5 Best Games Like Overlord Anime That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Games Like Overlord Anime

It was released in 2012, and Overlord is a fantastic light book series. Aside from Japan, the novel was primarily distributed there, although copies began to spread around the world once it was localized. In the wake of this, the Overlord novel series rose to prominence and was adapted into an anime series with the same basic idea as its original novel series. The anime adaptation of this light book series became even more famous than the original, attracting millions of viewers worldwide. Overlord’s fantastic world was opened up to a wider audience thanks to this anime adaptation, and now it’s a favorite of many.

The notion of Overlord would make an excellent premise for a game, especially if you’ve seen or read the book and also played several video games. Having said that, there are a slew of games similar to Overlord in a variety of ways. If you liked the anime Overlord and want to play a game that’s comparable, you’ll be pleased to know that there are a number of excellent possibilities. You can find a handful of these alternatives in the list provided below. Any of these games, which are based on the same principle as Overlord, are worth trying out.

Games Like Overlord Anime

1. Overlord 1 & 2 (The Video Game Series)

Overlord 1 & 2 (The Video Game Series)

Take a look at the title of this video game series and you won’t be fooled. As far as I can tell, neither the light book nor anime adaptation with the same name serve as inspiration for the Overlord games. There were already video games in development before the first volume of the Light Novels were serialized. Neither are the light novel series based on these video games. However, the two stories share a similar concept when it comes to the location of their narrative.

The story isn’t told from the viewpoint of the nice guy, thus you’re missing out. As an anti-hero/antagonist, you get to revel in the experience. Using your own personal army of goons, you can wreak havoc and seize control of new territory. The player is in complete control of the character’s every move.

2. Ultima Online

Ultima Online

A fantasy MMORPG, Ultima Online is most commonly known as UO. More than one manner, its fantasy environment matches that of Overlord, and it gives off the same vibe. It was released in 1997, thus it’s clearly not a new game.. For an MMO at its time, it’s still quite a hit and attracts quite a few players. It also stands the test of time well and isn’t as unplayable as many other online games from the same era.

There have been various expansions since the original release of Ultima Online that have added a great deal of material and new features for players to enjoy. There are a variety of professions in Ultima Online, and you have full control over your character’s actions. PvP and PvE allow you to take on the role of antagonizer, tormenting other players while at the same time expanding your territory. It’s a worthwhile alternative to consider.

3. Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online

There are several similarities between this MMORPG and Overlord the anime. This massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) is designed to provide players as much freedom as possible to engage in as many quests, stories, and sidequests as they like. Fantasy-based action is the primary focus of the film. If a player wants to proceed in the game, he or she must learn a variety of various techniques, including evading, aiming, and many more.

This game and the Overlord anime series share very few plot points, but they do so in very distinct ways. The gorgeous dream world comes to mind as a prime example. Overlord-like qualities can be achieved in Black Desert Online by making your character do tasks such as killing other players or provoking them.

4. Dominions 5 – Warriors of the Faith

Dominions 5 – Warriors of the Faith

It’s safe to say that Dominions 5 is the closest thing to Overlord that you’ll find. Due to its idea and scenario, it is one of the most Overlord-like games out there. When you’re in charge of a large country, you’re seen as a powerful and revered figure by most people. With your soldiers, you must continue to expand your territory under your control until you are one of history’s most powerful people.

All of this will be done to help your character achieve his or her lifelong goal of becoming a god. After a while, your legend increases as you accomplish greater and greater feats and conquer more and more area. Build up and extend the kingdom, while guiding your people to greatness and attaining godhood. Take a look at the similarities between Overlord and this game, and you’ll be surprised.

5. D&D Online

D&D Online

Last but not least is the game that inspired Overlord’s light novel series to begin with. Dungeons and Dragons, one of the world’s most popular games, serves as a major inspiration for both the novel series and the anime. Dungeons and Dragons, or D&D, was initially a tabletop game. Many people across the world still play it today, and its popularity has resulted in a number of video game versions of the original.

The D&D Online multiplayer game is one of these modifications. This online video game adaption of the popular tabletop game D&D allows you to immerse yourself in a totally immersive D&D experience. If you’re a big fan of Overlord, and the light book and anime are both based on D&D, you should absolutely check it out.