10 Best Anime Like Killing Stalking That You Need Watching Update 06/2024

Anime Like Killing Stalking

What’s Up? How are you? Because you recently finished reading the manga “Killing Stalking.” I don’t believe you’re in good health with this degree of stress and violence in your story. Despite the fact that it has bothered you greatly, haven’t you enjoyed it?

We’ve compiled a list of manhwa similar to Killing Stalking just for you. Naughty, violent, and suspenseful titles abound.

Manhwa like Killing Stalking!

1. Warehouse


A scar-faced man has kidnapped Kim Dohyun, who now finds himself in an abandoned warehouse with no memory of how he got there. Apparently, the kidnapper knows who Dohyun is, and he wants him to remember something.

Because it is by far the closest to Killing Stalking and not simply on the list, we might as well begin our list of manga/manhwa that are similar to it.

A compelling subject and compelling characters distinguish these two Black Library webtoons with psychological concerns. Similar components to those found in Killing Stalking are used here, such as torture and other forms of abuse.

You should read this book if you like reading Killing Stalking. It’s a shame, because it deserves a lot more attention.

2. 19 Days

Two boys, Jian Yi and Zhan Zhenxi, live simple and beautiful lives in 19 Days. In terms of plot, there isn’t a whole lot going on because the characters’ daily routines fill the pages.

The themes of this manhua and Killing Stalking may seem at odds, however there are many parallels between the two. The artwork and the characters have an uncanny resemblance.

You can enjoy both Killing Stalking and 19 Days for the same reason: the unrequited love of two boys!

3. Bastard


Jin’s life is a living hell because of his serial killer father and the bullying he endures at school. Jin’s father, on the other hand, tries to stop him from improving his life. What is he going to do?

You’re correct, of course.

Although Bastard isn’t a BL or Shounen-Ai manga, you’ll get the same adrenaline rush you got from reading Killing Stalking in it.

With the bastard, you don’t have to worry about offending folks who aren’t into the BL genre by killing Stalking. The story and tone are extremely similar to that of Killing Stalking.

4. An Uncomfortable Truth

When eight individuals were stabbed with a knife by Yoseobis, the quiet and composed person was detained for committing a crime. Why on earth would he do something like that? For Jaeha’s sake and the sake of his older sibling?

I’m at a loss for words when it comes to describing how cleverly they built this tale. When a thriller has an engaging plot and a well-developed character arc, it usually does well, and this is no exception.

While it may take a while to get into, once you’re there you’ll be in for a treat! The result is a top-notch manhwa, on par with Killing Stalking’s.

5. At the End of the Road

At the End of the Road

He meets Woojin after finding himself in the body of Siwon by accident.

When Taemin smells Woojin, he knows he has a long-lost friend. What’s the most likely scenario here?

For those who enjoy both psychological and supernatural notions, At the End of the Road is an amazing BL manga. As with Killing Stalking, it also features some more serious topics.

The art is stunning, the characters are intriguing, and the on-screen chemistry between the two leads is reminiscent of that betweenYoon Bum andOh Sangwoo. However, before you read on, we must warn you that you may become addicted.

6. Save Me

One of the top students at his school, Hyeongohis regularly tormented because of his disabilities. When he meets Namsoo, though, everything changes.

As with Killing Stalking, Save Me is a great manhwa that also happens to be a psychological thriller. There is no better character in the program than Namsoo.

Be sure to get to it as soon as possible if you haven’t already read it.

7. Painter of the Night

Painter of the Night

Na-kyum is a young artist, yet he has a remarkable ability to express himself through the medium of painting. While painting sensual images of men, he is hired by Seungho, a lord, and the nights of Na-kyum are no longer the same.

Compared to Killing Stalking, this manga is a lighter version with a different style. Both manga feature themes of abuse, and the dominant characters both desire their subordinates to be subservient.

It features a lot of sex, which is a wonderful thing, but if you don’t enjoy it, it’s a different story. In any case, it’s a fantastic manhwa in the tradition of Killing Stalking.

8. Dark Heaven

Despite the fact that same-gender couples are prohibited from getting married in his city, bigotry and hate crimes are nonetheless rampant. After he and Simon form a band, “Dark Heaven” is built in an abandoned church.

In addition to the normal chemistry between the main characters, Dark Heaven offers every scene with a sense of originality. Homophobia is a common theme in BL comics, but this manga takes a different approach.

Aside from the fact that it doesn’t have the same focus as Killing Stalking, it’s still a worthy addition to the list. You should read it if you haven’t already.

9. Similar Terms

Similar Terms

After his father abandoned him four years prior, Song Yao is now a high school student who does all of the household chores and cooking by himself. However, he has a nagging suspicion that someone is following him throughout the house.

KILLING IS A SIMILAR TERM Stalkingboth centers on a character who is obsessed with stalking the other. Both in terms of art and personality, you’ll find the characters to be extremely similar to those of Yoon Bum and Oh Sangwoo.

However, this is a disturbing black-and-white manhua with a strong s*xual undertone. If you were a fan of Killing Stalking, you’ll probably enjoy this as well.

10. Obey Me

Gyuh-wool, Jinyoo’s classmate, develops an odd fixation with him. Jinyoo’s life is a living misery because of his abusive father. Later, when he kidnaps Jinyoo, he makes him realize that the only way to survive is to submit to his will and obey.

For example, the storylines of the two films Killing Stalking and Obey Me are identical. Violence, vicious characters, and obsessive lovers are all present in both films.

You’ll have a great read for the time being even if the finish isn’t quite what you expected. You need to read this if you’re looking for a manga like Killing Stalking.