10 Best Gateway Anime That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Anime that serves as an entry point for new viewers must, among other things, have humor that are simple to comprehend, engaging premiere episodes, and a visually appealing and engaging production.

An otaku’s most frequently asked question is, “How do I get started?” Whether it’s someone’s first time watching anime or they’re an experienced watcher looking to broaden their horizons, the greatest program to start with is always up for discussion.

As you can imagine, there are a number of factors that go into making a good gateway show. There is a lack of cultural shock value and a gorgeous and appealing production, as well as humor that can be appreciated by a wide audience. It’s difficult, but not impossible, to find shows that fit into all of the available timeslots.

1. Heartwarming: Ore Monogatari!!! For Shojo

Ore Monogatari! (2015)

Many individuals are turned off by the shojo subgenre because they assume the shows’ intended audience is primarily female. But Ore Monogatari!! shows that this does not have to be the case. This show’s protagonist is an adolescent guy.

After spending his entire life being ridiculed for his looks, he finally meets a woman who sees past his outward appearance and recognizes him for the sweetheart he truly is. The protagonist’s thoughts and concerns are familiar to everybody who watches the show.

2. All-Around Hilarious: One-Punch Man For Comedy

All of us, even those outside of the anime community, have heard about a superpowered hero who is capable of rescuing anyone in need. One-Punch Man, which takes the superhero genre and tosses it on its head, is a terrific way to get into anime.

Comedic situations in the series have also been lauded for their simplicity and cleverness rather than using references or meta-jokes that would be difficult for non-aficionados to follow.

3. Tense & Well-Made: Demon Slayer For Action

Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba

Since its release, Demon Slayer has been hailed as one of the best action shonen ever made. One of the best examples of CG visuals combined with Japanese folklore and art was created by Ufotable, which was in charge of the show’s production.

Despite its roots in Japanese tradition, Demon Slayer is not difficult to follow, even if you have no prior understanding of the subject matter. “Protecting one’s family” or “fighting evil” are only two of the show’s many themes. As a result, viewers of all backgrounds may easily identify with the characters and get immersed in the story.

4. Shocking & Impactful: Attack On Titan For Horror

To say that the popularity of anime skyrocketed after the premiere of Attack on Titan is an understatement: Because of its popularity, the series served as a gateway for a large number of individuals. There’s nothing complicated about the premise: warriors must fight off man-eating giants in order to save humanity.

The twists and gore sequences in the first few episodes readily grab the attention of viewers. The series, on the other hand, has a lot more to offer. From a superficial shock horror show, Attack On Titan develops into a richer, more nuanced, and ultimately more memorable series throughout the course of its successive seasons.

5. A Gripping Chess Game: Death Note For Psychological

Death Note

Death Note is a must-see for every anime fan, but it also serves as a fantastic introduction to the genre. A fascinating chess game between two characters is set up early on in Death Note’s conflict, which makes for an engaging watch.

In the end, the outcome is a series that has no cultural shock and is impossible to put down.

6. A Well-Made Classic: My Hero Academia For Shonen

It’s often said that My Hero Academia is a clich√©, and while this is true, it’s also one of its greatest strengths. The show’s success is attributed to the fact that it manages to take something familiar and execute it flawlessly. To the fullest extent possible, the audience is exposed to the exhilaration of rooting for a beloved superhero, the suspense of the conflict between good and evil, and the heartbreak of defeat.

For many fans of My Hero Academia, seeing the show is like reliving their childhood and watching their beloved cartoon again. You can relate to it, and it’s easy to get immersed in it.

7. Gets Anyone Invested: Haikyuu For Sports


According to one survey, a large percentage of Haikyuu!! viewers said they would never watch another sports-themed anime again. Inexperienced viewers may think it’s meaningless to watch animated characters pass a ball. People don’t aware, however, that the show isn’t about the sport at all, but rather about the interpersonal drama. To put it another way, the sport is just a vehicle through which the characters can engage in conflict both physically and mentally.

Even the most insignificant manga characters have admirers among the audience because everyone is so interesting. Overall, Haikyuu!! is an excellent introduction to the sports anime genre, and it’s a great way to begin started.

8. Simple & Effective: Your Name For Romance

Some of those who saw Your Name were hooked on the romance genre for the entire one-hour and forty-five-minute runtime. Basically, a girl and a boy switch their bodies. In keeping with Makoto Shinkai’s reputation, the film’s visuals are nothing short of breathtaking.

Many people who have seen the film say it had an emotional impact; they’ve talked about how it made them laugh and cry. There is a good reason why so many anime fans have great memories of this film.

9. Well-Written & Thoughtful: Given For Boys’ Love


If you’re looking for a decent boys’ love anime, you can’t go wrong with Given. Despite being based on tropes from the genre, the main characters have a lot of chemistry and are compelling on their own. It’s a pleasure to watch the primary couple on TV.

As a music anime, Given works quite well as a whole. On their debut showing, the songs from this show generated quite a buzz in the community, and the animated band segments are enjoyable and well-executed.

10. Heart-fluttering & Realistic: Bloom Into You For Girls’ Love

a flowering of As a young girl in love with another young girl, you have done an excellent job of depicting that experience. There is a lot of doubt, bewilderment, and heart-fluttering moments in this girls’ romance anime. There is a lot of growth and self-discovery in the characters, who are all well-developed and have a lot of chemistry with one another.

Bloom Into You does a fantastic job of making its characters realize what love is and what it means to them.