10 Best Anime Like Ah My Goddess That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Anime Like Ah My Goddess

A human, Keiichi Morisato, summons the Goddess Belldandy by accident and jokes that she should stay with him forever in a world where humans can have their wishes answered via the Goddess Help Hotline. It’s too bad for him because his “wish” is coming true.

Keiichi has been expelled from the all-male dormitory where he was previously residing since he is suddenly sharing a home with this stunning woman on his own. Their connection blossoms quickly as they discover a Buddhist temple to stay in. It is possible that these two strangers will develop a romance despite their initial awkwardness and discomfort with one another.

10. Seto no Hanayome

Seto no Hanayome

Michishio Nagasumi’s day-to-day activities are as routine as they get. During his summer vacation, he nearly drowns in the sea due to an unusual set of circumstances. In the end, he is saved by the adorable mermaid Seto Sun. According to mermaid law, Sun is from the yakuza and he or she must die if they see a mermaid in the wild. The only other option is for Sun to accept Nagasumi as a member of the family and marry her. Nagasumi begs Sun for her hand in marriage in an effort to spare their lives. In the end, Nagasumi’s summer vacation was more than he bargained for, as he now has to keep Sun’s secret from others.

9. Onegai☆Teacher

High school student Kusanagi Kei encounters a female alien while living with his aunt and uncle. A new teacher is discovered to be an alien. Later, he is compelled to wed this extraterrestrial in order to protect her identity and keep her secrets safe. From there, there are a number of romantic-related issues that arise.

8. Tenchi Muyou! Ryououki

Tenchi Muyou! Ryououki

Ryoko, a space pirate, had been imprisoned for 700 years in a cave because people believed she was a demon, until Tenchi Masaki, a typical 17-year-old boy, accidently freed her. At the Masaki household, four other alien girls unexpectedly show up as Tenchi learns about his family’s history and deals with five alien girls who each have a crush on him.

7. Air

Yukito Kunisaki, inspired by a story his mother told him as a boy, embarks on a quest to find the Winged Maiden, a legendary figure who was once chained to the sky. To earn some money, Yukito performs his puppet show in front of people in a small town where he had no intention of staying for long. After meeting Misuzu, things take an unexpected turn when she invites him to stay with her.

Yukito quickly makes friends with the residents after deciding to stay in the sleepy hamlet. His quest for the Winged Maiden is put on hold as he gets to know them better and learns about their concerns. Yukito’s search for the Winged Maiden has been put on hold due to his increasing attachment to Misuzu and the small community. Is she closer than he thought?

6. Sekirei


Even though Minato Sahashi, a talented but struggling kid, has twice failed his college entrance tests, the people who care about him no longer see him as a valuable member of society. However, when a beautiful, magical woman descends from the sky and into his life, the direction of his seemingly grim future is significantly altered. Musubi is a “Sekirei,” a humanoid alien with amazing talents, and she is the only one of her kind. This race of extraterrestrials is well-known for using human kisses to activate the dormant powers of those who have the Ashikabi gene. When Musubi spots potential in Minato, he kisses the bewildered youngster, creating a bond between them. A high-stakes battle for survival known as the “Sekirei Plan” forces him and his new partner into the Sekirei’s high-stakes world. However, the competitors had no idea that there is a lot more at stake than they first thought.

5. Heaven’s Lost Property

A dream of an angel has haunted Tomoki Sakurai since the time he was just a kid. That’s why he’s turning to Eishirou Sugata, an eccentric sky crazy, for help from his boyhood pal, Sohara Mitsuki. According to his conclusion, Tomoki’s dream is unquestionably linked to the floating oddity known as the New World.

Eishirou sets a day and time for the New World Discovery Club’s initial members to gather so that they can watch the mysterious cloud formations in the sky. When a mysterious girl falls from the sky and begins to address Tomoki as master, his serene life is turned upside down. They continue to discover more about Angeloids on Earth as Sora no Otoshimono monitors the New World Discovery Club’s everyday operations.

4. Chobits


What happens when computers start to resemble human beings?

Country boy Hideki Motosuwa works hard in school to go into a good university. When he was growing up, he couldn’t afford the latest fad: Persocoms, personal computers that resemble human beings in every way. He discovers an abandoned Persocom while walking home one night. In the end, she can only pronounce the word “Chii,” which becomes her name, after being taken home and activated. Hideki chooses to teach Chii about the world the old-fashioned way, while he studies for his college entrance tests at the same time.

Hideki and his pals are trying to solve the mystery of Chii, who may be a “Chobit,” an urban legend about special units that have true human feelings and ideas, and affection for their owners. What about a Persocom-human love affair?

3. Happy World!

Takeshi Oomura has had a bad run of luck. ‘ Since he was a child, he has been plagued by ill luck. His father cursed him with terrible luck, which he discovers when he encounters an Angel named Elle on one of his usual bad-luck outings. Takeshi is given the chance to pass on the curse, but he chooses to do so in order to spare a young girl from certain death. Elle becomes human in order to shield Takeshi from the curse, which is something Takeshi is not thrilled about….

2. Spice and Wolf

Spice and Wolf

In the little community of Pasloe, the mighty wolf deity Holo is adored for his role in blessing the annual crop. But Holo, who calls herself the “Wise Wolf of Yoitsu,” has been relegated to a mere folk story as the villagers have grown more self-sufficient over the years. For the sake of a commercial partnership, Holo promises to work with Kraft Lawrence if he takes her north to Yoitsu, her native town. Because of her unique abilities in character assessment, the trader is willing to accept Holo’s offer. Having gained both business acumen and charismatic negotiation abilities, Lawrence is now one step closer to launching his own firm. In the meantime, Lawrence, accompanied by Holo, is exploring the countryside in quest of new job prospects when he begins to notice that his desires are changing in an unexpected way.

Ookami to Koushinryou, also known as Spice and Wolf, is based on the popular light novel of the same name and combines the two polar genres of economics and romance to produce an engaging plot full of sophisticated plans, sharp comedy and witty dialogue. More than just a tale of trading, Ookami to Koushinryou takes the reader on a journey in quest of one’s own identity among a constantly shifting environment.

1. Ai Yori Aoshi

It was at a train station that Kaoru Hanabishi met a lovely but perplexed girl in a traditional Japanese clothing. Even though the address she was looking for was right around the corner from him, he offered to show her the way—and it ended up being an empty lot. When Kaoru was stumped, he welcomed the bereaved girl to his place and asked for any other hints as to where she was headed. When she showed him a picture of two children, Kauru recognized himself and his boyhood friend Aoi Sakuraba right away. Aoi Sakuraba, his promised fiancee, was standing in front of him, and she had come all the way from Japan to marry him. Kaoru’s recollection of why he left the Hanabishi family was awakened by her announcement, which was both shocking and reawakened.