Top 10 Anime Characters With Headbands & Accessories Update 05/2024

Anime Characters With Headbands

It’s almost universally recognized as Naruto’s headband, but there are many other classic anime products and accessories.

Anime, like many other fictional mediums, has its share of iconic goods, be they clothing, personal accessories, or even cars or weaponry. From a memorable line of speech to an action scene or even a showy costume, a popular anime series can be remembered for many different reasons. What about adornments and trinkets?

In the eyes of the spectator, an accessory or item does not have to be a MacGuffin to be memorable and significant, and fact, some legendary anime accessories are nothing more than something to wear or carry around, even if it has sentimental importance. In the anime world, what are some of the most well-known and well-loved accessories and items?

1. Naruto Uzumaki’s Headband Is Easy To Recognize (Naruto)

Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto Uzumaki first appeared with some goggles strapped to his forehead like a steampunk explorer, but that didn’t endure. Rather than wearing goggles while he drew, author Masashi Kishimoto designed ninja headbands as an alternative.

Headbands for ninjas in the fictional world have a metal plate that shields the wearer’s forehead and an emblem that identifies their village of origin. The Leaf Village headband from Naruto is a series mainstay and a great cosplay prop.

2. Ichigo Kurosaki’s Soul Reaper Badge Looks Stylish (Bleach)

Bleach’s protagonist, Ichigo Kurosaki, is a substitute Soul Reaper, and Captain Jushiro Ukitake handed him a substitute Soul Reaper badge when the Gotei 13 acknowledged him as an ally. Aside from Ginjo, who had one at one point, very few people ever receive one.

Ichigo’s relationship with the Gotei 13 is marked by this badge, which has a sleek shape and a great skull design that perfectly matches Bleach’s themes of the afterlife and spirits. Since then, Ichigo has carried it around with him and used it to learn how to use Fullbring.

3. Monkey D. Luffy Treasures His Straw Hat (One Piece)

Monkey D.Luffy

Monkey D. Luffy’s pirate crew is named as the Straw Hat Pirates for a good reason. Shanks, the pirate, gave Luffy this hat when he was a boy, and it was one of his most prized possessions. He entrusted Luffy with the task of keeping it safe, and Luffy did just that.

This accessory caused several characters to nickname him Straw Hat or Straw-Boy, and he won’t let anyone criticize or joke with with it; he doesn’t normally take it off without good reason. They still proudly call themselves Straw Hat pirates despite the fact that Luffy’s crewmates don’t wear straw hats.

4. Edward Elric Cherishes His Silver Pocketwatch (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

As a mark of authority, every state alchemist wears a silver pocketwatch, but Edward Elric’s particular watch has special significance. At the age of twelve, he and his brother Alphonse attempted to resurrect their dead mother. Their alchemical crime was still fresh in their minds at the time.

As a result, Edward etched the date “3.Oct.11” onto the face of his watch before using alchemy to seal it shut. Ed would be unable to carry out his duties as an Amestris officer if he were to lose this watch, and he would also lose the significance of this artifact. When Paninya took it from him at Rush Valley, he was devastated.

5. Mikasa Ackerman Loves That Red Scarf (Attack On Titan)

Mikasa Ackerman with Choppy Bo

As Mikasa Ackerman was about to be carried away by criminals who slaughtered her mother, a young Eren Yeager appeared in violent fashion to save her. Eren chose to wear his red scarf as a symbol of their newfound friendship.

Eren left a lasting impact on Mikasa when she draped the scarlet scarf over her neck and head. Since then, she’s worn it every day, even while she was a Girl Scout. Even when engaged in violent fight with Titans, she will not remove her scarf unless there is a compelling cause to do so.

6. Megumin’s Staff Is Taller Than She Is (Konosuba)

Despite her young age, Megumin, a member of the Crimson Demon Clan, possesses impressive magical abilities for someone her age. Megumin, in particular, enjoys exploding things, and she relies on her crew to do her magic properly. She’s nearly never seen without her ring on her finger.

Occasionally, Megumin uses this staff as a melee weapon, but she’s best known for directing it downrange and causing an explosion with it, and it’s an impressive weapon. It even has a crimson orb floating above it, as well as a curved top.

7. Everyone Loves Ken Kaneki’s Mask (Tokyo Ghoul)

Kaneki Ken, Tokyo Ghoul

As the well-known one-eyed ghoul, Ken Kaneki required a mask from Uta the mask-maker in order to conceal his face when engaged in combat. A black leather mask containing only his ghoul eye was given to him, and he wore it during his first fight with Kotaro Amon.

With a zipper that may be opened if Ken wishes to communicate through this mask, Ken’s mask is much more terrifying. This ghoul mask is the pinnacle of Uta’s ghoul mask design aesthetic.

8. Tanjiro Has Hanafuda Earrings (Demon Slayer)

He has a fairly unusual sense of style when it comes to jewelry and accessories. Throughout the first season of Demon Slayer, he wore a pair of hanafuda earrings practically every day, but it’s unclear why he does so or if the earrings have any particular powers. However, Tanjuro’s father, Tanjuro, was known to have worn them in the past.

In fact, Tanjiro’s hanafuda earrings are already recognized by a few other characters as the demon slayer. On Tanjiro’s cards, you’ll see thin black lines radiating out from a solid red circle at the top against a white background. Hanafuda cards come in a variety of patterns.

9. Kyo Sohma’s Bracelet Marks His Shame (Fruits Basket)


Throughout Fruits Basket, Kyo Sohma may be seen wearing a bracelet that alternates white and red beads. This wasn’t done out of personal preference, however. He is cursed even among the other Sohmas since he possesses the terrible housecat spirit. He must always wear the beaded bracelet.

That bead bracelet is preventing Kyo from revealing his full form, and that is not something anyone wants to see. The bracelet became a symbol of his miserable existence and incarceration, but it was finally destroyed with the curse at the end of Fruits Basket.

10. Gaara’s Gourd Carries Sand Everywhere (Naruto)

Headbands aren’t the only Naruto-inspired accessory. Not to be outdone, there’s Gaara of the Sand with his renowned gourd, which permits the desert nomad to carry on even when the Land of Wind is far from his home. In the midst of battle, he can also produce more sand.

During the chunin exam storyline, Gaara’s gourd was the subject of much debate, but it was later revealed that it contained sand that could be used for terrible jutsu like Sand Burial. In Shippuden, Gaara kept this gourd as well.