exchange Event Helped Push JJK To The Top Of The Anime Ranks (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Many exciting action sequences are featured throughout season one of theJujitsusen anime, which is currently airing on Cartoon Network. Aside from Megumi and Sukuna’s fight, viewers of JJK will have much to drool over in the latest episode.

After Yuji meets Todo at the Kyoto Goodwill Exchange Event, JJK’s hand-to-hand battle sequences are at their best. Yuji’s duel with Todo, his exchange with Team Kyoto, and the tag-team battle against Hanami all rival the action in Shang-Chi.

3. The Setting Of Spike’s Battle With Vincent Might Remind Fan’s Of Shang-Chi’s Trip To Macau (Cowboy Bebop)

Cowboy Bebop

There are some of the best anime battle scenes ever seen in Cowboy Bebop. Final battle between Spike and Vincent is the main star of this picture, and the fight between Electra and Spike is famous.

Their weapons are left behind, and they begin to demonstrate some of the best martial arts anime content ever seen on film after they’ve shot their opponent. For those who haven’t seenShang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, this battle is long, exhausting, and set atop a construction site.

4. The Showdown Between Toman And Valhalla Pits Two Rival Armies Against Each Other In An Epic Fist Fight (Tokyo Revengers)

Tokyo Revengers may not be able to equal the action sequences featured inShang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, but its storytelling is among the best in anime. For anime lovers who follow Takemichi as he fights his way into Tokyo Manji Gang’s ranks, an epic battle awaits. Even though it lacks the choreography at the end of Shang-Chi, Tokyo Revengers’ first season finale is as grandiose as anything on television.

5. Gon’s Struggle To Land A Punch On Hisoka Gives Fans A Glimpse Of HxH’s Best Hand-To-Hand Combat Scene (Hunter X Hunter)

Hunter X Hunter

It’s been a long time coming, but fans have been eagerly anticipating another chance for Gon and Hisoka to square off on screen. After learning about Nen, the protagonist had a chance to put his skills to the test in the Heaven’s Arena Arc.

Additionally, the action in this arc was some of the best to be seen in the entireHunter X Hunter series.

Gon and Hisoka’s duel is no exception to this rule. Before Hisoka uses his Bungee Gum to knock Gon out, Gon and Hisoka trade punches in a confrontation dominated by hand-to-hand fighting.

6. Naruto & Sasuke Have An Incredible Battle Against Momoshiki (Boruto: Naruto Next Generations)

Since its debut, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has struggled to live up to its predecessors’ hype.

Amidst all of its dramatic battles, though, the show has been able to win over new viewers with each one. Naruto and Sasuke face off against Momoshiki in one of the best hand-to-hand combat scenes in the new series. Fighting in this anime may even be more exciting than in Shanghai and the Ten Rings.

7. Ouya’s One Man Army Fight Rivals Even Shang-Chi’s Ability To Take Down Multiple Opponents In Combat (The Outcast)

The Outcast

One of the few animes that focuses primarily on hand-to-hand combat and elemental skills is The Outcast. Season 3’s clash between Ouya and three elemental martial artists indicates that this program deserves its own attention, despite the similarities to Avatar: The Last Airbender.

The mystical martial skills in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and The Outcastregularly startle audiences.

The basic procedure of securing a water bottle to a waste band is made engrossing by the anime.

8. Kakashi’s Fight Against Obito Is Paired With Flashbacks (Naruto)

The usage of flashbacks is prevalent in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, as it is in many other anime programs.

No live-action film can match the amazing use of flashbacks seen in anime, of course

Fans could revisit the legendary hand-to-hand duel between Kakashi and Obito to demonstrate this argument. Fight choreography and flashback storytelling come together in a way that live action hasn’t been able to match.

9. Makashimi Proves His Dominance Over Kogami In A Beautifully Choreographed Hand-To-Hand Fight (Psycho Pass)


Wenwu is the ruler of the underworld in Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Makashimi is his counterpart inPsycho-Pass. ” The fight between Makashimi and Kogami demonstrates the lord of the underworld’s might by showing the white-haired opponent defeat Kogami. Those who have seen the various bouts between Shang-Chi and his father Wenwu may be reminded of the spectacular hand-to-hand choreography and final outcome of this one.

10. Edward Elric Blends Alchemy With Martial Arts While Taking Down Greed (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Despite the lack of alchemy inShang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, the originalFullmetal Alchemist offers a similar blend of martial arts and supernatural skills.

In spite of the fact that Brotherhood has received far more attention, the original series has its moments. When Ed meets Greed in Episode 34 of the original anime, one of these instances occurs. There is a lot of action packed into the fight between the young State Alchemist and Greed, which rivals the best of its sister series.